Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2011
Tomas Tranströmer

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature, more than 900 greetings to the new Literature Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Literature

Number of greetings: 916
"Congratulation !"
/Alexis Chalopin (France)

"Congratualtions Sir and best wishes from Egypt. I'll include you sir in my book about the Nobel Laureates in literature (Witten in Arabic."
/Dr Abdel-Moneim Aly

""Congratulations for your life time achievement finally got shine.""
/Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Tashigang, Bhutan

"Congratulations fron Maracaibo Venezuela"
/Dario Duran

"Congrats on hounouring u with Nobel prize"
/Ramakrishna tanikella-Hyderabad-India

"Congratulations from El Salvador Sir! You most certainly are a very brilliant man, I am looking forward to reading one of your books!"
/Alejandra Mendoza

"Heartiest congratulations from Romi Jain, a small poet and author of Poetry! You Resurrect Me"
/Romi Jain(Milpitas,CA)

"Heartiest Congtatulations on this mega news.May God keep you physically, mentally and spiritually fit and strong."
/B.M. Jain, Professor of Political Science

"Finally, a poet! A marvelous one too. Congratulations."

"Congratulations. Its a great achievement. You are an inspiration to all."
/Ayeni Omolayo

"Congratulations Tomas."
/G.Sathis Kumar, Karaikudi, India


"Congrats, you're no Dylan but nice job anyway."
/Paul Patrick McCaffrey

"Congratulasjons from Stavanger ! I love Madrigal and I look foreward to reading more of your poetry."

""my heartist congratulations""
/m h mamun,dhaka, bangladesh

"hi hapy get to land here.....greetings"

"Congratulations, Mr. Transtromer, on your award. Poetry is undervalued in the States but today everyone wants to read your work. Enjoy."
/Ronald Koltnow, Boston, MA

"congrates to literary legand"

"Congratulation Sir, From All the People of INDIA"

"You give words to what so many of us see but can't fully express. Thank you, and congratulations."
/Benjamin Goldberg, U.S.A.

"Respected Sir, I am a student of D.A.V. Public School,Chandrasekharpur,Orissa,India.I am greatly inspired by you,Sir."
/Arya Kumar Abhisek

"Congratulations, Tomas. I am happy that a poet of great stature is awarded nobel prize in literature in 2011. Kudos to the poets n poetry!"
/Mohammad Shafiqul Islam from Bangladesh

"As a poet I feel ecstatic that a poet has won the Nobel Prize after 15 long years. Congratulations to Tomas Transtromer, who deserves this"
/Kamrul Hassan

"Congratulations from Croatia!"



"a chance to re-discover the poem world and re-concile with it! great! thanks and congratulation"
/Heydar Shadi

"Sir i join wit others 2say bravo. An hero. I want 2b like u sme day."
/Bassey silver.

"Finally, you win! Congratulation!"

"Congrats. "
/Emmanuel Isuku

"wooow..congratulations for your makings,"

"realy great are my greatest hero..................I LOVE lierature"
/Marzie I.R.Iran

"Congratulations!! I have just read your five poems..wonderful..I will try to find access to reality that bring success to your poems...."
/S. A. Razzak, Bangladesh

"Congratulations ,Herrn Tomas Transtromer! You really deserve to get it."
/Supajee & Poksak Nilubol, Thailand

"Congratulation U"
/Ashraful from Bangladesh

"Congratulations sir!!"
/Manish Upadhyay

"premio de palabras para el padre"

"In a world with too much fear and violence, it is the Arts, that sooth the wounds. Thank you for giving us beautiful readingsl."
/Harriet Ann Burr

"congratulations sir!! u r really great.... PLEASE TAKE MY SALAM..."
/NISHAT from Bangladesh.

"வாழ்த்த வயதில்லை அய்யா வணக்கம்"
/ராஜகோபால் . ர

"Felicitations to the writer who could facilitate the process of nearing the reality amidst gloom in this polluted universe."
/Vengada Soupraya Nayagar. French professor. Pondicherry.INDIA

"Congratulations, The master of words and Human emotions"
/Zafar Nazir, Karachi, Pakistan

"Congratulations from Australia! Poets here know your poetry well, now it will reach a broader readership, great that you won!"
/Robert Adamson

"Congrates Dear Sir!!!!!"
/Ashok, Aseem and Shashank

/Radhakrishnan Perumbala, malayalam poet, kasaragod,kerala,India.

/Radhakrishnan Perumbala, malayalam poet, kasaragod,kerala,India.

"Congratulations! Great feat!"
/anjan kumar sarkar

"Dear Mr Tranströmer, it is a privilege to be the one genius among the earth; may the decagram of prosperity remain with you eternally;_"
/Dean Constantin Gaigani (Luxembourg)

"Hearty congrats! You really deserve it."
/Sagar Kininge, India.


"congrats Mr.tomas.wish ur literature may continues till death"

"Congratulations. Please speak out on behalf of all people who have been deprived of the freedom to read and write."
/Mary Kosta

"Congratulations from Mexico, Sir Tomas!!"
/Fernando A Hernandez

"Congratulations Sir."
/Dr. Sanjib Upadhyaya, Guwahati, India

"i am glad he won."

"Congradulations! You really deserved this award!"
/Willie Z.

"Congratulations from Costa Rica."
/Marvin J Arroyo G

"Congratulations Tomas! The stones have rolled through the windows, but certainly the glass panes remain whole as ever. So happy for you."
/Erik Anderson

/tuhin bangladesh

"Great, Hope more people will want to read your luminous poetry."
/Francesco Arena (Québec)

"the literature is so pretty,you are truly a great example of that.congratulations."
/luis rosario,kissimmee,fl usa

"Please receive a few simple words to say how it is important to use music of the words to tell beauty all around and to everyone.Thankyou"
/Mauro Verra Italy

"History remember you, Mr. Tomas Transtromer."
/Abedin Pushkin_ Bangladesh

"Felicitaciones al poeta ganador del premio nobel de literatura . Un gran saludo desde Chile"
/marietta morales rodriguez

"Joyous Congratulations upon this highest of Honors! A true celebration of the Beauty, fullness, sustenance and importance of Poetry."
/Rebecca Hart Benton, Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Hello Tomas Transtromer, Congratulations for winning the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize in Literature, this is very inspiring to me. Kind Regards,"
/Glenda Judd

"I love your poetry. Congratulations to the Swedish Academy for getting it right!"
/Kelly Cherry, poet, USA

"A friend sent me some your poems today. I haven't been so moved by poetry in the last 4 decades. Thank you so much for sharing them with us."
/Dr. Brad Stocker

"congrath sir for ur wor and ur prize"
/om prakash

"Congratulations above words! I hope your poems during the Nobel-prize ceremony will be presented and read by the artist in recitation, our mutual friend, Leif Olsson, who even visited Åland with his and the pianist Lars Hägglund's "Tranströmer-afton"."
/Erik Sjöblom

"Dear Tomas, Hearty Congratulations ! After a long time perhaps Poetry has received the recognition it deserves. Thanks ! All the best."
/Kuljeet Singh, Rourkela/Orissa/India.

"God gave the sea the danger and the abyss, / but it was in it that He mirrored the sky Fernado Pessoa-congratulations from Brazil"
/Edivaldo Duenhas

"congratulations Mr. Tomas"
/kyab tibet

"Dear Great Poet, Congratulations for the Nobel Prize for literature.God bless you to write more poems dedicated to Humanism."
/Govinda Giri Prerana, (Nepal), Now in USA

/Miriam Lee

""Congratulation Sir" from Toronto Ontario Canada...."
/Siavash Amon

"Congratulations from Poland."
/Magdalena Dybizbanska-Klinkosz

"congratulations! Delighted a poet won the Nobel"
/Edith Argentina

/Francisco, Perú

"congratulation from Poland"

"Congratulations Mr. Traströmer!"
/Optimus Primus

"Congratulations from Rhinebeck,New York!!"
/Brenda K. Lester

/khurram sajjad, india

"Your poetry has inspired me and my writing for many years. Thank you, and congratulations!"
/Celine, Cambridge, England

"Great literary achievement, Tomas.Congrats from Germany."

"Congrats on well deserved win. :-)"
/E. S. Abdalmasih

"I would like you to meet Michael Krasny."
/Roger Kat

"Congratulations sir. What an outstanding honor to receive the highest recognition from your colleagues and readers."
/Steven Ray Smith

"Grattis, Tomas Tranströmer!"
/Kathrin Schirazi-Rad

"Congratulations sir for winning the prestigious nobel prize in literature."
/Your name Vinod kulkarni and all literature lovers from Daund city.

"woot woot"

"Congratulations Tomas !!!! I will surely enter into your world of Noble work of Poetry."
/umesh patil

"Congratulations Sir...."
/hiba Usman

"Congratulations to you :)"
/Saeed Rezaei, Iran

"Congrats ..... Now U have a responsibility ... please be the right man :)"
/Ahmed Samir

"Congratulation Sir Tomas..."
/Abhishek Bhadrraa,Chandernagore,India

"Really Great..........Sir........Congrats"
/Jayadeep M V from Kerala India

/Lochard Noel ( US and Haiti)i

"Felicidad! espero con mucho interes leer uno de sus libros, ya que para mi poca fortuna mi pais dificulta mucho la importacion de titulos."
/Alejandro Gómez.

"Congratulations Sir, from Mexico"
/Javier Chávez

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