Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2013
Alice Munro

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature, greetings to the new Literature Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureate in Literature

Number of greetings: 383
"Congratulations from Uganda, dear Alice Munro! Wonderful! I haven't read anything of yours as yet, but will try to now."
/Manuel J.K. Muranga

"thanks you have done good thing to help to understanding of subatomic particles"
/jitendra kumar scientist in DRDO

"I have loved and taught your work for over three decades, and I am so happy for you on this much deserved award. Thank you from the heart for all you have given me."
/Robert Lamb

"you're great! a great woman, a great writer."
/Tiziana Pannunzio

"It is a privilege to titled a Laureate within any of the various categories of the Nobel Peace Prize. Much luck to you all, it displays true achievement on each of your parts."

"Congratulations to Alice Munro for her achievements. Finally her contributions in the field of short stories have been recognized. Hats off Alice Munro!!"

"Congrats! My class is studying Nobel prizes. I noticed you. "
/Best wishes, Aria Ramirez

"A warmest congratulation in your great achievement as a short story writers. I wish your more good luck and long live."

"your work is amazing, stay awesome"

"Thank you."

"Congratulations, Alice Munro! The librarian at my high school just recommended your short story collection "Open Secrets" for me to read. I have finished "Carried Away" so far, and I enjoyed it very much. My librarian just told me that you won the prize, and I was happy to hear so. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your stories. Best wishes for the future, and thank you for writing!"

"Bottom of my heart congratulations"

"Proud to be Canadian! Congratulations to Ms. Alice Munro!!"

"congratulations! mam alice munro forthe nobel prize.."

"No contemporary writer deserves this recognition more. Congrats, Alice, you're work is an inspiration."
/Jordan Trethewey, Canada

"I'm proud of you, Alice!"

"Congratulations:)) for your soul and humanity soul."
/Parinya Samart

"Hi Ms. Alice, congrat,this is because of God who give you the ability to write those words."
/Lal Sangkima Ralte, Zawlnuam, Mizoram, India

"Thanks for this years award, which make me enter a new world on literature. Start from small and think deep"

"Congratulations to Alice Munro! Her subtle excavations of the essences of human nature in tight,radiant prose are splendid and illuminating!"
/Edwin Nembo Forlemu


"Dear Alice Monroe, I want, first, to congratulate you for reviving the Nobel Prize and I thank you for been there for young readers as me. I tank also the Swedish Academy for recognising your astonishing talent."
/Jordi Enrique Buitrago

"well deserved more grace to your elbow."


"Your short stories have maken a big impact which led you to these Nobel Prize"

"Bursting with pride at your achievement, Alice Munro."
/Rosalee van Stelten

"Congratulations, Alice Munro on your Literatures Price. My best wishes."
/Isabel Olsson. Sweden

"I can't think of a living author who deserves the Nobel more."
/Chris Wilson

"Congratulations to u Madam Alice Munro for recieving the Honarary nobel prize"

"a lot of cngtrz to u"

"many many congratulations to Alice Munro for the greatest achievement"

"a great salute frm kerala gods own country. "
/Luckman ul hakkim

"you have become popular in India. Your stories are really nice."
/Prateek Raj

"hearty congratulations"
/Pushpa H.D.

"Congratulations for your award. I'm now reading your translated short Nobel"
/Marina Murakami

"Congratulations madam."
/Jimmy shilaho, kenya.


"Congratulation to Alice. I love literature as well as economics, and I also love peace for ever."
/Jianwei Guo at Jiangnan University

"Congratulations! Lots of pride from Quebec, Canada."

"My heartfelt congratulations to Alice Munro for this deserved recognition: an inspiration for a practising author"
/Mary Haslett

"I believe this awarded goes to right for this year. My best wishes."

"Congrats Alice!"
/Agnieska Aless

"No te he leído, pero te leeré. Los cuentos son suspiros de una vida plena. Felicidades."
/Daniel Guzmán

"You go girl."

"Hearty congratulations to Alice Munro, the short story, and small-town Canada (yes!)!"
/Mary Katherine Hom

"You are a very good writer I love your stories"

"Congrats madam! -Sudhir Dhangadamajhi India"

"a million congratulations mam !"

"Richly well-deserved. Congratulations!"
/Carlomar Arcangel Daoana, Philippines

"A hearty congratulations to a bold and intuitive writer who contributed to women's understanding of themselves and community!"
/Rebecca Levant - Calgary AB

"Dear Ms. Munroe, Congratulations! I can't tell you how much I enjoy your work. Your settings, characters and how you capture the intricacies of human interaction and relationships are all unparalleled. Thank you for your unique, amazing contribution to literature."
/Rita Cammarano

"First, Tomas Transtromer, my favorite poet, and now Alice Munro, my favorite prose writer. Finally, wonderful, exhilarating, deserving, Nobel choices! Congratulations, Ms. Munro, from your neighbors and fans in the U.S.A."
/E. C. Frangos

/Rui Henriques

"Congratulations Alice Munro for being the recipient of Nobel Prize 2013! May God bless you in the years to come. With my warmest regards,"
/Magalí de Mora

"Congratulations ! You were always a great writer."
/Mits (India)

"Great job, Ms. Munro! From, Mrs. Christiansen's class at Richboro Elementary School in Pennsylvania!!!"

"Everyone in Victoria is very proud and happy."
/Bill Smith

"The first all Canadian winner, i am so proud."

"Congratulations, Alice Munro. We love you!"
//EJ, Philippines

"I heartily congratulate Mrs Alice Munro on her winning the Nobel and ask her to continue entertaining us with her authentic writing."
/Ayush Sinha

/Stefano - Italy

"congrats job well done."
/Elbert Chambers

"congrats to you from India.Live long and never stop writing..."
/Athul Augustine

"Congratulations Alice. A great honour and you deserve it indeed!"
/Noorjhan Ravji, Western Alumni

"Thank you for giving us a dream world of words ..."
/athul k augustine

"Fine, very fine. Excellent !"

"Congratulations on receiving this great honour! * Félicitations pour ce grand honneur !"
/Simon (Canada)

"Congrats ;)"
/Cheow Zhi San

"Very well deserved. Wonders are possible, at least in Literature."
/Clemens Zahn, Cologne

"Congratulations on your recent achievement! Hopefully your prowess for writing engaging short stories is given the appropriate support and praise it deserves!"

"Congratulations and very well done Madam Literature Laureate. You are an inspiration. I rejoice with you."
/Judith Nwako

"Heartfelt congratulations to you! Your work has been a sustaining and inspiring presence to me for many years."
/Anne Okon

"Dear Ms Munro, congretulations for winning THE prize!! I like your oeuvre very much! Best wishes"
/Beate W., Berlin, Germany

"Dear Alice: Heartfelt Congratulations on winning a long overdue Global recognition - the Nobel Prize! Thanks to The Canadian Studies program at U of T I was introduced to your wonderful writings in the mid-1980s. You, like Margaret Laurence, have a magical way of capturing the many interesting facets and subtle nuances of and in the lives of ordinary people. Thank you for that and for many hours of compelling reading."
/Inga Aagaard

"Congratulations ma'am.."
/Jyoti Ranjan Jally

"Congratulations from Albania to Alice Munro for this well-deserved prize. She is really a master of short prose."
/Silvester Manaj from Albania

"Your words have thrilled, saddened and inspired me for years! Congrats"
/Sarah Dodge-Fultz

"Congrats madam...."

"Congratulations, Alice Munro."

"Great job. :)"

"What an achievement ! Congratulations !!"
/Bayo Olushola Omoyiola, Nigeria

"Thank you for so many beautiful stories!"
/Carlos Cordero

"very very heartiest congratulations for your grat and tremendous job for which you have been conferred the nobel prize..."
/mithilesh jha , india

"thank you"

"Congratulations! and thank you for all the beauty you brought to my life."
/Agatha (Romania)

"Being assigned to study your works in high school seems so much more appropriate in retrospect. Bravo, you have made your country proud!"
/Devin (Saskatoon)

"congratulations ms.alice munro"

/madam ssjolly india

"Congrats...really a fantastic News...can you send me a sign copy of Too Much Happiness.... "

"You have done wonderful job with your contribution through your written words to the contemporary world."
/Surjeet Singh Nehra


"Congratulations, I think that your stories show us how intertwined reality and fiction are. So glad to be writing my thesis about you!"
/Lenia Rosas

/Derek Anthony, Bangalore India

"congratulation Alice Munro."
/Sipahi Reza

"Congratulations, this surely puts Canada on the world map for literature and more importantly a big step for short stories."
/Brenda Lee


"Congratulation Ms Monroe. You are an inspiration to all women"
/Tamilore Areola

/Rajeshkumar Boddu

"Congratulations Ms Munro, my fellow Canadian! You make us proud! Really like what you said to the press about aging. You are always young!"
/Aimin W

"Congratulations to You. I am going to buy your story books in a hurry. From Kolkata, India."

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