Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2011
Tomas Tranströmer

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature, more than 900 greetings to the new Literature Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Literature

Number of greetings: 916
"Car Tomas, como presidente del Union Mundial pro Interlingua io te felicita al Premio Nobel de litteratura. Amicalmente, "
/Sven Frank

"Super! Well done!"
/Betty Wonders

"I am very pleased to know of the honour bestowed upon you by the Nobel Committee."
/Baqar Naqvi - Author of Nobel Literature - 20th Century in Urdu language

"very happy news to hear, congratulation."
/kotari, mohan rao MA (english litt.),MA(P.R&Ad.),(LLB),NELLORE,AP, INDIA.

"very happy news to hear, congratulation."
/kotari, mohan rao MA (english litt.),MA(P.R&Ad.),(LLB),NELLORE,AP, INDIA.

/Polash Ranjan Sarker

"poems speak from the inner consious 'HEART' of us. thank you for telling us that. gift is yours."
/hirak banerjee

"Congratulations . your deep introspection into the engima of reality has been honoured."
/hirak banerjee

"Congratulations. I like your work a lot."
/AB Siddique

"Congratulations,U're a genius of words,a world figure and a role model."
/Fayenuwo Olukayode

"Heartly Congratulations to all respected persons."
/Niranjan Biswal (CSIR-IMMT, ODISHA, INDIA)

"i salute you i wish to be like you in future"
/victor uzoh

"Congratulations! i love your deep poetic images of nature through our daily life!"

"well, you all are great inspirations to younger generations, respected laureates, hearty wishes!"
/Karthick Veerapandian/ PG scholor/ TNAU/India

/Md, Moniruzzaman

"Congratulations Tomas Tranströmér. To hear that you won made me so happy. I was introduced to you by your Chinese translator Li Li."
/Stina Arvas, teacher at Södra Latins Gymnasium

"congrats sir,for your nobel prize in literatre..i too want to be a nobel laureate & writing a novel "how to be a human".i want your blessing"

"Your thoughts and poem about life, death & after death are interesting! Congrats. Texas Inst Dermatology"
/Reza F Ghohestani, M.D., Ph.D.

"Never give it mediocre like joyce oates and Philip Roth"

"Isolation is the spring from which the unspeakable, the luminous and the madness lurches forth like the dying of an aesthetic peasant."
/Arturo H.

"Congratulatons. You are deserving of this recognition. Celebrate well!"
/Harriette Andrews

"thanks and congratulationsfor being super smart :)"
/Cynthia-age 11

"Congratulations Mr. Tranströmer, although more should receive the Nobel Prize Ismail KADARE."
/iIrvi Hyka

"Swedish genius! He earns it."

"Congratulate......Great for reality........"
/A.R Selim

"Congratulations Tomas! It is wonderful to see your work honored. Your poetry is soul satisfying"
/Crystal Green

"Thank you for spot-lighting poetry in our present economic and non-humanistic-centered world. People, read poetry and be humanized."
/Frances Kakugawa

"happy Nobel: bravo"

"Parabéns!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!"
/Rodrigo Soares

"CONGRATS SIR/.... GREAT POEMLandscape with Suns"

"What makes your poetry Nobel is its mystical simplicity, its flowing metaphors, its heart-touching grandeur and its ever surprising imagery."
/Bhagwat S. Goyal

"You came to it very slowly, yet you achieved it, as your whole life deserved it nontheless than the poetry you created. Bravo, Master!"
/Diana Hambardzumyan

"I've always loved his poetry, great choice for the prize."
/Kevin Dobbs

"Congratulations Tomas, I hope to win it one fine day for my prose and poetry. Cheers and God bless your genius."
/Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

"wounderful! Congratulations!"

"Congratulations, and thank you for a quiet spot in our oh so busy world."

"Sir, You keep well, God always with you. World will always remember your poetry works. I invite you to attend our country India on 25th Jan,"
/Poet Dr. Bidhan Datta (Alambazar Kolkata -35 India

"congratulazione per la tua profona poesia"

"the poetry of minimal snow in a deep daily steps, congrats from ivanxcaracas"
/ivan r mendez (@ivanxcaracas)

"congrats your works are disectional"
/John Mberia Kenya

"Thank you for your world of words. Reading your poems makes me believe that the world could be a place for all of us . Congratulations."
/Christoph Heubner

"well done dave1"
/sam hunt

"Congratulations! I´d like to interview you for our magazine. Psychoanalital Society Sao paulo brazil Is it possible? It will be a pleasu"
/Lecy Cabral


"mY HEARTY GREETINGS TO Mr. Tomas.Reality surges over saggy imagination."
/mrutyunjay samal, All India radio, Cuttack,India.

"congratulations sir"
/Sudhir kumar Dhangadamajhi

/Mustafa Pakdemirli

/Hala OMRAN, Egypt

"Congratulations! I have translated some of your poems in Gujarati language."

"hearrty congratulations to all nobel prize winners"

"Congratulate winning the Nobel Prize! I hope your works translate in Korean soon. Again, Deeply congratulate your winning."

"I'm quite pleased with the information in this one. TY!"

"congratulation,tomas sir.And thanks for giving us fresh acess to reality."
/Purnika Regmi.NEPAL

/shiva ,india

"Congratulations, better late than never! "
/Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., New York, USA

"Congratulations, oh great poet!"

"Congratulationes al premio Nobel. Nos lo ha expectate durante multe annos e nos ha traducite plure obras a interlingua, le lingua facile."
/Erik Enfors, Svenska Sällskapet för Interlingua

"mant congratulations"
/gohjultish, uzbekistan

"Good Luck"
/Mahmoud Walid Mazrawi

"Congratulations, sir... Your poem about Lisbon is very cool."
/Joao Matos

"Mr. Transtromer, you have beautifully integrated poetry and music in your works and life. I congratulate you with much admiration."
/Annie Yim, Canada/UK

"great for reality"

"we are proud of you."
/raju ta

"Tomas i james ugbem, am very happy for you and i hope one day to reach the height in literature. You are a genius Tomas. Once again congratulation and i hope to see you one day. From A.B.U. Zaria, Nigeria"
/ugbem james ushea

"Congratulations, sir, from all my students in our course on Nobel Prize in Literature winners--We will read some of you work in class."
/Joan Erben, Professor

/dr jamil junejo

"Sir, It was wonderful to hear that you have won The Nobel Prize in Literature.. Though I've not any of your poems I want to read them soon"
/Keshab Hira

"May God give you more power for the betterment of world by your poems Sir,"
/Dr. Bidhan Datta India

"Tomas Trnstromer, Sir, I am very happy and proud for nobel award. I wish to translate your poems in Bengali language, Please send a cop"
/Author, Poet Essayist Dr. Bidhan Datta, 5 D.B.RD (E) Calcutta-35 India

"I will present some of your work to the kids in school may this generation treasure literature. Thank you"

"hello his writting makes you feel like your in the story bravo"

""Congratulations. Very many thanks for your legacy""
/Santiago E

"Grattis! Tomas. Nasir Perwazi. Svensk medborgare fran Kanada."

"Congratulations, may Allah bless you."

"Congratulations! Your poetry is beautiful. Keep writing."
/Olivia Newbery

/Ujjwala Mannikar

"Your writings have given us our eyes and our souls a new meaning to be pondered."
/Un Known, Canada

"Congratulations, long life and prosperity for you and you poetry."
/Leon Machuca

"Dear Thomas Tranströmer, thank you for all your beautiful poems that accompany me for so long. Congratulations from Germany."
/Ken Yamamoto

"All the best and gratulations from the girl named Stefan. I used to spend a lot of time with Pållan - both in Västerås and at Runmarö!"
/Karin Söder

"Thank you to Mr Transtromer for your work on literature! Congratulations, sir! What a well deserved achievement"
/Nirmal, aged 13

"May your award give you enough courage to be the voice of the voiceless and the strength of the weak."

"Congrats, sir. I appreciate your presence in India just after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in '84."
/Harshit Pande, Montreal.


"congratulation sir just great"
/md jahangir gazi india

"Congratulation and greetings from nepal. can we translate some of your work in our language Nepalbhasa?"
/Darbey Ratna Sakya, Chair, Nepalbhasa Foundation, Kathmandu, nepal nepalbhasa.founda

"you are right person for this bangla."

"Congratulation, Sir, I would certainly read your noble work."
/Mithu Das

"Congratulations, Sir !"

"Congratulations Tomas....I must enter your reality world where you create a new vision and will introduce it to Bangladesh....Bravo...."
/Reza Ghatok, Bangladesh

"Congratulations from Nigeria, Mr. Transtromer. Imagery remains the magic for the recreation of human experiences in unique ways never felt before."
/Prince Jacon

"Is always a plasure know that a poet has won the Nobel prize"
/Luis medina

"Congratulation sir"
/Arup Saha <Bangladesh>

"Grattis from Roland & Lena Hindmarsh, Cambridge, England. Lena taught you briefly at S Latin, you met again in Uganda & later in Cambridge."

"Congratulation Sir Tomas Tranströmer"
/Alice Siebenstern

"Congratulations Sir..."
/Praveen kumar, Kerala, India

"congratulation. a poet at last"
/raja riazur rehman

/Irfan/ Göteborg

"congratulations. what an astonishing poet<<"

""Congratulations Sir Tomas..""
//Kang Ka Seng,Taiwan

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