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Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2015
Angus Deaton

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2015 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, greetings to the new Laureate in Economic Sciences poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2015 Laureate in Economic Sciences

Number of greetings: 224
""congratulations, Mr. Angus""

"congratulations sir"

"Congratulations, Mr. Deaton ! You are truly an inspiration. I believe you may have taken a class under my son-in-law, Mike Geruso."
/Carol Addington

"Congratulations! A much deserved prize as his works span micro, macro & institutional economics, using theory, evidence and policy-making."
/Jovi Dacanay, University of Asia and the Pacific, Philippines


"congratulations. Your work will inspire the humanity."
/Prajnya Bhgawati

"Congratulations for making economic work for everyone from the household to the national level."
/Prof Aurelia Kamuzora, Mzumbe University, Tanzania

"greeting for winning Nobel prize"

"really a big effort"

"Congratulations! your view on the way institutions are affecting welfare is quite right."
/Frans De Braekeleer, Antwerp Management School

"Congratulation from the core of my heart for being awarded as the Nobel laureates in economics....."
/sanjay kumsr rout

"good luck sir."

/Deepak kumar patna

"Congratulations, Really You Will Provide much more for the welfare for the Country like India, With Regards.."

"After reward and watch more about Prof. Angus thesis, Congtaulations ... Looking for more public speechs and explanations."
/Riyad Hammad

"Congratulations for your excellent work on poverty economics. His work in economics is truly a gift to humanity. ANIMO!!!"
/McRey Banderlipe II, An economist-in-training from Manila, Philippines

"Congratulation to Angus Deaton for his research on poverty and hope it would help in mankind development. from BHU INDIA"
/Alok Tiwari

"This is great! Angus Deaton is a worthy scholar worth emulating in the field of Economics."
/Dr. Adebanjo Otitoju

"Human welfare is supreme concern. Congratulation for Nobel Prize."
/BRGewali, Nepal

"Congratulations to the Economist Prof. Angus Deaton. I hope your work will eliminate poverty in the World especially my country India."
/Dr. K.S.Muthupandian, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

/abigail de juarez

"Congrats Sir, Let us see how much your research help Indian poor people."
/Shailendra Prajapati

"Excellent work done. Congrats"
/Chavan C P

"Sir, Congratulations for your great achivement."
/Bineesh C B

"I was born in Edinburgh in 1949 and I'm so proud to know that you were also born in Edinburgh. I applaud your success Lang may yer lum reek"
/Gordon Nicol

"Congratulations to Sir Angus Deaton"
/Taorem Parambir Khuman

"Congratulations to the Rational Man Of the Century."
/soumya k mishra

"Professor thank you for your understanding of the life in developing nations. Your findings have greatly influenced economic policies in these countires."
/David Mugabi.

"Congratulations from one Deaton to another"
/Brenda Playle Nee Deaton

"Congratulations Highness Angus Deaton for your excellent intelligence determination to Poverty,Consumption and Welfare from Nobel Foundation Trustees Royal Swedish Nobel Family ember and Investors"
/Sahasrabudhe An and Shamrao

"Congratulations Deaton on your prize in economics science...its well deserved...another addition to the list or my role models"
/Miss Adesanmi Bolaji

"Congratulations, although i have never read your paper, i think i will read."
/Haiyang, Dalian University of Technology

"Congratulations mister Deaton, your contribution to economics is really amazing."
/Mukhtar Kakar from University of Amsterdam

"Really a great work for poor.. million congragulations."
/Priyabrata Panda,NSCB College,Odishs,India

"Congratulation for your awesome analysis ..."
/Keshav Dandage, India

"Congratulations for you winning of Nobel Prize in economics in 2015! Your research on human existence have great significance and your study on China and India, the Chinese people caused great interest"
/Simon Chang

/Robert C.

"Congratulations! Dear Prof Deaton, your empirical and theoretical studies are exemplary and help to improve quality of life and justice."
/Stefan Geier

"Congratulations on your award Angus. You have truly excelled in your life and career and you have been rewarded."
/Colby James Gilbert

"Congratulations Sir, We hope your prize and efforts will eliminate poverty from our India."
/M V seshaiah

"Congragulation dear teacher.I am also deeply gathering dissability of the poverty in the world. Burhan Akgun, fm Istanbul TR"
/Burhan akun

"Nice work, congratulations!"
/PC See

"I congratulate dr. Angus Deaton for his candid contribution to economics science and for his winning the Nobel Price."
/Dr. S,K. Prakash Chennai, Tamilmadu, India

"what a wonderful prize in economy to relate consumption to welfare and poverty, congratulation"
/chairil anwar

"Highly practical work to sustain the Global Happiness as well as Socio- Economic Peace."
/Dr.R.Karthikeyan- AVCC- India

"Congrats for giving new dimension to poverty measurement,Indian poverty exposed ."
/Nikhil Nandeshwar,MH,India

/Hardy Soni

"Congratulation, this is one of opening our eyes to the poverty beside the food and shelter. Wish you success in your further research."

"Congrats, Mr. Angus. Looking forward to seeing you soon!"
/Farid Solana

"Congratulations !"

"congratulation professor Angus Deaton. Luis Alberto Lopez Rivera Peru - Lima"
/Luis Lopez

"Congratulations and greetings from Bosnia-Herzegovina."
/Dra?en La?tro

"Congratulations to the teacher and Princeton University. A valuable contribution to science and humanity."
/oscar alberto roman cabra

/durga prasad


"Congratulations Prof. Deaton. I must say that i was in love with your 'AIDS' model. So much so that my first paper in 1995 was 'Estimation of Demographic LAIDS on Indian Budget Data'. A big hug and thanks again."
/Raman Agrawalla

/Shimna Shemeer

"congratulations those stodies goimg to expand and start solutions for this number one all world and for the humanity and our hearth planete thank you ffrom sacramento CA state USA"
/oscar gutierrez

"Congratulations to Professor Deaton, well-deserve, for your analysis of consumption, poverty and welfare."
/Chheang Meng Hiek, Dean of faculty of Economics and Management, RULE, Cambodia

"Congratulations to Professor Angus Deaton."

"Un reconocimiento académico, por sus aportes en la investigación económica. Felicidades."
/Jorge Rodas / El Salvador

"congratulation for your greatest contribution for the betterment of humanity. as saying goes quote ! if we live among men, we must cherish humanity"
/H.A.Rodrigo/Professional marketeer

"My deepest felt greetings. your class of '00 and your work on income, poverty and health greatly inspired my own career"
/Prof. Jacob Nielsen arendt

"Hello, Congratulations for your win. Increase visibility in Kenya"

"Congratulations! Very important work indeed."

"Congratulation sir, Its a well deserved victory."

"Congratulation to you on behalf of the poor people of the world!!"
/Sheikh Namir Farzan

"greetings and euro 1=1015us dollar"
/vlad dan

"Congratulation to you on behalf of the poor people of the world!!"
/Sheikh Namir Farzan


"Prof. Deaton we studied your critic to experimental approach in class! Congratulations to a great mind, for your contribution to our understanding of so many practical and methodological issues!"
/Alejandra Nunez/ Mexico

"What fabulous news Angus - will be in touch, but saw this, so why not leave a note. Congratulations from us all! James & the Hunters"
/James Hunter

"Dear Mr. Deaton: I´m very proud of be part of your research field, at the Universidad de Los Andes (Venezuela). Best regards and keep working. We also say thanks a lot. Congratulations!"
/Prof. José Daniel Anido R.

"Best regards for your unique discover which helps to make the world great. Excellent offerings."

"Congrats to all economics NL'S TILL 2015; I was working with superman technologies as from cosmos and earth neutrinos for blue effect"

"Let these discoveries eradicate poverty from our World. Heartiest congratulations."
/VS Basheer

"Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/seshasev suna

"hi i am Jahangeer Khan from Pakistan. Wish you best of luck. i'm so happy you know about it i'm student of B. COM my favorite subject is Economics"
/Jahangeer Khan

"Congratulations sir, wishing you more of this recognition in years to come. As it woll motivate we upcoming economists to work more harder for the advancement of this great discipline."
/balogun balogun

"Very warm greetings to Prof Deaton for his endeavours in economics"
/M.CHELLATHURAI asst prof ambai arts college

"Thanks from India"
/Thankan Eappen

"Congratulation to Mr. Angus Deaton. Thank you for your work in economics."
/Patricia Hegedus


"I must say thanks and congratulations to Angus Deaton for his great contribution of economics in 2015. Particularly for his analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare. Income is one of the major factors for deciding the human wants and consumption. Particularly there is close relationship between income and calorie intake, and gender discrimination within the family in India social infrastructure. His theory will be greatest benefit to mankind."
/L. Surulivel , Ph.D Research Scholar, Department of Economics, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Tamil Nadu, India

/Dr. Toshinobu Obata

"Sir I congratulate you for your great work on consumption, poverty and welfare. At the very right time your works considered for the award."
/Dr Ramesh Salian, Tumkuru University, India

"Heartiest congratulations to Mr. Angus Daton sir for Nobel Laureate in Economic Science."
/Vinod Kumar Yadav, PGT Eco., SAV Jamui, India

"Congracts papa, well deserved..."

"Congratulations. Right honour to a right ways to research and policy making related welfare economics"
/Paranan Konwar, Sonari College, Sivasagar, Assam

"Congratulations. A great work in welfare and development economics."
/apurva raj

/Chet Nath Dahal,Nepal

"Deaton STRONG! Way to make the profession proud!"
/Economist 29a1

"Congratulation respected sir, this economic could be better fight against proverty, people are obligated to you sir."
/Subhash kumar

"Finally, I see Professor Deaton's name among the Nobel Laureates in Economics. CONGRATULATIONS !!! He has indeed influenced and contributed much to consumption theory, empirics and policy-making."
/Jovi Dacanay, University of Asia and the Pacific, Philippines

"Prof. Deaton, Congrats!"
/Low Rank Monkey

"Thank you and lots of love for you. I am from Kolkata, land of poorest of poor. Should I be taking a pause from thinking, what will happen to my people?"
/Syed Dara

"Congrats Sir !"


"Congratulations on your award Angus. You have truly excelled in your life and career and you have been rewarded."
/Colby James Gilbert

"Congratulation Professor Deaton. It is a huge day for Measurement."
/Tauhidur Rahman, University of Arizona


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