Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2012
Mo Yan

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature, greetings to the new Literature Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureate in Literature

Number of greetings: 4385

"今日之中国已经不是那个认人欺凌的时代,莫言先生圆了中国人的百年梦, 加强了中国文坛在世界的地位,更是泱泱大国崛起的切实表现!~作为国人我感到自豪!~顺道说一句:“钓鱼岛是中国的,苍老师是世界的!~”"
/Miester China


"Congratulations! And then to think that i know only the film THE red cornfield! Time to begin to read you. Never too late for discoveries"
/K vanZyl


"congratunations! I am prond of you,and also proud of myself being a chinese......China,go...."

"Congratulations Sir, U did a great Job..."
/Arjun ( INDIA )

"congratulation mo yan teacher ,i be proud of you"
/a chinese senior student from taizhou jiangsu province

"me neither, I didn't know who he is, even if I am Chinese."

"congratulation the big big big ...... writer"

"congratulation. its great pleasure...."
/Your name G.K. KHATRI


"congratulations a lo"
/niranjan biswal, csir-immt, bbsr, odisha, india.

"Congratulations! Hope that you can come and get the prize in person."
/Liu Xiang

"Our pride."
/William Wu

"I‘ve heared of his manny books,But havn't read any of them ,that is a shame"

"Congratulation Mr Mo Yan. Thank you for your contribution which enriches the human race. Which do you consider your best work?"

"I study math now in ENS of Paris but I enjoy a fantastic experience reading Hong Gaoliang when in high school in China! Thank you!"


/dharm (INDIA)

"Congratulations and want you to write more novels about Chinese young people today."
/S H

"He writes for the deep people, he cry for the people with his pen. Thanks,Noyan.and thanks Nobel prize."
/Wang Yinglin

"Congratulation Sir."
/Sancheevi Sivakumar, Sri Lanka

"Congratulations!We are proud of you!"
/Eunice Zuo


"Westerners are finally willing to know Chinse literature, contulations!"

"الف مبروك من الجزائر"
/طه الجزائري

"我们都以您为荣,莫老师!SO PROUD OF YOU! 中国海洋大学+山东大学发来贺电!(ouc AND sdu)"

"恭喜Mo Yan 中国人为你骄傲"

"congratulation sir,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

"Best Congratulations to Mo Yan ,a great Chinese writer ,although I have never read his books,I am going to read."



"Congratulation Mo Yan and The people's Republic of China!"
/Ahsan Butt

"you are the symboe of chniese culture now! everyone will pay attention to you ,are you ready?"

"恭喜恭喜,河北邢台人民发来贺电。 Congratulations! Mo Yan is the glory of Chinese people!"
/杨哲 Ansen Yang

"Congrats, Mo...hope to enjoy your works in future ."
/Mahammad Ali-India

"congratulations & celebrations to you."

"Congratulations to Mo Yan , a Chinese novelist, who won the 2012 literary Nobel Prize!"

"chinese! good!"

"We read your works in our Asian Literature classes. Congratulations! From the Philippines."

/Yang Wang

"congratulation. from Liu Dongjiang, xinjiang province Fuyun County of china"
/LIU Dongjiang

"you are the best 。"


/liu yao

"Congratulations, It was great. I'm really proud of you."
/Liu Dongjiang, xinjiang province Fuyun County of china

"moyan is best"
/mr liao

/jiuquan yunan



/hear your soul


"congratulations sir!! gong xi gong xi!!"
/steven zhou

"Congratulations and thank you for your great contributes to China. I am so pride for a Chinese ,i am very happly."
/Zhang RenHua

"where is my greetings!"


"congratulations from Shanghai, a Chinese young man who has been reading his stories from age 16 :)"

"great news, and well done Mo Yan"

/Tiji Thomas


"Great job"

"It is a star for China, More feasibility, yet you are second person win NOBEL in Chinese."
/Big breast

"Congratulations 祝贺你"

"Hates off to u ."


"Congrats from your russian fans!"

" added the confidennce of chinese literature,thnk you!"
/xiang jun

"Congratulations Sir.."
/Rubia Gupta(India)

"The whole Chinese are proud of you!"
/Zhu Yijie

"Nice to see a chinese writer win the Nobel.Hope his writings are noble"
/Raju Nagaraju

/Zhu Xiajun



"cogratulations mr.Mo Yan"
/sunil kumar from india


"congratulations from Melbourne, Australia."
/Lian Liu

/中国内蒙古 智子

"we chinese eventually achieve a nobel prize ! too much happy !! hope the next one ~"
/He Jingjing

"Congratulations to our Chinese first Nobel literature prize."

/Eric Young

"hearty congratulations"




/Simon Ho

"Congratulations! I'm looking forward to getting to know your books."

"congratulations to Mo"
/Hu Shaohua

"Dear Mo Yan, I am very proud of you! Try our best to let the world know China better, know our great QILU culture better, and know us better"
/Xiaochen Shu




"So proud of you, Mo Yan. Congratuations to you! And please do write more fantastic work!"
/Ling Bao

/John Doe

"Congratulations and thanks for give us a present such as your literature."
/Loís Fremin Rodriguez Vazquez

"Congratulations to Mo Yan. ----Nanyang Technological University, Singapore"

"Next winner will be Su Tong. I'll put my bet on it."
/Dorara Liu from Taiwan(Republic of China)



"Dear Sir, I would like to congratulate you for winning the Noble Prize in Literature in 2012, and I will be the next winner soon."
/Ambassador Dr. Badal W. Kariye, the Renowned Writer of 20 Books

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