Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2011
Tomas Tranströmer

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature, more than 900 greetings to the new Literature Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Literature

Number of greetings: 915
"Congratulations! I am researching you and the award with other students and loved every moment of it. You are truly inspiring."
/Jonny Maynard

"congrats sir........"
/Tutumani das, india, assam

"congratulations for the Nobel Prize. And good luck for coming events."
/Manish Gill

"Derpy Derpy doo"

"your poems move people as you write from your heart. I hope to see your work in Icelandic. Congratulations."
/Sara Karlsdóttir

"Your greetings. Really amazing sir. . ."
/oli haq

"Roll tide! Don't spend it all in one place!"
/Nick Saban?

"Your prize is a prize for all who love the written word. Congratulations!"
/Cynthia Hudson

"Congratulation to you.. Create the unique novel more and more..."

"My father says anyone who wins the Prize is god in human form. I respect you Sir, Congratulations!"
/Obinna Udenwe

"Congrats for your wonderful achievement."
/Khondker Mahbubul Haque Dhaka,Bangladesh

"Your poems are thoroughly beautiful. You have brought out the purest emotions of humanity with the most fragile of images... thank you."

"wonderful and hearty congratulations"

"Thank you for inspiring me to help make the world a better place through literature"
/Isabel Richter

"I have read your wonderful poems in good English translations for over twenty years. I am honored that you have been honored!"

"I have read your wonderful poems in good English translations for over twenty years. I am honored that you have been honored!"

"Congrats for such prosperous achievement."
/Tushar, Bangladesh

"dear friend thomas at first,congratulation.And want to ask 1 question think on it deeply. Does noblest are winer?i think it is bull fighting."
/bibek ojha

"congratulation sir"
/Nitin baliyan


"hej, grattis till din success. du fortjanar det."

"Whats up ya'lls ! :D Lmfao waamf ( : Rotfl"

"In today's world where everything is contaminated,where dreams are aborted,where aspirations are truncated,where Literature is fast becoming a swan song,thanks sir for adding freshness to the realities of our lives.Cheers."

"Your work is amazing. You deserved this!"
/Lauryl M.

"Greetings from "

"conratulations! Your poetry is very impressive!"

"will any one of you send the poems read in bhopal by nobel laureatae?"
/kothapalli ravibabu

"felicitations monsieur..."
/richard lauren

"u really have a tough name"

"Nobel Prizes are awesome. Congrats on getting one."
/Brian Tyndall

"It is an award to Nobel to award you."
/Pulkit Bhargava


"Great job indeed!"
/sherlock holmes

"congratulations.Great to have won the highly-coveted prize.keep the fire in your pen burniing"
/sanu oluwaseun

"Never Stop and go ahead"

"Dear Sir, lot of thanks and gratitude for you being chosen for such prestugiuos award for your exploration of truth through literature."
/Mr. Gopi L. Rai, India

"i liked it very much after reading"


"Congratulations! what a great success."
/-a fan

"congrats to everyone who won nobel prize"
/govind raj

"congrats truly deserve are living legend.."

"poop my good sir"
/joo joo

"Congratulations sir."
/Ruslan, Azerbaijan

"Заслужена награда. (Much deserved award for the Golden wreath winner of the Struga Poetry Evenings 2003.) Congratulations from Macedonia."

"congrants for winning nobel prize. Thanks foryour good culture and gift to human kind."
/chitaranjan Behera, Odisha, India

"Mindestens so gut wie Herta Müller . mindestens so unterschiedlich."
/Corinne Drandic

"Wonderful! Congratualation!"
/Akshaykumar Chavan


"congradulation for your effort and greeting for your achievement"
/Jayarajan gopinath

"This is excellent! Congratulations!"
/Dix Powell

/Chittaranjan Misra

"Abinandanalu(Congratulations in Telugu Language of 800 lakhs people of India)"
/Samuel Sampath Kumar Tsapa


"Congratulationss sir ."
/Ritu Bangladesh

"Congratulations. May you ever be great writer."


"Congratulations Sir. Keep enjoy for getting this, "
/(shakel, Bangladesh)

"A much deserved honor. Much love to you."

"Greetings from "
/Najar Firdous(Naid khai,Kashmir)

"Congratulations Mr. Transtromer! Well deserved. I have read your poems several years after reading an essay by the American poet, Rob Hass."
/K. Rooz

""Congratulation !!! Sir u're great"
/Md.Ramim Hasan(Emon), jahangirnagar University ,Bangladesh

"thank you sir great work"

"Gratulacje z Polski! (Congratulations from Poland!)"

"Congratesss my friend in literature."
/Ukadike Oluchi Linda (NIGERIA)

"congrats young boy"
/Dr. Raza Ahmad

"thank you for making poetry seem intresting to the world... you deserve it"
/miguel fonseca

/Javier Valdes


"I think Ismail Kadare, the biggest albanian writer deserved this prize! Anyway, congratualitions "
/Mërgim, Stockholm

"excellent job"
/Giri Aravind, India

"Literature is the language of the world a rare thing for which makes us all smile, laugh, love, cry and realize that we are all only human"

"very well deserved ! many congrats to you and thank you for making the world of literature such a rich place!"
/karin A


"You are an inspiration for those poets and writers who are expert in mixing others in their poem and story. "Means you are best of all.""

/rayan danial

"Sir u're great congratulation sir for this award"
/Ravi katiyar

/Ayodeji Morakinyo

"Congrats !!!! You deserve it Sir..."
/Sojan Mathew

"Congratulation !!! Thanks for giving us fresh access to reality"
/bijoy dewanjee

"Congratulations. Hope you continue your great work in literature"
/Ibrahim Hilaly

""Congratulations Sir.""
/Korash Atahan Uyghur

"You are beautiful!"

"Congrats Mr. Tomas. The Nobel selection committee has acknowledged your efforts at discovering a new realm of verse ."
/Dhirender Kaul


"congatualtions on yur awarrr gud jab:)"
/:)cali love

"Long awaited acknowledgement I would say. Congratulations!"
/AMODIS NATDEBA Literary Agency, Tbilisi (Georgia)

/Niranjan Roy

"Congratulations to everyone"

"I hope to read some of your work at some point in the near future. In the meantime, say hello to Markus Persson for me!"
/James H., United States of America


"Congratulations.Sir, I am alive to greet a Nobel laureate first time in my life.I will read the poetry in a short period."

"congratulations to the winner for his hard work."
/Emanuel Martinez

"It is very good that we still have people that care about our reading and literature enrichment skills."
/Emanuel Martinez

"CONGRATS a lot"

"Congratulations also from me. I wish you so much luck for the future!"
/moni, salzburg

"congratulations for your new prize"

"Congratulation for bringing such a moment for all Swedish"

"Congratulations Sir."
/G. Sailaja

"heartiest congratulation"

"Atlast your address is found in Noble. Congrats"
/Bollimuntha Venkata Ramana, India

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