Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates
Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes 1912

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Nils Gustaf DalÚn thumb picture
Nils Gustaf Dalén

"for his invention of automatic regulators for use in conjunction with gas accumulators for illuminating lighthouses and buoys"

Victor Grignard thumb picture
Victor Grignard

"for the discovery of the so-called Grignard reagent, which in recent years has greatly advanced the progress of organic chemistry"

Paul Sabatier thumb picture
Paul Sabatier

"for his method of hydrogenating organic compounds in the presence of finely disintegrated metals whereby the progress of organic chemistry has been greatly advanced in recent years"

Alexis Carrel thumb picture
Alexis Carrel

"in recognition of his work on vascular suture and the transplantation of blood vessels and organs"

Gerhart Johann Robert Hauptmann thumb picture
Gerhart Johann Robert Hauptmann

"primarily in recognition of his fruitful, varied and outstanding production in the realm of dramatic art"

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