Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates
Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes 1948

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Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett thumb picture
Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett

"for his development of the Wilson cloud chamber method, and his discoveries therewith in the fields of nuclear physics and cosmic radiation"

Arne Wilhelm Kaurin Tiselius thumb picture
Arne Wilhelm Kaurin Tiselius

"for his research on electrophoresis and adsorption analysis, especially for his discoveries concerning the complex nature of the serum proteins"

Paul Hermann Müller thumb picture
Paul Hermann Müller

"for his discovery of the high efficiency of DDT as a contact poison against several arthropods"

Thomas Stearns Eliot thumb picture
Thomas Stearns Eliot

"for his outstanding, pioneer contribution to present-day poetry"

The Nobel Peace Prize 1948

No Nobel Prize was awarded this year. The prize money was with 1/3 allocated to the Main Fund and with 2/3 to the Special Fund of this prize section.

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