Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2012
Mo Yan

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature, greetings to the new Literature Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureate in Literature

Number of greetings: 4369
"congratulation sir for winning 2012 nobel laureate in literature. "
/ramesh rai


"I'm proud of Mo Yan as a Chinese novelist, I also look forward to taking part in the awards ceremony and being a witness of this moment!"
/Yao Zhang

"I can enter this website because of you!.Mr. Mo Yan,congratulations!"

"莫言老師,恭喜您! 劉曉波老師,喜望您早日重獲自由。"

"Thank you. Love you"

"I hope you will write more and more tales and stories to educate and give happiness to the society."

"Mo yan ,I believe you are the best !"

"Congratulation Mr. Mo Yan."


"Political choice?"
/Mr. T

"congratulation to all poets who have yet received this hon'ble award"
/ramesh rai

"Many many congratulation to MO YAN sir, keep your gook work on."
/Deepak Shaw, Chennai, India


"Mo Yan, Congradulations. This is surely an achievement, a display of appreciaton for your work."
/Wits Uni Postgrad

"Congratulations,Mr.Mo Yan..."

"many congratulation for you and your short stories and novels and your reader also. from me and my language URDU"


/zalmai nishat

/jadranka matkovic

"In 2010, when Liu Xiaobo winned Nobel Peace Prize, our Chinese friends were forbidden to visit the website of Nobelprize.But today,......"

"Why not China, land of nature, home of Panda is proud of him. Fly high."


"Congratulaions for the prestigeous award. Keep the flame of success burning...always!!!"


"He is a respected writer.Congratulations!"


"中国的骄傲:莫言 希望以后有更多中国人获奖"


"that's amazing!"
/Bill Miao

"Quite cheering!"



"Congratulations to Mo Yan for winning the 2012 Noble Prize for Literature. Through this he kept the map of China and its culture on top."
/Dr. T. Jeevan Kumar, Andhra Pradesh, India

/浙江省温州市龙湾区实验中学贺 Longwan Experimental Middle School,Wenzhou City,Zhejiang,China

"Congratulations Mo Yan! He is the pride of the Chinese people! Japan very powerful.?! "Village" literary or beat you in the end!"


"Big Congratulations, also to Kailas: great Editorial."
/Elena Elv


/yu yong qiang




"Congratulations !"
/BAO Rong

"Congratulations to Mo Yan, congratulations to China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/Jing Li










"Congratulations ~~哈哈~~"

"Congratulations !"


"Cogratulation mr.Mo yan"
/Rama krishna.mandala from India

"人在做 天在看 历史会检验"
/liu xiao bo

/Tehcie xiao

"韩金鑫,College of Chemistry and Materials Science,Hebei Normal University,sent a congratulatory message to MO Yan."
/Han Jinxin

"Very Brave...You are the Man Mo Yan"
/Akhil A Zeeb

"Congratulations for your hard work,thanks a lot!!!"
/A student from Fudan University


"Congratulations Mr. Mo Yan."

"Congratulations! Your name once was the subtitle of the famous movie, and now the movie is your subtitle."
/zhu he

"祝贺您 !we congratulations Mr.Mo Yan for the great work , Afghanistan."
/student of ustb Beijing

"well done, keep up the good job!"


"- -竟然来了诺贝尔官网!不管怎么样很恭喜啊!"

/zhang linjie

"Congratulations Mr. Mo Yan."
/Dorota form Poland

/arvind dwivedi

"You are our proud!"

"The sincely greetings to MO Yan!"

"Mo Yan is the first Chinese writer won the Nobel prize in Literature ,I'm very proud of him,congratulations!!!"
/Mengqi Wang

""Congratulations !""

/Francis chan

"We congratulate to Mo Yan on winning a Nobel Prize. He is a great writer. The sovereign right of Diao-Yu Island belongs to China."

"Congratulations! Mr. Mo. Pride of the nation."
/David Yang


"Congratulations to Mo Yan. From USTB."

"Mr. Mo's book is really interesting~~ I like them."

"Congratulations ."

"Congratulations !"
/Adam Skorek





"so proud of you!"
/Xintong Zhou


"All the Chinese people are prond of you!"
/Zi Han





"Congraturation!China need you,world need you。Because you can offer good works。"
/Shandong China Liyishang

"Congratulations from Myanmar."
/Kyaw Zinn Latt


"congratulation to MoYan"

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