Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2013
Eugene F. Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, Robert J. Shiller

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, greetings to the new Laureates in Economic Sciences poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Laureates in Economic Sciences

Number of greetings: 147

"Congratulations, especially to Robert Schiller, who's brilliance and diverse thinking helped me suceed throughout university when my lecturers were not of the highest standard. I am 20 and have started my career into the investment world. Thanks"
/Jamie Ellis

"Greetings to the honourable house of economic forecasts, economic controllers, hope you're doing well."
/Malapane Mojalefa Madire.

"congrats to you guys :)"

/vishnupriya hari from kerala

"Wish you success and salute for this theory"

"congtats sirs"

"congrats for prof shiller hope i'll meet you soon"
/Gilang Rangga Paundra

"well done! we economic students apprechiate your work alot."
/franziska fahsel

"Hi I love you."

"congrates .."


"Congratulations for all your dedication to your professions"
/Mary Radzville

"ITS great pleasure to me that you had gain the honor of novel laureates in the field of economics science in 2013. As an assistant professor of economics its impressed me a lot as your contributing area is highly buzzing in the trade based economy of the recent world..God bless you and may you be live long."
/ahammad minhaj uddin

/Dr.L.Ganesamoorthy, Assistant Professor in Commerce, Annamalai University

"Congratulations to the trio."
/John Michael

"Congratulations to Professor Robert Shiller! Lithuania is celebrating your Nobel Award! We are proud of you, son of Lithuanian fathers!"
/Laima Andrikiene and family

"Congrats sir.."
/Satyajit rath

"Have been studying all of the laureates of this year not because of personal interest but for M.Phil. But hope to Develop personal interest now as there is scope in it."
/Azam Yahya

"Congrats for those persons and hopefully the next will be Indonesian :-)"
/Cak Iq

"greatnews for trading theorists"
/a k bala

"Congratulations ! I'm a big fan of your work. You inspire younger generations and instill in us a love of learning."
/Natan Rosengaus

"Congratulations From India."
/Deep grewal

"Great job done . we wish all the good luck for future endeavours as well."
/santosh mishra

"Thanks many many heartfelt congratulations to you sir for fentastic modern work."

"Congratulations. You really intoduced an important economics and financial subject to the humanbeing. Thanks so much."
/Huseyin Yilmaz

"congrads! good to be recognized and rewarded. i have been teaching and researching on the same lines for 10 years. thanks for the lead."
/shankar hariharan


"Your indeed changing our universe (thank you gentlemens )"
/Osborne Twala

"congrats to all of u."
/abhinav sharma

/Haitham A. Al-Zoubi

"Congratulations Sirs"
/T R Ramesh Babu

"congratulations all"
/Salah Alsayaary


"It's really wonderful to know your's hypothesis that would support and lead the world economic boost. Congratulations"
/Reza Ghatok, Bangladesh

"Hearty congratulations to all the economists for winning the noble prize for the trend setting work in asset prices."
/T Mallikarjunappa, Mangalore University, India

"I congratulate the winners of nobelprize for economic science for their contribution in capital market research."

"Congratulations for enhancing the public's knowledge on asset pricing! Your work informs so many transactions daily, hopefully, it will improve the way the economy works."
/Yvette Schlussel

"Thanks for the years of persistent works and labor of love for the people of the world"
/akinnola ikudaisi

"congratulations. i have read some of your publications that did not make your award a surprise to me. luv u"
/Akin G. Sanni

"Heartiest respect and congratulations Prof Fama,Prof Hansen,Prof Shiller...............for this greatest achievement .. Very well deserved."

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! "
/From Noama Khan, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! From Hajira Khan, Indian School Salalah, Salalah, Sultanate of OMA"
/Hajira Khan

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! From Sameen Ahmed KHAN, Salalah College of Technology, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN,"
/Sameen Ahmed Khan

"empirical work to solve n deal with economic issues. from 1st world to 3rd world countries will be able to formualte their policy easily . all the best and warm regards"

"best wishes for your talent...."

"Sir. Eugene Fama....My heartiest congratulations to you on your achievement."
/Rajeeb Bharali

"Well done with this one. Major award for him and his study. Way to go"
/Judi Johns Facilitator at Uintah Basin USU

"Prof. Shiller, I've had the pleasure of virtually taking your banking courses from 2008 and again in 2011. You've changed the way I look at economics! Greetings from Berkeley, CA"
/Brian Deely

"Hearty Congratulations to the three laureates. To make an empirical analysis of the greatly unpredictable asset prices is no mean achievement. We are now in a position to understand the movements of asset prices."
/R Nagabhushana, Mysore, India

"Dear professor Shiller, First of all congratulations for this greatest achievement in the science. More important, congratulation for your indication and forecast this crisis, because I referred in my books and papers on your assessment. I additionm I expect further research, and allowe me to inform you that I found out some theorethical way solving this Great recession. Kind regards."
/Tihomir Domazet, Ph.D., Zagreb, Croatia;

"Heartiest Congratulations to Professors Fama, Hansen and Shiller"

"Wow!!! Congratulations for the achievement of a lifetime. You makes us so proud! By a Chicago Booth graduate of batch 2005."
/Krishna Kaushik

"Congrts brothers I feel very happy your analysis will give nobel prize to you and Economic world get good gift"




"Dear Professors! My hearty congratulations for awarded the 2013 economics nobel price. At the present situation, for your outstanding contribution work on "empirical analysis of asset price" will help for any developing country. Thank you very much . Have a wonderful day. "
/L. Surulivel Research Scholar Dept. of Economics, Gandhigram Rural Institute- DU, Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu, INDIA


"Congratulations to the professor. Predicting asset price will be more scientific and certain from now."
/Md. Alauddin, Lecturer, University of Barisal, Bangladesh.

"Beutiful work on empirical analysis of asset prices. As a student of economics sciences i am really mesmerised on your rationale. All the best for your further research."
/nirman pal

/Samuli Kerola, Aalto-university library, Finland

"Gentlemen You have done an outstanding job and well deserve this price! Yours sincerely J. Feigl"
/J. Feigl


"Congratulations. It is quit interesting to see that experts with differing opinon got it. It is really a boon for EMH and Assets Pricing. Indeed, a long wait comes to an end for the experts. whether stock prices are for prediction or not i predict the Nobel for E.F.FAMA. The good news arrived on monday. Any market reaction study ?"
/Dr. N.V.R. RAJAGOPALAN, Assistant Professor in Commwece, Annamalai University, Tamilnadu, India.

/Johann Rautenbach

"congrats to all...."

"Thank you gentlemen for you contributions to understanding our crazy economy. You've made us proud!"
/DiCarie Williamson

"Congrats to you. I appreciate your efforts."
/Aakif, Swabi (Pakistan)

/M srao

"A lifetime of effort to be legends of economic sciences, greetings from Venezuela."
/Israel Campo

/Bobbyboo Crusie

"Thank you professor Shiller for your great work. You have been a great teacher to me."
/Pedro Zuloaga

"Bravo, Professor Fama!!! It's too late, but we will take it!"
/Jaesun YI


"Congratulations. Well done !"
/Dr Shofiqul Islam Chowdhury

"So happy to see the work of Gene Fama recognized for his outstanding contributions to the field of economics and asset pricing. My portfolio employs his work to the benefit of my peace of mind and my families future. Congratulations Dr. Fama and thank you."
/Mike Bonfrisco

"Fantastic to see Shiller get the prize, listened to and enjoyed his lectures on iTunes U, what a privilege and hope more lecturers of his standing share knowledge in this way!"

/Yulius Bulan

"Hooray Lars! Will you still share your french toast with me at the Med?"

"Prof. Hansen, Congrats for winning the Nobel Prize. You are my motivation."
/Avani Kaushik

"Well deserved! Congratulations to the three winners. My utmost respect to UofChicago and its prestigious school of business."
/Percy AdM

"To Hansen, I've been using your GMM model most of my life thus far! Thanks and congrats!"
/James Nguyen

"Congrats, Dr. Shiller, or Bob, as we knew you in your frosh year at Kalamazoo College. Once a Hornet, always a Hornet!"
/Kalamazoo College

"Congratulations Eugene F. Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, and Robert J. Shiller."
/Senthil Kumar.A, KCT Business School, India.


"The distinctions that are slow to arrive are always very deserved. Many congratulations."
/Pedro Sousa (Univ Porto, Fac. Law)

"Congratulations from Armenia"
/Haykaz Fanyan

"dazzling innovation by the extensive personalities created a boost in economy .your contribution remember for many years to come"
/shubham khunteta

"Dear Professors: it felt me glad to congratulate all of you and hoping your thought will contribute in the betterment of capital for society"
/Majedul Islam Sweet

"Congratulations to all of you. Well deserved."
/Steve LeRoy

"You guys are awesome!"

"Great News! Congratulations to Fama, Hansen and Shiller! It's a small world: Case of the Case-Shiller Index taught me at Harvard!"
/Edwin Nembo Forlemu

"Congratulations. Nice job"
/Sampath kumar

/Imanath Poudel

"Congratulations to the three of you, very well deserved!"
/Charles Luxe

"Congratulations, that was your right long times ago."
/H.R.Ganji, University of Tehran, Iran.

"Congratulations to well known economists specialist in Asset Prices."
/Chheang Meng Hiek, RULE, Cambodia

"My warmest congratulations to every one of the three laureates: but, if I'm allowed, especially to Robert Shiller..."
/Alan Ian Ross

"Congratulations to Mr. Fama, et al!"
/John D. Simpson, CIPM

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