Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2011
Bruce A. Beutler, Jules A. Hoffmann, Ralph M. Steinman

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, more than 1 900 greetings to the new Medicine Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2011 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 1921
"Dr. Beutler, I had the pleasure of working for your father, Ernest Beutler MD. Congratulations!"

"congratulations sir !. you inspired me a lot"
/dr ambika, post graduate in md physiology, INDIA

"CONGRATULATIONS! I'm indebted for such lifetime inspirations!!"
/Wagh Ranjit

"I hope this can help with my Severe Aplastic Anemia. Good Job."
/Nora Getchell - Age 6

"Congratulations for winning the Nobel Prize."
/Arik Getchell - Age 7

"Congratulations on your well-earned accomplishments! It is great to know that there are people out there working for the good of humankind."

"Heartly congrats . ."
/Dr. Abhinav Ingle nagpur,India

"Congratulations for excellent work and fantastic discovery."
/Dr. Uguz


"A very good invention"

/vivek pratap singh ,india

"Congratulations for your Excellent contribution to science."
/Ketema Bacha PhD

"congrats for the noble prize winners ..... ALL THE VERY BEST AND GOD BLESS"
/srijaya kasturi

"great persons.....very well..."
/samaayra ali.........

"you are equal to god!!!!!"

"great work for mankind. Congratulatiosn!"
/radhakrishnan India

"Hearty congratulations to the great scientists....."
/Karthika Rajan, Amrita School of Biotechnology....

"Hearty Congratulations to Steinman, Buttler and Hoffman.."
/SOMJA J NAIR, Amrita School Of Biotechnology


"Congratulations! Wonderful work."
/Ishraq Hussain

"most heartiest congratulations on winning the Nobel prize this year"
/haroon k sandhu from pakistan

"Thank you very much for your faithful and dedicated great work for the good of humanity. God Bless!"
/Gina M.

"congratulations to all scientists, who putforth their efforts acheiving nobel's will and serving the mankind."
/anand raj

/J.K. komal

"Thanks very much for your discovery. Will Ophthalmologist ever win the Nobel Prize."
/Deepak Jugran, Chandigarh, India

"hii maman mareeee congrats"
/papi kunju mon

"Congratulations! We appreciate your hard work! Thank you!"

/Yide He


"Congrats. U did an excellent work. Saves many lives in future. It's an motivation for young immunologists."
/Ms. Bavithra

"What a wonderful project!!"
/Junhyeok Moon // South Korea

"Thank you for working o hard and studing and spend a tono time tying to discover the mistery to the immune."

"CONGERATULATIONS! What an accomplishment for humanity"
/Hyoun Chan Cho,MD from South Korea

/IBARAHENE Mohamed Morocco

"I hope one day I will be just like either of you 3. It's been my dream since I was and 5 and you inspire me! Congratulations!!1!1"

"congradulations everyone!!! im so proud of all of you!!! im so happy for everyone who was a part of this"

"Awesome job!"
/Kobe Bryant

"Greetings! I've gotta make an essay on your work now..."

"Your great discoveries have the potential to help millions across the globe in millions of ways. Continue on and succeed again! CONGRATS!!!!"
/Rebecca Morrison, Phd in Psychology, Pharmaceuticals, Surgeon General

"Congratulations for their discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity!"
/Maria Marluce

"ESA! Ensi vuosi uusi vuosi"
/Kai Korpela

"i wish i was in your country,so i could be motivated as muh as you! congratulation on this victory!"

"congratulations .....:))"
/kiran deep from india

"congratulation to All"

"Congratulations.......mankind is definetely going to benefit from wonderful work"
/Akshaan, India

"Congrats.. For taking the science forward."
/Ben Thomas

"coongrats to all nobel winners"
/ramakrishna vommi

"Heartiest congratulations especially to Dr.Steinman, I did my dissertation in post graduation on dendritic cells and have read your papers."
/stuti kalra

"Great work in many ways enlighten human knowledge. Dont stop good work. It is unfortunate that Ralph is nomore,however, he will remain in our mind. Congratulations. with kind regards,"
/ sribir sen

"thank you very much for this achievement and give me your blessing for wing it"
/Dr Peshal Ghimire from USA new york


/aditya from india

"we seeing progress in our practice because of your hardwork. congrats."
/dr richard nii armah

"Greetings from "
/josif dzockov

"congratulations!!ur discoveries changing the way human beings live. . .became inspiration to young fellows. ."
/rahul from India

"congratulations from sudeep"
/sudeep bhardwaj , india

"i encountrd d results of ur works in my physiology class in my course here in UP.nver thought it ws u guys behind these ol along.CONGRATS!!!"
/Leonard V. Tan (UPV BS in Public Health-III)

"Benevolent pacemakers get the deserved honour. Congrats dear scientists for achieving a million lives award in Medicine."
/Dr Kartheek R Balapala., MD.,DPM.

"It shows that hard work and persevernce pays off.......congratulations"
/Alok Dhawan

"was Ralph M. Steinman's achievment to slow down the process of cancer, the medicine which he invented, he took himself, because he needed it"

"CONGERATULATIONS! What an accomplishment for humanity"
/Dr. Saganti, USA

"Greetings from "

"eshays get your gabba on adlaaysss!"


"You are cute!"
/Molly Goldberg

""Many Congratulations to elite Immunologists""
/Gangaplara Arunakumar

"I just want to say everybody is doing a wonderful job with everything they have accomplished. Even those who havnt been acknowledged"
/courtney e

"WOW, congrats to all the laureates! May more follow in your footsteps in contributing as gravely to the world!:)"
/Aiko Sagusay

"Congratulations doctor, Keep moving forward and keep find new thing"
/Eky Prasetyo

/Dra. Mercedes Cáceres

"Thank you for your contributions to humanity. Mazel Tov."
/Regina N. Chicago, Il


"if you are able then discover cure of death"

"Today i am going to take class on immune response for my medicine students and its a tribute to these great human beings"
/deepa babin

"loads of congraulations being respected with nobel prize"
/Farhat Ghafoor

"this discovery in the important fields of inate and adaptive immunity will be another stepping stone for science.we wii miss ralph steiman."
/moe jardine

"Congratulations to all those Physiology and Medicine, for all their help, you guys are the best THANK YOU!!!!!!"
/Your Momma ;)

"Greetings from "
/Mohammed Emranul Hoq

"Congratulations ! You are all great gifts, god has given to this world"
/Ananda Vardhan.H

"congratulations sir for your valuable work on immune system"
/mahesh.k iil

"Before giving congratulation, i m so sad to hear that steinmann isn't here with us.But i must say congratulation to all winner. MANY MANY CONGRATULATION TO ALL THREE WINNERS."

"excilent and well done allof you"

"Congratulations!! When I wrote a report, I had been learned about the achievements. I was so impressed. God bless you."
/Sincerely, A student of Ajou university

"congratulations to all who have done a great job for the mankind and good luck to all those who are in line!"

"Congratulation sir. Dendritic cell treatment will become one of the non-toxic treatment mainstay for cancer patient as a chronic disease."
/widya a putra

"What a great achievement...relevance to life...history has it in record...! congratulations"

"congratulations, persistence pays of"
/Atanu Kumar Dutta

"Your assiduity and sagacity which contributes tremendously to the development of medicine would greatly be appreciated. Congratulations!!!!"


"All the best to the winners We are ur followers......"


/Periasamy Vaiyapuri Subbarayan

/Sanjay . . .

"nice work thanke you"

"heartly congratulations"

""Congratulations to you all" is an understatement. You are the heart & soul of research in your respective fields. Hats off to you!"
/Anuradha Vaidya

"Congratulations Trios,You're wonderful.I salute your intellect.You are a rare gift to our generation."
/Fayenuwo Olukayode

"Heartly Congratulations to all respected persons."
/Niranjan Biswal (CSIR-IMMT, ODISHA, INDIA)

"We feel indebted to all u scientists who are working day in and day out to make our world better place to live."
/Dr.Sumit Kumar Guin,India

"Congratulations to all three lauretes. Their work on immunity will benefit mankind."
/Rita Biswal

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