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Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2014
Patrick Modiano

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature, greetings to the new Literature Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2014 Nobel Laureate in Literature

Number of greetings: 131
"I would like to congratulate the well known fiction writer Mr. Patrick Modiano for his achievement.."
/Aamir Sohail

"Congratulations to Modiano! Your contribution to literature is known to the world now!"
/Bhasker Pegu

"I have got inspiration to write novel by reading your novel sir. FROM INDIA WEST BENGAL."
/Gora chand chatterjee,2nd year english hons student.

"I will enjoy it"

"when ever words transform into a sigh and it reflects, destiny of few people living with this world......"
/kee thampi

"We definitely didn't see this coming! Congratulations to Modiano and to the Nobel team for opening the world to another writer and his works"
/Su'eddie Vershima Agema, Nigeria


"congratulation Patrick modiano sir; u have cleared to some critic that memory art has its own pklace in contemporary literature."
/yogesh negi,(shimla)India.

/Dylan Sheets

"Congratulations Patrick!"

"Congrats to you for your BIG win ! CHEERS!!! Everything has to be made as simple & clear as possible, if not straight-forward."
/Dr Harry KK Yeo

"Congratulations to Patrick Modiano... This 2014 Nobel Prize is a great message to Criticizers because they thought that the Memory Art has not a place in Contemporary Literature. However, this is not true."
/Houcemeddine Turki


"Congratulation to Mr. Patrick Modiano! I am looking forward to translating his book into Chinese!""
/Jingying Zhang

"Congratulations Mr. Modiano! Your work is truly beautiful and you make French writers everywhere proud."
/- Kriti

"Mr. Modiano! I sincerely congratulate you for such an important achievement in your career. It will certainly be a huge pleasure to read your books and get inspired through your letters. I wish unlimited success for you. Have a great life and enjoy it!"
/Ricardo Galvan Barquin

"Congrats! A very hopeful day for the humanity and more than a billion people of Pakistan and India, in particular to forge common grounds using this award."

"Congratulations Malala, your fight is every kid's fight who's basic right of"
/Sohaib Ali

"Congratulations to Nobel Prizer in Literature!"
/Kaori Kita

"hope see your Chinese edition selling soon"

"We hope more of your works will be translated, so that we can love you more our laureate!"
/Rupak Mahat/Nepal

"The books of Modiano changed my way of seeing the world and myself. Thank you."
/Lea S.

"In Japan, your works are translated and many people are reading them. Your works will be translated more. Congratulation."
/Asuka K.

"Greetings to Patrick Modiano! I have not read none of his books, but the motivation of this award is my favourite in a literary piece."
/S. M.

"Congratulations Sir"
/Hemant Kumar

"Let us enjoy this moment of subtle imagination and Literature....Congratulations to Patrick Modiano..!!!"

"I congratulate to PATRICK MODIANO from the bottom of my heart.......!!!!"
/sachin singh

"I did not read any novel of you but i believe in nobel committee. its choice is always superb. therefore i congratulate you."
/raja riazur rehman

"Congratulations to Patrick Modiano, winner in Literature who laboured until now in relative obscurity."
/Tade Ipadeola

"heartfelt congratulations!!!!!!"
/Neelu Raina (india)

"Greetings for Mr. Modiano!"
/Willy Lu

"Your greetings. . From Drancy to Mauthausen. Alfred Fritz. Thank you from him. Congratulations"
/Ruth Zitron Cummins

"I, thought I'll get it this year, but you've got it. It's all right. No worry. My heartiest congrats to you."
/Syed Samidul Alam

"I, thought I'll get it this year, but you've got it. It's all right. No worry. My heartiest congrats to you."
/Syed Samidul Alam

"Congratulation to Patric Modiano who has recently been awarded Nobel Prize for literature. Nobel prize winners are the men with god spirit, god mind & god behavior. I heartily respect their devotion,commitment, perseverance and contribution in the different fields of the recent world to make it better."
/Binod Sharma . kailali, Nepal

"My best wishes to Patrick Modiano. I as a bengali writer interested to translate one of his novel from English to bengali."
/Sushanta Bhattacharjee

"Hearty congratulation for winning the prestigious Nobel Prize in Literature 2014. Please take arrangement for its translation in English. Regards."
/Nima Haq

"I desire to read the writing of author, but where I can get it? On the website?"
/Mr.huang from China

"From Mexico, we want it to say::: Congratulations, this is one of many awards you deserve!"

"Hearty congratulation for winning the prestigious Nobel Prize in Literature 2014. Please take arrangement for its translation in English. Regards."
/Nima Haq

"Patrick, Thank you for opening a full new window to the narrative of literature and life experience in this real world,and much thinking and perspectives!"
/Xingfu Tang

"You sir, inspire :) thanks for existing!"

"Can't wait to read his book."

"Congratulations to Monseour Modiano, may the memories of the Occupation not be forgotten."
/Eduardo (Ciudad Juarez, Mexico)

"congrats sir Patrick Modiano. I hope to read Missing Person this weekend."
/Moses Abubakar

"Félicitation! I am a french language teacher from Myanmar, and very happy to talk about your prize with my students."
/Khin Su Han, Myanmar

"Magnifiques nouvelles! Bravo et félicitations, M. Modiano!"
/Krisztina Bottai

"You are great , I am a little creature, How Could i congrate you, Nothing to know. Althoug,i pray to Allah for you so that you may live long."

/Peter Johansson, Motala

"I have not read your books . Hoping to enjoy your writings now !"
/Anil Mathew

"Congratulations Mister Patrick Mondiano. Greetings from Ambato, Ecuador"
/Luis Viteri


"sir congratulations."

"Congrats Mister Modiano, very well"
/José Bron Torres


"congratulations sir!!lon being awardedliterature noble looking forward to hear more about your books from you!!"

/Nazib Wadood

"Warmest congratulations! I look forward to reading your work, especially "Dora Bruder"."
/Charlotte, Sweden

"Congratulations Patrick! The world politicians are doing their best to make us forget their atrocity on us, and you dig them out. Brilliant!"
/Keshab Sigdel (Nepal)

"Wonderful! I look forward to Patrick Modiano's novels being translated into English, so I and my students can marvel at them."

"All the best patrick sir."

"Congratulations, Patrick Modiano."

"Congratulations Mösyö Patrick Modiano, thank you for your all works. thanks to Nobel Prize Committe. thanks to France!"
/Sinan Öner

"Congrats, Pat!"
/Bernard Paul

"Felicitations, Monsieur! I have a new reputable author to stalk to! Congratulations!"
/Shane Andrew Magnaye

"Congratulation to Patrick Modiano. Le Clezio won Nobel Prize on Oct 9 2008, Patrick Modiano won Nobel Prize on Oct 9 2014, what a coincidenc"
/Zhou Guanhuai

"Congratulations from Lexington, Kentucky USA. I met you through "Dora Bruder" (English translation) and will never forget. Merci!"
/Ann Neuser Lederer

"Félicitations, Monsieur Modiano. En tant que francophone américain ayant vécu de longues périodes en France, j?ai beaucoup apprécié votre oeuvre qui est aujourd?hui honorée"
/Donald Austin

"My heartiest congratulations to Patrick Modiano for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature"

"Bonjour Felicitation pour gagner le prix Nobel,"

"Congratulations! Haven't read you till now, but now I am going to. I'm from India!"

"Congratulations from a doctoral student at School of Communication and Arts of University of São Paulo (#ECA #USP). #Brazil"
/Ben-Hur Demeneck

"Congratulations Mr. Patrick Modiano. In the search of the memory one may find your beautiful works full of fantasy and imaginations."
/Behzad Massoumzadeh

""Congratulations Mr. Patrick Modiano!!! <3 We are your Vietnamese fans! <3""
/Tiem Sach Cu, Vietnam

"Congratulations !"
/Bikashkali Midya

"I've bought "Rue des Boutiques Obscures" just two days ago because I thought you were going to win. I was right. Congratulations from an ÉNS' student of Literature!"

"Congratulations and thank you Patrick Modiano for employing the French language with such elegance and wit."
/Florent Basly

"Congratulations from Sweden! I am looking forward to getting to know your work."

"Greetings from Toldeo Mr.Modiano, you are such a example."
/javier Sánchez Céspedes

"Congratulation from graduate school of Anhui University in Hefei, Anhui, China"
/Anhui University

"Congratulations on winning the coveted Nobel Prize for Literature."
/Peeush Trikha

"Patrick Modiano's works are a gift to humanity. A soaring Nobel."

"Congratulations with Respect dear Patrick Modiano..."
/Ilias Foukis

"Congratualtion to Patrick Modiano from Zhou Guanhuai, the most crazy fan of Nobel Prize in the world, undoubtedly..."
/Zhou Guanhuai

"I am fascinated this prize has brought us an unknown treasure. congratulations."
/Sameep khanal Nepal

"Félicitations ! Je vous suis depuis "Villa triste" !"
/Jean-Louis Beylard

"Warmest Congratulations!"
/Sir-Lien Hugh, Manila

"Congratulations! Wish You Best Dear Patrick."
/Omid Akhavan

"Congrats to Mr Modiano."
/Kemar Cummings

/John Mark

"Congratulations Mr. Patrick Modiano!!! <3 We are your Vietnamese fans! <3"
/Tim Sách C

"literature congrdulation !"
/ali mirzaei

"Mr.Patrick,I have not read your works,but all I can say is congratulation for this life time achievement."
/Babatunde Onikoyi

"Greetings to a marvellous writer!"

"Congratulations to the great author and his country! I am very glad for the honored author as a literary student interested in representation of history and memory in Holocaust literature."
/Hyun-Kyung Lee

"Many congratulations!"
/Phyllis Dulebenets

"Congratulations! May you have a very beautiful rest-of-life, and a prolific and productive future. ^^"
/Adnan Najeeb, Kuwait.

"Congratulations Mister Modiano. for the Nobel Prize in Literature 2014."

"Thanks much for your achievements in literature and increasing knowledge ."
/Kerolos J.Israel

"Parabéns, M. Modiano. Sua obra é de fato incrível."
/Andrei Netto

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