Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2012
Mo Yan

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature, greetings to the new Literature Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureate in Literature

Number of greetings: 4385
"Never feel so proud of today when I first get the news a Chinese writer Moyan got such a high level literature award."

"I have never read your books before, Mo Yan, but I am very excited to read one because I have heard and seen such great reviews on it! :D"
/Alyssa :)

"So delighted for you! Heartfelt thanks for writing so beautifully."
/Katherine Rosen

"Laureate Mo Yan, Congratulations. haven't read your literature but hope it has the light which teaches peace and human values."
/Dr. Chandra Shekhar Sharma

"Best Wishes for Mr. MO YAN, a chinese has just received the 2012 Nobel Laureate in Literrature.Congratulations!"
/Quang Le, living in Hanoi-Vietnam

/(Noor Ahmad Aail) AFGHANISTAN

"Thank you for your huge achievement."
/Vincent Lee

"Thank you for your huge achievement."
/Vincent Lee

"Congraulations! And what's more, we're willing to see Chinese authority could realize what mistakes they have ever made through your works."
/Zhenlin Chen, No.1 Experiment School of Shandong Province, China

"You are the best who shows the world that China is RISING day by day!"

"We proud of you, hope your pen will change the world and the next generation."
/Anik Nohan

"Attack western politicians' ugly face! Good Job, Mo Yan."
/The Chairman of People's Republic of America

"Hearty Congratulations.... you have made all Asians proud again."
/Bhaskar Mukherjee

"l am very happy ! no.1"
/yufei hang


"Congratulation sir!"
/Somesh kumar kulshrestha

"Moyan.I am proud of you,"

"Congratulations! You are the heroes of Chinese, as a Chinese ,I'm proud of your contrribution to the liturature of the word."

"Congratulations and felicitations from Catalunya."
/Pau i Marina Girona

"好运与你同在 congratulations !"
/Matias Roto

"Congratulation to MoYan, even I didn't read his book. And hopefully most of the readers will love his books."
/Ariel Wen

"The author of frog. Great mother she is who heard the sound of frogs. You are a narrator of human life."
/mehadi bangladesh

/Willian Guerrero Collazos


"My love, respect and best wishes to you, sir. Congratulations on a richly deserved honor."
/Bob Ferguson (California, USA)



"Congratulations!替魯迅和沈從文彌補了遺憾!This prize may make up for the pities of the Lu Xun and Shen Congwen."
/Daphne Chang

"I wanna read your masterpieces right now.Congratulations, Mr.Mo."
/Charlene Chen

"i love sunlizhen from wangxing btw cong to you mr mo"

"i love sunlizhen from wangxing btw cong to you mr mo"

"Mo Yan strongly advocates that Chinese authors read foreign authors and world literature. stating that literature can overcome the barriers that separate countries and nations .you are right." "

"Congratulations to Mr. Mo. This prize is important for both Mr. Mo and China:)"
/Jack Zhao

"Congratulations on your won the Nobel Prize, you are the pride of the Chinese people, I hope you make persistent efforts—from Beijing"


/Enda Baby


"Me Chinese me no joke me go pp in your coke"
/Hard pee pee

"You are the great."

/Shandong Business Vocational College


/Samuel Jackson


"Congrats!! Im so excited"
/My Penis is Hard

"with the devolopment with china,the infulence from chinese had increased to the world.Greeting moyan ,thanking nobel."




"国人的光荣!" "



/江苏省丹阳高级中学 马聪毅

""Congratulations !"------central south university."
/a chinese student.


"I am very proud that his style of friction could be recognized and awarded. the truth of Chinese life is very real and common"
/Wenzhe Chen

"Brother, congratulations! Keep up, the world is waiting for more."


/minny sis

"Fetelitation! Bon courage"

"congratuations from Shanghai university of finance and econimics"
/Fan Chao


"Focus on the politics.The reward maybe just a sorry for the China."


"i can't believe my countryman Mao Yan wins the prize, so wonderful, and his hardwork paid off ,and a student from university in Shanghai"
/Fan Chao

"Congratulations to Mo Yan, We are all Chinese.I haven't read his books,so I will go to the library to borrow one or two books to read recently."

"I appreciate your work and hope to see you here again."
/sino teiko


/sin chow

"All the best for human prosperity"
/Adel Al-Thamery

/彩娟 肖昱

"congratulation. its great pleasure"

"congrats sir for your extraordinary job"

"congratulations,Mo ,you are a very good Chinese Man."
/ in China

"I take great pride in being a Chinese. We Chinese literuature has been seen and appreciated by the foreigners. A good begninning for us all."
/Wang Juan

"great job"
/Nathaniel Burgess

"congratulations ,Mo"

"Blessed Mo Yan"

"good job"



"I first read Mo's book in,I find it very,Congratulations,Mo"

"Congratulations you worth it!!"
/Congratulations!! Yadgar Ismail/ KRG-Iraq

"congratulations,Mo!By the way who chose this photo? Why don't use the black-white one just like all the other winners did?"


/深大附中 程首长


"I like Mo,his book written very well,I likeit.Which you could search and enjoy here. "

"Congratulations! I'm a student of BNU and I am proud of being a BNUer!"


"Hope our compatriot think of Gao Xingjian and Liu Xiaobo"


"great work done"
/amitesh trivedi

"he is so good"
/a chinese


"「乱了发鬓记起你 自会细意梳理」"

"Congratulations! Very proud of you!"



/ahmed h. zaghloul


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