Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2013
Alice Munro

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature, greetings to the new Literature Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureate in Literature

Number of greetings: 383
"You rock, Alice!"
/Edmonton, Alberta

"Congrats on this big achievement! We who write look up to those who have mastered the craft."

"congratulations to miss alice munro for winning the nobel. you deserve it, cheers!"
/jean malanum

"Congratulations, Alice!"
/Brett DeMott

"How wonderful for you. How splendid for your faithful readers. I congratulate the finest short story writer of our age."
/Professor Sheila Cameron

"Fabulous news. Munro is a masterful writer."

/pankaj sharma,INDIA

/StevenApple Yuwei

"Congratulations, Ms Munro! I've enjoyed reading and recommending your books for years! I'm so happy for you! Vive, Alice Munro!"
/Barbara Kling

"Congratulations, Ms. Munro, on your significant achievement. I have admired your work for over 30 years."
/Brian Moore

"Alice, you make great literary pie. Thanks for your truly amazing, uber Canadian ability and otput."
/Peter Miles

"God bless you today and forever... greetings from Bogotá Colombia"
/Andrés Mahecha

"Congratulations to Alice Munro"
/Salvatore Vergone

"Your stories have moved me deeply and had a very positive impact on my life."
/Madeline de Rivierre

"Dear Alice, We are so proud and happy for you in Canada. This is so deserved. Way to go! :)"
/Georgina Collins

"Very proud of you winning 2013 Noble Prize."
/James Ho, London, Ontario

"Greetings for wonderful achievment from sLOVEnia"
/Miha C

"Congratulations from Bogotá, Colombia Mrs. Munro!"
/Julio Mauricio Londoño Hidalgo

"Congratulations Alice!!! Your work has illuminated my life and I thank you for that."

"Congrats to Alice Munro!"

"how wonderful - Alice Munro who sees and tells us who we are - women and men"
/Paul Pearce

"Congrats ."
/Monoottil illam

"More than a prize! is a real recognition of a person."
/Fernando Bueno

"This award brings honor not only to your good self, but to the entire industry of which you are such an illustrious representative."
/Miranda Karamani

"congratulation from algeria"

"Felicidades ALICE MUNRO, por su magistral clase de toda una vida acerca de como se cuenta un cuento."
/Namor Adenip

"I am going to read your stories in a hurry."

"Well done, Alice Munro!! Richly deserved. True inspiration for women writers everywhere."
/Elaine Sihera

"Dear Alice, Congratulations but you deserve much more than Nobel - you bring hope and deep meaning to my life and this is invaluable. Thank you and warmest regards!"
/Kasia (Poland)

"Congratulations to Mrs Munro, who I've read for so many years and met in person."
/Massimo Vergara Poeti-Marentini

"WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!! Alice Munro you have done a great job. I don't know how to appreciate you. But congrats for your excellent work."
/Nikhila Liz Aby

"WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!! Alice Munro you have done a great job. I don't know how to appreciate you. But congrats for your excellent work."
/Nikhila Liz Aby

"Well deserved. Long overdue! Congrats!"
/Billy J

"As a proud Canadian I congratulate you."

"All regards to the master of contemporary short stories...."


"a very happy journey to u, academic wall from india"
/Ashwani kumar

"Congratulations.Thank you."
/Titan Wong

"Congratulations, dear Alice Munro! I'm very happy for you and dor the fact that you're such a great short story teller..."
/Carlos Severino

"Congratulation From Iran to Alice I love you we love you"
/Shahram Ghasemi Tabar

"What a greet Day this 10 for you! Congratulations"
/I Dragan Rumania


/Aram Megighian

"Congratulations! All Hungarians love you!!"
/Litera - The Hungarian Literary Portal

/María Luisa y Mónica

"Congratulations for the nobel. We cant wait for read your work. From Josue and Vanesa in Mexico."
/Josue Cruz

"Hearty congratulation dar"
/Christopher Okolo

"Congratulations from Zhou Guanhuai, the most crazy fan of Nobel Prize in this world, undoubtedly!!!"
/Zhou Guanhuai

"Congratulations to Alice Munro for the Nobel Prize in Literature. A beautiful morning to wake up that a woman finally won."
/Rakhshan Jaffer

"Feels like a friend has won, allthough we never met!"
/klara lippe, netherlands

"Greatings from Kosovo"
/Anton Lleshi

"I'm delighted, excited, very, very happy for you. At Toronto French School this morning, every student I saw was bursting with the news. My most heartfelt congratulations!!!"
/Ernest Tucker

"Congratulations, Alice! What an achievement."
/Twyla Phillips

"You bring great honour to yourself and Canada. We are proud of you."
/Donald Fraser Miles

"Thank you for championing the story with your beautiful work in this world of big novels. Well-deserved!"
/Dino D'Agata

"Many congratulations to you, Ms. Munro! Your stories have been very inspirational to me in my teaching of literature. A very much deserved title, indeed."
/Alexi Swank

"YES!!! FINALLY!!!!"
/Sean Paul Sartre


"CONGRATULATIONS!I will read your books in China!"
/Chen ali


"Congratulations from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China, the alma mater of former president Jiang Zemin"
/Li Hailong

/Representative Goodreads Reader

"Magnificent honor."

"Glad to see u receiving this prize. Thank u."

"Well deserved and long awaited!"

"Dear Alice Munro, Congratulation for noble prize in literature (2013) You deserve it."
/Manizha Bakhtari

"Congratulate! Russian news TV channel"

"All these years reading your stories. All this pleasure. Thanks"

"Hello Ms. Munro! Congratulations and Mabuhay!"


"Ma'm, The View from The Academy is great. Congratulations!"
/Anshuman Singh

"Congratulations Ms Munro, you inspire aspiring writers like me. Thank you so much for your contribution to the world"
/Shruti Ambavat, India


"You've set very high standards for the art of story telling. Congratulations, Alice Munro!"
/B. Venkat Mani

"Congratulations from South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou China, which is founded in 1909."

"Congratulations and warm regards. And thanks!"
/Kevin John Mark Keane

"Congratulations to Alice Munro, but why not Svetlana Aleksijevitj I wonder? You change your decision at last?"
/Zhou Guanhuai

"Congratulations to Alice Munro"
/Zhou Guanhuai

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! From Noama Khan, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN."
/Noama Khan

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! From Hajira Khan, Indian School Salalah, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN."
/Hajira Khan

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! From Sameen Ahmed KHAN, Salalah College of Technology, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN."
/Sameen Ahmed Khan

/Kerstin Franzen

"I wish her healthy years ahead and my hearty congratulations."

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