Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2013
Eugene F. Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, Robert J. Shiller

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, greetings to the new Laureates in Economic Sciences poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Laureates in Economic Sciences

Number of greetings: 147
"Congratulations to all three! Well deserved."
/Harald Uhlig

"Congratulations, Dr. Shiller. I feel so fortunate. I am greatly influenced by your research, which inspires my dissertation."
/Jiayin Zhang, MIT Sloan

"Respected Professor Shiller, please allow me to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on this occasion. I am also greatly obliged for your lectures which initiated me into finance and inspire me to persevere. Best wishes to you and your family."
/Raphael Qu

"Congratulations on your great victory..."
/Anto Edin Charley (AEC)

"Congratulations to all the 2013 Economics Sciences Nobel Laureates on behalf of all people who are nuts about economics. Glad prof. Shiller won!"
/Naveen S. Kalyani

"Sincere Congratulation to Fama, Hansen and Shiller, for long waiting and well deserved Nobel Prize!!"
/George Wang

"All of them should won the prize long time ago. Congratulations!"
/Liu Rui

"Professor Eugene F. Fama"
/Jaesun Yi

"Congratulations for the Nobel, am very proud for all of us"

"Congratulations! We are very proud of you."
/Raj Peddisetty

"I am very proud of open minded scholar Bob Shiller who I admired most in the fields of financial economic subject because I very much appreciated in his work on The Subprime solution."
/Leo Win , Myanmar

/ravindra muley

"Congrats!! Robert Shiller."

"Congrats to the winners!"

"Congratulations to the winners! As an alumnus of The University of Chicago, I am extremely proud!"
/Nat Iyer

"trendspotting in asset markets"

"Conglatulations, Mr. Shiller. Iam a big fan of you for some time I am sixteen and love your classes at free yale courses. Best teacher ever! Respect."
/Jakub Straka

"Bravo, felicitations"
/Estelle Afshar

"welcome to Chennai india"

"great job done by three american scientist got economic sciences noble prize 2013."
/brajesh meena

"Congrats from Croatia!!"

"my best wishes r wd all.......let anyone win!!!! but my wishes r also wd d nominees,,"
/ayushi ranjan, d/o-sanjiv n sonali ranjan..s/o- vidushi ranjan,

/Dushyant Chawla

"Congratulations to three great economists. You guys deserved it!!!"
/Paolo Roma, University of Palermo

"Congratulations Prof. Shiller! You deserve this! Also my regards to Prof. Fama, although I don't entirely agree with your argument"

"Finally Fama got his deserved prize. Proud of him! But who can tell me why French did not get it?"
/Chang Liu

"Heartiest Congratulations to the three eminent economists!"

"What I learned from Gene's finance class and Lar's econometrics class are the most important ones in my graduate study and they will benefit my research for the whole life. Congratulations!!"
/George Gao

"Congratulations to Professor Fama. Your work has changed so many lives."
/Phil Lee, Chicago Booth 2003

"Congratulations and optimism for the future researches from Bank-TV, Ukraine"

"Congratulations Professor Shiller"
/Amogh Sahu

"Dear Prof. Shiller, It was very emotional to join this event. My students in economics will be informed tomorrow. Congratulations"
/Dieter Maeckler, Herrieden, Bavaria, Germany

"congratulation Mr Shiller I have studied your course in Yale we are so proud of you"

/Dr. Suchitra Abel

"all the best for 3 laureates in economic sciences "
/from tian fuli ,China

"congratulations to the winners for noble prize in economics. Hope the work helps society and people."

"Congratulations sir. This is M A Akher, a economic planner of Bangladesh. I wish that the world get more from you in future."
/M A Akher

"Congratulations for the 3 winners ... Great theory and work for future interested in international markets ."
/Riyad Hammad

"Congratulations from Zhou Guanhuai, the most crazy fan of Nobel Prize in the world, undoubtedly!!!"
/Zhou Guanhuai

"Congratulations from South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou China, which is founded in 1909."

"Better late than never"

"Congratulations to Eugene Lars and Robert"
/Zhou Guanhuai

/Sido Chen

"Congratulations Prof Shiller your videos helped me get through my monetary economics paper!"
/Tamanna Adhikari

/Zhou Guanhuai



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