Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2010
Robert G. Edwards

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, more than 2 300 greetings to the new Medicine Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2010 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 2031
""Congratulations !" -you are the visible creator of human world"
/Dr. Krishna, Hyderabad, India

""Congratulations !" -Revered Dr.Edwards. you have fulfilled the dreams of many families..."
/P.Murali Manohar, Museum Curator A.P., India.

"Congratulations for revolutionising invitro fertilisation"
/Dr. Srinivasan, Chennai, India

"well done doctor Edwards...........congratulations........."

"Congratulations Sir"
/Devasenapathy, Chennai, India

"Congratulations sir!!"
/Soumya Negi, Chennai (India)

"Congratulations Dr. Edwards! Your courage and vision made it possible for me and my husband to have our own son! Many blessings!!"
/Eddie and Angelica, Santa Barbara (ca)

"congrats sir ,, its a greatest invention ....."
/jeetendra senapaty ,M.Sc.Biotechnology

"Félicitations Docteur pour votre méritoire découverte qui pourra, à l'avenir permettre aux hommes de vivre une vie meilleure."
/Jean Baptiste Jean Junior/Haïti

"Congratulations! Great work!!"
/Dr. Arunesh Saras, Berkeley. USA

"Congratulation Sir for your discovery and achievement............................"
/Sandeep Kumar Singh, Varanasi, India


"Congratulations Dr. Edwards."
/Siavash Amon

"Congratulations Prof Edwards"
/Prof Dharmarajan (Dharma)

"Good luck to an old investigator. He is worthing the prize."

"Dear Dr. Edwards & team No award can eclipse the hope, joy and happiness you have gifted to humanity, in the process of advancing science."
/Thomas Cheriyan, MD, Harvard Medical School

"Congratulations Dr. Edwards. IVF was a great discovery and helped to many couples to get children. You really deserve this award!"
/Dr. Marta Tesone

"Our God blessed to you with this prestigious award! Congratulations Prof. Bob edwards. Enjoy it!"
/Dr. Roberto Coco

"thanks to your work and others in the field I am now th proud grandfather of five grandchildren!"
/robert maslansky MD


/Naresh Kujala, from IIT chicago USA

"Congratulations from Imperial College London"
/Dr. Bhusana Premanode

"congrats... go farther with this"

"Congratulations P.S. What is a test tube baby?"
/My Name

"Congratulations and thank you so much as because of you, I have a beautiful son."

"Bob, Congratulations, well desreved and overdue"
/David de Kretser

"Thank you Dr Edwards, from the bottom of our hearts... Congratulations!!!"

/Santhos M. Baby, USA

/Santhos M. Baby, USA


"Your discovery has helped mankind and will continue helping humanity.Congratulations!"
/Yasir Malik

"Congrats Bob. Very well deserved"
/Mohamed Bedaiwy MD, PhD Egypt

"Congratulations and thanks for all."
/Denise, Brazil

"Congratulations Scientist!!! Thank you all for the hard work! Help the National Leaders and people to understand the Importance of Science!"
/Dr. K. Varadaraj, USA

/Dalel Saidi


"Congratulations and a very special thank you - because of your work and dedication I have a beautiful son Alex"
/Sonya, Ireland

"congratulations! its one of the most beautiful creations of science. I have always been fascinated by IVF."
/Dr. Neha Choudhary, Mumbai

"Congratulations, you are the one of the best inventors in medicine"

"Thank you for bringing smiles in so many homes..."
/Dr. Raguram & Dr. Soundarya, GNH, India

"Congratulation Prof. Edwards for your Nobel Prize"
/Dr. Ricardo Buquet

/Dr PB

/Abhiram Amudala

"you bring happiness and fullfillment to many family. thank you Sir."

"jolly good my man"
/Master Bates

"Congratulations, Sir Edwards!"
/Dr.Z.Georgieva, Bulgaria

"Heartiest congratulation for donating the new discovery to the Earth & it's neighbors." it will open the new door in reseach area"
/Shabbir Ahmed Durrani, Saudi Arabia

"My whole-heartedly congratulation to bring hope to so many couples in the globe. William Leung Hong Kong"
/William Leung

"I personally think you should have been given nobel at least ten years back..."heartiest Congradulations,"
/Dr. M.Saravanan From India

"Congratulations Sir.You do really deserve it. Kathy from IRAN"

"Congratulations Sir, you deserve it."
/Hawar Hamid / Kurdistan


"Congratulations Sir !!! Thank you Sir for your contribution and the new hope that you gave birth to !!!"
//Sumita Biswas _ India

"Congratulation Prof. Edward I am a student at UCI and I was just learning about in vitro fertilization in my genetic class. Thank you."

"Great ! I would like to be a great scientist like you !"
/sun rongfang

"Congratulation prof Edward"
/Dereje Tesfaye (AAU) from Ethiopia

"Congratulations! Any investigator dreams every moment with that achievement, only a few can live it. Enjoy the glory"
/Dr. Edwar Zúñiga (Venezuela)

"Great achievement"

/Prosenjit talukder

/dishanta and mallica, india

"Congrats! So thankful for this gift. It has given me many wonderful people in my life."
/Kate, United States

"congraiulation sir"
/lalit sharma

"Many Many congratulation for donating the new discovery to the Earth & it's neighbors."
/Shiben Biswas from India(W/B-UD)

"congratulation sir ,......................"

"congratulations sir for your great achievemnt."
/aniruddha nath

"Well done Dr. Edwards!"
/Eduardo O.

"Congratulations Prof.Edwards I hope to meet you and learn from you to be like you . All the world say to YOU: "THANK YOU, GOD BLESS YOU""
/Dr.Hala Mazid

"Congratulations, dr. Edwards!"
/dr Uktam Hudayberdiev. Samarkand. Uzbekistan.

"Thank you sir, you are such a great inspiration for me. How to become like you sir? what is the secret?"
/Ahmad Nur Aulia, Indonesia

"Thanks a lot for give us an opportunity to be parents. God bless you"
/Anaí Escontrela Venezuela

"Heartiest Congratulations. Your hard work has put smiles on all deserving couples..Well done !"
/Bobby Cherian, Geelong , Australia

"Congratulations Bob. I remember when you excitedly showed me a human egg when we were at Mill Hill, you came a long way from that time."
/John Hunt

"Thank you very much for preventing one of the most dangerous social problems occurring too early in human history."

"On behalf of my son and many other children, who're alive today as a result of your research, I congratulate you. You have all my gratitude."
/E. Bonilla. Mexico

/Cam Meyer

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our beautiful boy and girl! Your efforts in science helped us to fulfill our family dream!"
/Mary and Charlie, USA

""Congratulations! Chinese Scientists please catch up!!"
//a Chinese in New York


"congratulation sir for this momentous achievement."
/Siddra Ijaz from Pakistan

"God bless you sir. Well done! congratulations prof Edwards. Bachir, Mozambique"

"great achievement. well deserved. congrats. the nobel could have been shared with our indian scientist too."

/Tairi Nishizawa

"Your visionary hard work in a very delicate field of medicine has paid off with fabulous rewards for deserving families. Congratulations!"
/Rod Morgan, Edmonton, Canada

"a great work for humanity. well done and congratulations,,,!"
/shehzaib siddiqui

"congrats sir,"
/vibha chudasama

"Congratulations, dr. Edwards! Thanks for your contribution in life!"
/Max Firinu

"Congratulations from Russia! You gave an opportunity for so many children to be born. I hope all scientists will work as you do"
/Tanya, Russia

"Congratulations Prof. Edwards! And thanks for all the "in vitro kids" that I know, they are a true delight!"

"Поздравляю вас, профессор Эдвардс. Мир был бы другим без вашего вмешательства."
/Dnait Vitalis, Russia

"sir many many congratulations to you on your success. I personally think you should have been given nobel at least ten years back..."
/Gulshan k Rawat, Delhi, India

"Congratulations ,sir! What you have done and discoverd is really amazing!"
/Lejla, Sweden

"..mmmm umeshinda!"

"Congrats sir..........! This honour is on behalf of Angels on Earth through NOBEL ORG"

"thank you you did great job"

"My Heartiest Congratulations!"
/Adnan Baylor College Medicine, Houston

"A man that came to reality millions of dreams"
/Gustavo / Brasil

"Congradulations, sir! What you've done is amazing! I'm sure you that you've put lots of effort on this project. Once again, CONGRADULATIONS"
/Sean Coleman Lee, HK

"congratulations on your great achievement sir."
/balasuryankdm and npadmavathikdl razole

"my best wishes with u. and so good discover. it ll be most helpfull for all humanity. thanks"
/Subha Rakshit(INDIA)


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