Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2012
Alvin E. Roth, Lloyd S. Shapley

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, greetings to the new Laureates in Economic Sciences poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Laureates in Economic Sciences

Number of greetings: 505
"Congratulations Professor Shapley! from a UCLA student"
/Keebum Hong

"Congratulations to Yamanaka and Gurdon! Thank you for spending time in this issue!"
/Bachir (Mozambique)

"Congratulations both of the scientists. How can i get the full text of this theory. pls someone help me)"
/Cavid Qarayev

"Good job to the both of you. This is a great achievement, not many people acheive a Nobel award. Great work."

"Congratulations to the Winners! This looks exciting in light of US (American) World behaviour, if they end up as critics or else. Cheers!"
/L. F. Olsnes-Lea

"Congratulations from Japan for your contributions to the economics science."

"Proud of our American men!!"

"I am so impressed with Professor Roth! Well done to both from the London School of Economics"
/Gaurav Srivastava

"Amazing work. Congratulations."
/A budding economist.

"My greetings to the Laureates in economic sciences 2012."
/Fathi Neifar. Poland

"I do not understand- the hospital match algorithm was shown by KJ Williams et al to favor hospitals over students in '81 N Eng J Med."
/Ed Fisher

"Fantastic job! Roth's matching/ unraveling papers that first got me interested in Economics and here I am already doing my Masters!"
/Finn Bern

"Congratulations! My students and I are thrilled that you won!"
/Catherine Wyman

"ah muleque =) parabéns ai =)"


"Congrats¡¡ The Economist around the world are truly proud of you two, right now, by your example Iam truly Proud of be an economist¡¡"
/Jesus Lopez


"This is the great honour for them"

"Good Job."

"Congratulations for the deserved award. I'm a Law student in São Paulo, and I thank my teacher R. Strivus for recomending your work to me."
/Giovanni F Zaffani


"Congratulations to both of you. Very nice study. Greetings from Turkey!!!!"
/Umit Coskun

"You will be always a part of human history. Human civilization is indebted to you. Thank you very much."
/Md. Habibur Rahman Salman

"many many congrats............................"
/B.K. Padhi

"yeah buddy!! Congratulations"
/Emmanuel Aguero

/Mark X. Lei

"I totally agree with the theory, thank you for the effort for inspire us"
/Chuang,Ching hui

"Congratulation! I like Market Design."

/Mario Tu


"many many congratulations for wonderful work and guidance for future researchers!"
/Naeem Ahmed

"Congratulations Professors well deserved you made all economists soo proud"
/Iman Sharif

"Congrats to two Cantabridgians, Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley on winning the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences."

"Great job Roth and Shapley! As an economics student, you two give me hope that my chosen major is not fruitless!"
/Lee Kaplan-Unsoeld

"Hi Conceptually brilliant....heard of match making for marriage and not in the case of a kidney donor and la Game theory."
/Venkat Pillai

"Congratulations!!! Such a honor :D"
/Alfonso Delgado

"A couple of months ago someone said I was the brightest man they had ever known, and my response was "You never knew Lloyd Shapley!""
/Thomas Brown

"Congrats to both the genius..!!"
/Dr Rakesh (India)

"it looks interesting, congratulations"

"Congrats for all the good work done. Keep going...:)"
/Arunkumar Krishnan

"Greetings form la diaria...and now, make it happen"

"My sincere congratulations!"
/Hedinn Steingrimsson


"Congratulations professors! Come to give an speech to Universidad Carlos III de Madrid."
/José Alberto Candelaria Barrera (Mexico)


"Congrats to all 2012 Nobel Laureates! Thanks for all your contributions"
/Mackie J. Davenport IV

"Congratulations Both of You"
/Stamford Economics Students' Association (SESA), Stamford University Bangladesh

"Great job both!"
/Emilio Zevallos (Perú)

"Congratulations Sirs."
/kemi akinde, Nigeria

"a very very hearty greetings from whole economics family...."
/Arfat Sofi, PHD Economics, Pondicherry University

"Congratulations and regards: Think about Emerging countries."
/Daniel Mejia

"About time gentlemen. Congratulations."
/Bhaswar Moitra

"i proud of nelson mandel"
/habtamu muluye

"Congratulations!! Great work. Loads of theoretical implications and pragmatical applications."
/Eduardo Vega Vega (Columbia U)

"I congratulate you both for adding on to the body of knowledge, Greetings from Accra, Ghana"
/Hayford Ayerakwa

"Greeting from la diaria, Montevideo, Uruguay."

"Congratulation all of novel laureates. Please take care of your health. Looking forward to see your work and hopefully work together someday"

"Congratulations. I am sure that it must include Game Theory applications with Repeated Games!! All my best."
/Edson Estrada Hernandez Mexico

"Greeting from la diaria, Montevideo, Uruguay."

"Gratulerer med prisen.fra en av dine studenter I Norge. fra Sara Gaup"
/Sara Gaup

"good job nerd"

"Congrats guys you are inspiration for us young economist"
/Justice Mensah, Phd Student Swedish University of Agricultural Science

"Good for the Mathematicians!"
/Dr. Juan Victor Fernandez


"4 real tho my boy lloyd lookin' scrappy as hell in his sketch. Congrats dawg!"
/Triphty Phlats

"Поздравляю Вас с присуждением заслуженной премии, за огромную проведенную работу!!!"

"15 October 2012 I suppose you are Worthy and Welcomed. Further, I welcome your discussion."
/Prof. Dr. Michael Patrick Amos, Author of: London Interbank Offered Rate "Scandal", in Periodicity 2006-2012

"congratulations Alvin from Italy and as Economic Psychologist! Thanks for your contribution!!"
/Patty Chada

"Roth & Shapley represent the best "allocation" for the 2012 Prizes! Congrats."
/Fernando Birman

"Very many congratulations! So happy for Shapley. Well deserved."
/Yuan Ju

/Aa ka

"Congratulations! From Bogotá, Colombia."
/Miguel Uribe L, economist


"Congratulations gentleman.You've added another ladder-step to the journey upward"
/Somto, Nigeria

/(Nu Nu Han.Yangon

"I am really pleasure to congratulate you for your great achievement."
/zinku khound

"My sincere congratulations."
/Dr. Zazo

/Dr.Bijay Kumar Parida,MS,FRCSG(UK).Associate Professor,MVUPGO.(from INDIA)OPHTHALMOLOGISTS

"Congretulations,Sirs! This time is a great time for you to receive the prize because EU and America are in slums of debts!"
/George Fu,M.D,Sc.D.

"If I were an economist, I would love to be like Professor Shapley and Professor Roth. Congratulations and thanks for your research."
/Lorenzo Maria Stanca

"CONGRATULATIONS ! And what for regional integration in the INDIAN OCEAN ?"
/Caron Gangpp

"Dr Shapley and Alvin Roth, this is an honour well-deserved. Nigeria is so proud of you. We will need some of your market design models and game theory to achieve our Vision 20-20-20. Congrats erudite scholars."
/Solomon Agboje

"congrats to both of u ...(DR. ROTH & DR. SHAPLEY)"

"Hai der, I'm doing my chemistry homework"

/BOUROUAHA Abdelhammid

"Never heard about them as I focus on macro issues."

"Congratulations for both of you!"
/AbdulWahab al-Awdi

"Congratulations Dr. Roth and Dr. Shapley & thank you for your contributions"
/Dr. Mohammad Al-Hathloul / King Saud University , Riyadh Saud Arabia

"I sincerely congratulate to all Nobel prize winner who make great contribution to mankind."

"Congratulations! Good job dear professors."
/Hernan Briceño Avalos

"Congratulations ! Best Wishes. Have a rest day today :)"
/Rajlaxmi Teli

"Congratulations! Nice work!"

"مبروك أل روث و لويد شابلي على الجائزة لمساهماتكما العظيمة في نظرية المباريات Game Theory"
/Abdel-Hameed H. Nawar

"Felicitationns \ congratulations !"
/Prof. Dr. A. Bass Bagayogo, University of Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg\Canada.

"Congratulations Prof. Roth and Prof. Shapley!"
/Xiaoyin Liu

"Thank you for your work and congratulation, Dr. Shapley"
/WONG WEI YIN, once a student in your class.

"Congratulations from students of Armenian State University of Economics!"
/Haykaz Fanyan and friends, Armenia

"my lovely greetings to d pioneers of d economic science"

/Vladimir Yankov, Boston University

"thanks for your contributions"

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