Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2010
Robert G. Edwards

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, more than 2 300 greetings to the new Medicine Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2010 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 2031
"Thanks for your excellent work!"
/John Earle, Transgenic Core, California Institute of Technology

"Thank you for my children! Thank you so much!"
/Joel Colon

"You have given us the greatest gift of all."
/Elisabeta & Michael, U.S.A.

"Thanks Robert for stepping beyond what was thought to be possible or appropirate so that even more joy could come come into the world."
/Deirdre Morris

"This is great!."
/Afeez shonibare

"Congratulations , doctor."
/Haritha, India

"you have given a couple their greatest treasure.thank you"
/nawsad and soumik,IIT Delhi,India

"Congratulations to you sir.... You have completed the dream of many parents."

"congratulations on your great achievements"

"Congratulations, wiped many a tears across the world. "

"finally Robert G Edwards won the NOBEL for medicine, congratulations!"

"Congratulations. Though late it is well deserved recognition."

"Thank you! I am so grateful for my two children who could have only entered the world thanks to you!"
/Amanda Fipp

"What you do is praiseworthy and important for all mankind. A life devoted to give life deserves our sincere acknowledgment. Congratulations!"



"Thanks to you we get watch Jon & Kate Plus 8!!!!!! Thank you!!!!"
/Rick James


"Selamat kepada Robert G. Edwards atas karya "The development of in vitro fertilization""
/Helin Simatupang, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Thanks. I wouldn't exist without your work."

/kala fortner


"Congrats Dr Edwards..great work..u deserve it more than anyone else!!"
/Priya Panjwani

"Congratulations from NDRI (National Dairy Research Institute) India"

"Congratulations to you sir.... You are an inspiration for many... we need more people like you... you are a true humanitarian.."

"Thank you very much for your creative work and unending efforts to help people by giving rise to precious new lives in your special IVF way."
/Hong Chen in Shanghai China

"Thank-you Doctor, and Congrats! You have made many families very happy and many people great parents that would not be able otherwise."
/Sawyer D

"Thank you, we have a great gift and we owe it to you."
/Emile & Candy, Australia

"Thank you Mr. Edwards for your heroic discovery and persistence. Beacuse of you, and your discovery, I am a Mother. Thank you."
/Jessica Magill, Lake Charles, LA

"thanking you sir for being a new god for humanity"
/dr alok

"congratulations and thank you. i have two beautiful grand sons beacuse of your work."

"Congratulations! Looking thru the mirror, your work helped us adopt two beautiful girls!"
/Mary, New Jersey

"Felicitaciones su investigación es un aporte al desarrollo de la humanidad. Bien merecido."
/Luis Chicana

"Congratulations from an egyptian embryologist who met you in Utrecht- Netherlands ( 1988)."
/Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shahin - Ain Shams University

"congrates on this achievements""karthik from india"

"congrats to u!!!"


"Congrats for a great gift"
/Sairam Naidu , USA

"Congratolations! Great contribution for humanity!" Thank You !"
/Cindy Laursen Sweden

"Congratulations and thanks, Dr. Edwards! Without you research, our twins would never have gotten a chance of "being on their way.""
/Katja & Dirk, Germany

"Congratulations and thank you Dr Edwards. Iím a very happy mum to three wonderful children due to your commitment and perseverance."

"Congrats..for giving an unforgettable gift to Humans"
/Ravi R

"Congrats Bobby! Very few inventions if any have so intimately touched human beings and lives!"
/Srinivas Konuri

"congratulation to u specially dr ,, u desirve it ,,, "

"congrats..great work!!!!!!!"

""Congrats" Sir."
/Prasad Yerra India

"congratulation to you ! the indians love you ........ the server of science!"
/sayef ahammed &rohon adhikari

"you have made it possible for us to have 2 beautiful baby boys- our warmest thanks and congratulations"

"Our children say: Good work, Mr. Edwards!"

"Congratulations Dr. Robert Edward !"
/Vinoth Babu V. Rajan

""congrates on this achievements""
/hazari Ajmer india

/A. Chester, Philippines

"Great Work!! Well done!! Noble Prize in Science with Human Touch on it!!!Congrats"
/Raghu, West London, UK

"Well deserved, thankyou for making it possable for me to be alive and writting this right now"
/Matthew Twigg, Nottingham, UK

"Fantastic!!!!... Someone who truly deserves the Nobel prize in Med. got it!!!....Congrats doctor, we in veterinary med. appreciate it all!!!"
/Mirza M. Fahd Qadir (FVAS)

"congratulations and may you live long for other honors"
/Victor, kenya

"CONGATRULATIONS Prof. Roberts. This reward has long been expected. Finally.."
/Atemnkeng Ambrose, Linköping University

"My best greetings to you, and congratulations!!!"

"It was about time! Congrats! Have 2 kids because of your hard work and hope for a third one! Thank u, thank u, thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/katerina, Athens, Greece

"thanks for your work, it was a step ahead to humanity!"
/Juan Ramirez

"Thank you for your research! Couples - past, present and future salute you."
/F. Hermansson, Sweden

"congratulationg! making the world better life"


"Congratulation to all winners of Noble Prize 2010"
/Habtamu Tesfaye


"Dear Bob, I'm so, so pleased to hear this news. See our tribute on the East of Engl Stem Cell site: Wrm Rgds, Julian"
/Julian Hitchcock

"congratulations grand faaaaaa"

"Sir, plz accept my congratulations on such a great achievement ......"

"수상자에게 축하인사를 보냅니다."
/kimmy kim

"congratulations, you inspired us, you deserved it"
/sadda, linköping university

"Congratulations! as a medical student , IVF is pretty much familiar concept to me. You have given hope to infertile parents."
/Ryan Rho

"Even if the Pope hates you: Countless families have benefitted from your discovery. Thanks!"

"Congratulation .. as long as you trust yourself you'll gain success sure."
/Mohamed Salah Abdelsalam

"Accept My heartly Congratualtion Sir!!"

"Thank you for the gift of life where it would otherwise not have been possible. The worthiest of them all."
/G Shanahan, Ireland

"congratulation sir for geting nobel price, your research give happiness to many couple"
/jagdish patel, india, anand

"Thank you for the gift of life where it would otherwise not have been possible. The worthiest of them all."
/G Shanahan, Ireland

"Congratulations! you are the gift to humanity!" May god bless you"
/Rajeev Ranjan, Saharsa, India

"congratulations ... from kuwait :)"
/mohammad , jaber alali, kuwait

/Jayaram Poudel

"Congratulations ! Dr. Edwards. I bow in respect your great achievements."
/Tai-You Ha ,M.D.,Ph.D. - South Korea

"accept heartly congratulatin sir"
/m. zulkiffal faisalabad pakistan

"Congratulations to you, the "father" of 4 million IVF babies"
/Dang Hongky Vietnam

"congratulations sir heartly wishes:) arun, msrmc, bangalore"

"Congratulations and best wishes from nanogolive"
/Luis Bastos

"Congrats for this new research. it will of great help for many people."
/Manish - India

"Congratulation, Robert Edwards! I hope many young researchers take inspiration from you keep alive an idea alive over all obstacles."
/Bendangchuchang Longchar. CIMAP, Lucknow, India.

"Congratulation Dr. Edward."
/Pramod Kamble


"Congratulations on your life time achievement :)"
/Dinesh Raj Methuku, Swinburne University of Technology,, Melbourne, Australia

"Congrats. you made my dream of being a mum possible."

"Greater Gifts Greater responsibilities... miles to go before you sleep.. keep up gud work"

"Congratulations on receiving this amazing award for your ground-breaking work!"
/Kwasi - Leone, American Samoa

"Heartly Wishes to Dr Robert Edwards,without whom the lakhs of married couples have not benefited."
/Zahoorullah S MD,Hyd,India

/Jahangir Alam Akash

"Thank you and congratulations!"
/Nadja Richter

"congrtas sir"
/suyog yadav, ism dhanbad india

"congratulations sir. what u have done is really a boon for many couples."
/Anam and Sasmita odisha

"Samad IVF hospitals, Thiruvananthapuram congratulates Dr.Robert Edwards for getting the Nobel Prize in medicine by bringing cheer into the l"
/Dr. Madhavan Pillai MD

"congratulations gr8...."

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