Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2010
Robert G. Edwards

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, more than 2 300 greetings to the new Medicine Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2010 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 2031
"Amazing discovery helping needy people. Technology brought to a great common use. Best wishes."
/Ravi Choppalli

"Hats off for u sir......u really changed the face of medical science"
/Oki Ilaye, Nigeria

/juan garcon

"Congratulations, sir. You really worth of this honor. You are the man of next generation. May god bless you........Thanks"
/Fardin Farhan, Bangladesh

"everlasting worthy findings sir. all the best"

"You receive on the occasion of the Nobel Prize for Medicine offer you words of appreciation and congratulations. And long in the service of science and humanity. With my sincere regards. Gaper your business Izzedine Zair"
/zair azeddine

"Congratulations!! I hope it will give an inspiration to all the scientists working for the noble cause."
/Jai Pandey, Univ of South Carolina, USA

"Congrats Dr. Edward, You have blessed many infertile couples with children. Though late you deserved what you were destined for."

"congrats...........sir.although late but u were to be honoured that was for sure"

"Congrats sir!"
/Marlon - Phil

".God put in his hands the way of get smiles to sad families, God blessed him with the prize. Congrat."
/Dr. Gustavo L. Cruz

"congratulations from my family!"


"Mr. Edwards's work litteraly allowed millions of human lives to happen. No one should depreciate that ! Most sincere congratulations."

"Congratulations for your achievement .You have actually illuminated a dark avenue in this scientific trip"

"Congracts sir u deserve this honour"

"No words could describe my warm thanks . Really, Thank you Dr.Edwards , and I hope -oneday- I could win it in Oral surgery&Medicine ."
/Mohammad Abdel-Hamid - Mansoura University - Egypt

"Congratulations Robert! Without you, I wouldn't be alive! Well done to all the winners, you are all true heroes."
/Sarah MacDiarmid, Edinburgh

"Congratulations on the wonderful acheivement"
/Dr Joe Jacob Alappat, Kuwait

"Congratulation Robert you have indeed contributed to humanity,"
/Deodat Charles Otami,Ghana

"Congratulations on your acheivements. It is a shame that the Vatican sticks its ore into things that should not concern it. Congratulations"
/Gary Hamilton, Manchester UK

"Congratulations Dr. Edwards. Your contribution is truly a blessing for many people. You deserve the award."
/Ram Nepal


"Congratulations on a long overdue award. My wife & I have a beautiful son & daughter from IVF so are more grateful than we could ever say."
/Ronan, Ireland

"Congratulations my chief! You are a blessing to humanity."
/Sylvia Osakwe

""Congradulations !" - for your innovation for new generation"
/kalai / India

"Congrates sir for your great moment....keep it up."
/Dipesh Kumar Trivedi,ICGEB,New Delhi(India)

"Thank you sir! Thanks to your work we have a lovely twin couple. You brought joy to our lives! Thank you and congratulations!"
/JP & VB, Portugal

"congrates sir:)"
/vikash kumar , patna,india

"Un ejemplo de vida, gracias."

"Congratulations...! Prof Edwards...your life long work deserve the prize.Sir we are expecting more from you in coming years"
/india's biotech

"congrats sir.This is the right time to honour you."
/Bayo Makinde,Lagos

"Nobel prize winners are among the greatest scientists of all times and you are one of them. Accept my best wishes."
/Sorabh Badaya, Gwalior, India

"Thank you doc"
/naveen xavier

"Congratulations, Sir. You've changed many people's lives. You're a blessing."
/Jean, Philippines.

"congratulations you give the chance to have a family to more person in the world...."

"Congratulations! A great achievement."
/Farrukh Rehan Khan

"congratatulations sir...your work prevents lots of social & false beliving problems in my country..great work sir.."
/avinash darji.

"Dear Nobel Prize Winners Congratulations for your scholarly articles, contributions to The society and your devotion for humanity. Thanks al"
/John Kapoi

"My wife and I have 2 fine young sons thanks to this man and his science. Thank you . There is no one more deserving"
/Ed Swindell South Africa

"A right award and recognition for the right contribution at the right time. Congradulations the the Great Great Winner and Thanks Nobel."
/Major P.Chandrasekaran, Associate Professor, Vivekananda college, Tiruvedakam west 625217

"A right award and recognition for the right contribution at the right time. Congradulations the the Great Great Winner and Thanks Nobel."
/Major P.Chandrasekaran, Associate Professor, Vivekananda college, Tiruvedakam west 625217


"Great job, great man, congratulations!"
/Juan Li

"many many congratulations for the great achievement..God bless u.."
/Soni BL

"congrats sir ............."

"Thank you sir and Congratulations !"
/Dheeraj Pratap

"congratzz..Mr.robert edward...gr8 achievement in your career"

"Heartiest Congratulations to the person who has given a new hope for life.. Sonal Gaur, Indore, India."


"Thank you for your work! You are giving hope for childless people"
/Erika Berente, Hungary


"Congrats Mr. Edwards.. ur contribution has given hopes to millions across the globe!! :) u r actually a GODfather!"

"Mr. Edwards great congratualation, you have done great work."
/D.S. Rajput email-

/Ramesh Kumar Shardha karachi


"Thank you for this great gift to the humanity."
/Dr. Sudhakar Mishra, Brooklyn, New York, USA

"you mopped the tears of childless couples-may god bless u ,work for humanity"
/shaji thomas,kerala,india,trivandrum

"Well deserving work and Congratulations!!!!"
/Eyuel Terefe

"Congratulations Sir Robert G. Edwards!"
/Adrian, Philippines

"He has got the purpose of his creation by this great contribution."
/Iftikhar Ali from Pakistan

"Thank you for making my life possible!"

"Congratulation Doctor Edwards! 축하합니다"

"You have a great job on this world. We thank you for the contribution. Congratulations!"

"hi congrts though it is late"

"Congratulations, investigation is the way in which our world gets better."
/Sergio Velasco. Colombia. National University of Colombia .

""Congratssssss Dr. Edward for IVF which is relly nice technique to serve humanity and mankinds. Thanks for this Great Work!!.."

"Congratulations for your development, you give a choice for some couples, Excellent work."

"CONGRADUALTIONS ON YOUR AWARD! :D you helped so many people be able to have a baby! congratz!"
/sharen t.

"Congratulations. Thanks to your efforts a little angel has brought happiness to our home."
/Family Montes-Neyra (Peru)

"Congratulation !! you gave us our wonderful baby!"

"Dear Dr. Edward, many many congratulations for such great work in science. People like you are inspiration for all science students of world"
/Rantidev Shukla, India

"Congratulations Dr. Robert! I´ve got no words to say how thrilled I am for your being awarded!"
/Jorge Carvalho

"We have two wonderful daughters today because of the work you pioneered. You truly deserve this prize. Congratulations!"

/Xiaobo Li, MSU

"Congrats, from President, Sri Lanka Rationalist Association"
/Dharmapala Senaratne

"Conrgatulations on your invaluable acheivement!!"
/Taksim Ahmed, Bangladesh.

"Congratulations - my partner & I are about to go into IVF. Without you we would have no hope. You have given hope to millions. Thank you."
/Kbee London

"great job robert! this was such an important breakthrough for modern science and medicine. thanks!"

"Utmost Congratulations Sir Robert G. Edwards for the earth-shattering invitro fertilisation."
/Bouzekri Chakroune, Beni Mellal-Morocco-E.mail,GSM:+212-0610786844

"Congratulations! you are an inspiration for all"
/billy, Mexico

"Congratulations Mr. Edwards"

/Jingyang Li

"Congratulations from Lithuania and thank you for this wonderful invention!"
/Gerda, Lithuania

"That is the reward to your hard work. Congratulations!"
/Dr.Wais Afzal

"Congratulations your work has opened new horizon for childless couples"

"Thank you Sir for aiding God in achieving miracles all over the world and one of mine!"
/A Brack

"congratulations sir, you have revolutionized the field of reproduction biology!!!"
/sai praneeth - INDIA

"Thank you for your work, we will benefit from it! We hope ;)!"
/Maris and Arlita

"Congratulations Sir Robert G. Edwards! Sveikinimai!"
/Lukas, Lithuania

"Congratulations, it is truly a shame that Americans know more people who won an Emmy than one who won a Nobel Prize."

"Congratulations Dr. Edwards. I hope to achieve the level of success that you have!"
/Olmedo Restrepo

"Thank you for your innovation and determination...thank you for my 2 miracles!!"

"Congratulation for you greatest work!!!! Make it affordable for all the people who are trying to have baby"
/Dewan A Chowdhury, USA/Origin from Bangladesh

"excelente, muy buen trabajo."

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your research changed my life and gave me happiness and my wonderful twins"
/M_Jesus Hernandez, SPAIN

"Congratulation Dr. Edward. IVF opened new gates for further research for humanity. Thanks for this gift. Great Work!!.."
/Gourav Nema

"hi congratulations on awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/kids from hamilton bicentenial

"congrats prof edwards you deserve the nobel prize ivf had won this prize long time before from the minds of childless parents"
/unzippedhelix biologicals,India

"Congratulations from PAKISTAN and SWEDEN."
/Sofia and Hussain

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