Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2013
Alice Munro

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature, greetings to the new Literature Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureate in Literature

Number of greetings: 383
/Jayaraj Vellur

"Alice Munro_ You are such a beautiful writer.! _heart touching_..!! truly incredible..!!"
/Arpan Prajapati

"Congratulation Miss Munro. Nobel Prize or not, I've always loved your books."
/Pia Svendsen


"Congrats.... may you live a long life and bless us with a no of your creatures."
/Anubhav mishra

"Dear Mrs. Munro, I thank you for sharing your storytelling genius with us. You make the ordinary blossom unto Revelation."
/Erik Riechers SAC

"glad that someone won the Noble by exclusively writing short story...inspiring for all the short-story writers!congrats Alice! Munro"
/Pratik Mitra

"No suitable word in dictionary to congratulate you. Pl tell me; how do you do this ?"

"Congratulations, Ms. Munro! The stories fulfilled our life by description how to tackle by masterpieces of short story from you!"

"Congratulations, Ms Munro, and thank you for your stories that I keep reading again and again, so intense, quiet and magnetic."
/Ruth Fuglistaller, NYC

"Very proud that you win this Nobel prize because your a woman writer born in Canada! I am a Canadian writer too!"
/Michel Bouthot

"Thank you for your contributions!"
/Alisha Britnell


"My hearty congratulations to Mrs.Alice Munro"
/sivakumar Y

"Congratulations! Greetings from Mexico"
/Manuel Granados

"congrats munro for her nobel prize"

"My favorite author! You are so deserving of the Nobel Prize. Congratulations."
/Rita Smith, Florida USA

"Thank you for your tireless work, and for proving that art of highest quality can come from the small places of the world."
/Jeff Miller


"So, so happy that it's Ms. Munro who is the first Canadian-based writer and 1st Canadian woman to win! More deserving than any other Cdn. writer! Proud to be Canadian today."

"Well deserved Alice All readers salute you"
/Catherine Wherry Australia


"Congrats Alice Munro. I did not read you but now I will read you. :)"
/Deep Mondal


"You bring pride to Canada congratulagions"
/laurie benoit thunder bay ont

"Alice Munro: heartfelt congratulations on the Nobel Prize for Literature! The Baha'i community of Old Saybrook, CT is thrilled for your success and sends its best greetings to you."
/Valerie Smith

"Congratulations from a small town Ontario fan."
/Todd Overholt

"Ms. Munro?a Gold Medal for you and for Canada! Congratulations on winning the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature! Well deserved!"
/Gail Oglow and Garry Graham

"Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia! You are truly an inspiration in this hard life."
/Julio Mauricio Londoño

"The short story endures."
/Dan Steven Sharp

"Dr Charlie E. Porter,DNM"
/1989 in poeitry

"The muse gets crowned. Finally. I'm elated. Long live the short-story!"
/Vinicius Jatobá

"Just thrilled for you and your readers and for all women writers!"
/Susan Croll, Port Moody, BC

"Thank You. It isn´t the number of words that counts. We need the short story. Time is short. Mankind an enigma."
/Kabukii Kaa (former known as Kassiel Kaehler)

"You ma someone from Québec very pround of being Canadian Mrs. Munro"
/Carl Nolet

"Congratulations !!! You deserve that !!!"
/hassane essafir

"My warmest greetings to you, Mrs Munro! ??"
/Natasha Alexeeva

"Congratulations Mrs. Munro. Greetings from Portugal"

"Congrats to a very great writer!!!!"
/Kemar Cummings

"Congrtas Alice"
/Asmatullah Asmi

"Congratulations! Thank you for creating places to go outside mayhem of life."

/laurent jean pierre

"Congratulations indeed for your newest honor!"
/Jerome Strong

"It is fascinating long waited for this annoucement to happen. I feel that these sort of events are valuable awards that all humankind should think of recieving, inspiere more minds to move forward. Thanks academy, and congratulations for the 2013 nobel laurete in Literature."

"Dear Alice Munro, I bought "Selected Stories" at Vancouver airport and was hooked. Many congratulations on winning the Nobel Prize."
/Carolyn Unger

"Congratulations to Alice! Your work taught us the sense of the humanity reflected in ordinary people and their lives have the same depth and worthiness as the dramatic figures. Cheer for you, cheer for North America!"
/Norman H

"Congratulation Mrs Alice Munro"

"Congratulations, you deserve it."

"At last!"
/A Swede

/salahuddin ahammad

"Congratulations.Literature gives different perception which takes beyond science."
/Dr Rakesh Trivedi India

/Syed Shuibul Qarnain

"congrats from the Mars!"

"A very great day for Canada! Thank you so much, Mrs. Munro!"
/John Snow

"Congratulations! And thanks for your extraordinary short stories."
/Gordon Mowat.

""Congratulations to Mrs. Alice Munro from a young lover of your great works ! ""

"congrats alice. your stories were awesome."
/giri aravind

"Congratulations! And don't stop writing yet, please. There are so many more stories for you to tell."

"Congratulations, Mrs Munro, and thank you for your wonderful, moving, enlightening art."
/Matthew Jones

"Congratulations! We're all so proud that you've received this wonderful acknowledgement."
/Moira Mackenzie

"Congratulations, Mrs Munro, and thank you for your wonderful, moving, enlightening art."
/Matthew Jones

"dot ."

"Well-deserved. Canada is proud of you!"
/L. H-Winning

"Congratulations - you have done Canada proud!"
/Douglas Holdway


"Congratulations Laureate from RMSA,TN,INDIA for enriching the cultural landscape of the world"

"Hurrah! Well-deserved, Alice Munro! Well chosen, Nobel Committee! Many happy hours of reading ahead for those new to the work of Munro!"
/Catherine, Juneau, Alaska

"Congratulations, dear Ms. Munro on your staggering achievement!"

"Saludos desde Lima, Perú."
/Aída Laura Jara

"well deserved ! congratulations mrs alice from italy !"

"Congratulations!! This news has made me SO happy!"
/Aideen McKenna

"Congratulation , I hope you all the best"
/Saleh Awdaly

"Dear Alice - My most sincere and deep congratulations to you on receiving this well-deserved honour. Your work is an inspiration to all."
/Marcia Toms

"Congratulations Laureate on your stupendous achievement and RMSA, Tamilnadu, India is proud of your contribution to the literary world"

"Finally the prize that you deserved for a long time!!!!"
/Paolo Franchini, Brescia, Italy

"Congratulations Alice, you so deserved tis award.."
/Anne Guthrie Warman

"Bravo, Alice Munro! The pantheon of literary laureates is graced by your presence. Cause for great celebration among your readers."
/Nancy Knickerbocker, Vancouver

"Congratulations for give to the world the Canadian point of view"
/Minerva morales gonzalez

"Congratulations, dear master of nothing."

"A luminous day and a luminous award for a luminous writer!"

"Congratulations, Alice! You are my favourite writer since I read "Runaway", almost 10 years ago."
/Emanuela Bandini, Italy

"My heartiest congratulations and good wishes on this very special occasion! Every short story writer is proud of you!"
/Abhay K.

"It is great to hear the News that Alice Munro got this year Nobel, i am too Happy"

"As a Canadian woman who has studied your work and read numerous short stories for both academic and personal reasons I am proud to congratulate your well-deserved award."
/Elizabeth Jewlal

"It must be such an honor to receive this Prize. But it must be better to write the way you do, Ms. Munro. Congrats from Mexico!!"
/Azeneth Saraí López Garza

"Congratulations Mrs Alice Munro. Your vivid short story have conquested readers around globe and now you get the NP . Regards from Uruguay"
/Luis de la Fuente Abdala

"Congratulations Ms. Munro. As a Canadian and an English teacher, I am very proud. We'll be reading "Boys and Girls" today in celebration."
/Jen Waring

"Congratulations! I am an older aspiring writer and your brilliance inspires me! Thank you."
/caridad woltz

"Ah, I am young father who happened to read about your prize in the paper this morning. I have never read your writing, but I look forward to the adventure of doing so! I reserved a copy of your short stories at the library earlier today."
/Brian Steffen


"Congratulations. All of Canada is proud of you!"
/Jerome Pepping

"such a wonderful book"

"Congratulations from El Salvador!!!"
/Marthin R. Juarez

/John Toledo

"Felicitari! Un Nobel absolut meritat!"
/Alex (Romania)

/Luis R. Segovia G.

"Congratulations !! With Lots of Love from India."

"Many felicitations, Ms. Munro. So well deserved. Thank you for sharing your wondrous talents with we, the readers."

"Congratulations to Mrs. Alice Munro for this grand recognition as world's best story teller. Now her name will be a greater name."
/Kshirod Parida,Odisha, India

"Felicitaciones! Gracias por sus grandes enseñanzas de vida. La mujer número 13 en los premios Nobel!! Mi admiración hacia su persona."
/Lorena Flores Yñigo (méxico)

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