Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012
Sir John B. Gurdon, Shinya Yamanaka

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, greetings to the new Medicine Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 2821
"thank you sir for your valuable gift to mankind and the civilization. truely u did the job for the whole earth."
/balaram mohapatra

"Many Many Congradulations....."

/zx from ZJU

"Congratulation Sir...."
/Dipankar Dev Nath,Majuli, INDIA

"Congratulations, gentlemen! Today in biology lesson we were talking about pluripotent cells and our teacher told us about your success."
/Klara N.

"congratulations from a chinese student: 科学无国界,祝贺祝贺。"

"congratulations sir!!!!!!!!!"
/ganesh neupane from nepal

"Congratulations on the break through in proofing that under the law of nature every thing is dynamically connected."
/Bhusana Premanode

"Congratulations to both of you sir, Great Achievement.. Now my potential is increasing to touch my dreams."
/Yuvraj Joshi

"you are the bests!congratulation.u are pioneers of a revoloution!tnx"

"congratulations sirs for your great contribution"

"Thank you!"

"congrates sir for the great invention about the suffering people which really help us lot in improving the treatment of the people"

"congrates sir"
/dr d v s priyadarshini

""Congratulations sir""
/A.Suresh from tamilnadu(india)

"congretulation sir"

"Namaste, sir. Congratulation and best wish for more creative works like this one."
/Subimal Chatterjee

"Its really great work sir and congratulations..."

"Still a mountain-high aim with EEG Expressor."
/Hsiao Hsian Li

"Congratulations!!! Your work is inspiring..."
/Prithvi Raj kodi

"Congratulations to both of you"

"congratualation mr.Yamanaka &mr.Gurdon"

"Congrats !!!!"

"Congratulation to both of you . I respect your knowledge."

"congrats sir"
/manasa chinthalapally

"Your research work has inspired many emerging brains to think and set their goals in research. Congratulations to both of sciene galaxies."
/Chand Raza

"congrates sir, you new concept of medice fields. i"

"Sir John: Your hair. It is itself worthy of a shiny gold medal."
/yuka liu

"Hearty congratulations to both the winners."

"congratulatins sir your discovery wiil show the world a new path ."

"an ehuberant congratulations for a gian step forward to curitave medicne"
/jacques du vol

/DR.Sambedana Mohanty

"Congratulations to you both !!!!"
/Senthil Nathan R, India

"Congratulations both of you, Thanks for the contribution"
/Sangay Tenzin , Bhutan

"Hearty Congratulations!"

/Ferny of Philippines

"Every new discovery in medicine has been an unrivalling of an entirely new frontier. Medicine is magic. Thanks Sir Gurdon and Yamana!"
/Rajesh Bhattad

"Congratulations Sir"
/Aditi Jumde

/prakash ghimire

"what a life time achievement"

"Congratulations !"


"I am super-excited to hear this. Many Congrats to Sir John Gurdon and Dr. Yamanaka...we all expected this. What would value more than this!"

"congratulation on the discovery tht mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent."
/jyoti tiwari

"Dr.Yamanaka, I'm impressed by your experience."
/S-M Du

"Congratulations!!! Your work means a lot to the world! Hope that IPS can help cure more and more currently incurable diseases!!!"
/Michelle Ma

"Congratulations for a great work! Have a niece (21) hip problem after accident, maybe there's a chance before another surgery, PLEASE ANSWER"

"Thank you and Congratulations for leading the world to this milestone. We still have a long way ahead."
/Dr. Rakesh Mandal

"Congratulations to you both! :) We can now move to the "future" with you both!"

"congratulations !!!"
/Dr. Vijayanta Kshetrimayum


"Congratulations, both of you. You are an inspiration to the field of medicine and science."

"Congrats to the both of you"
/Walid O.

/Hiro Kato

"Well done hope I join you one day"
/Omar Elmasry, Junior lecturer of medical biochemistry MRI, Egypt


/Milton Vega

/Ketut Suastika

"We just learned your Nobel win subject Amazing! Congratulations!!!"
/Stoy Trissokkaran

"big congrats sirs!more grace on your elbows"
/Ighalo Jo

"congratulations sirs"
/ekene onyiriuka

"Congratulations!you are the inspiration to go ahead for all the young biologists...thank you for making us still believe in science.."
/Claudia Lentucci, Italy

"Dears Mr. Yamanaka and Sir John B. Gurdon: it's a pleasure to follow your work! Congratulation!"
/Joana Miranda

"Greetings to the world of fellow scientists. Congragulations on your achievemants!"

"Congratulations.Quite encouraging!."

"Congraduation! Wish I would become one of your kinds in the future..."
/Chen Gao

"Congratulations for the great achievement."
/zhili sun

"Congratulations, scholars! I am happy that you utilized your time and ideas to profit humanity positively."
/Adetunji oluseye, Nigeria

"Haitians are proud of you. Congratulations!!!"
/Didwocom, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

"Keep going with work towards the bettterment of the living kind"

"Congratulations! Now maybe my neurons, firing on all 12 cylinders, will enable my brain to remember where I put things."
/Power Surge Suzie

"Nice pic bro."
/Drew M.

"Congratulations to both of you!! Keep up the amazing job!"
/MVDr. Larsen, Norway

"Greetings from Indonesia, congratulations to both of you. what an amazing discovery! God bless you."
/Rachel Mongisidi, Manado, Indonesia

"Congratulations Sir John Gurdon and Dr. Yamanaka !"
/Renu Rawat

/Shreyasi Gupta

"Congratulatios Mr. Gurdon and Mr. Yamanaka on thier great discovery mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent""

"Your efforts and perserverance despite controversy is admirable. You inspire others to be steadfast."
/Jenni Ramirez, lifelong student, Texas, Usa

"Congrats. Let your inventions wipe away the sickness and sufferings of the humanity."
/Dr.Vincent H Wilson, Dean, PRIST University, TN, South India.

"My Hearty Congrats on Behalf of TNQ Journals..Keep Rocking Sir."
/Magesh Rajagopalan

"Congratulations! I am sure your discovery will lead to finding novel ways to solve many health problems."
/Dr. Ahmad Hilaly

"I bow before your efforts ... for the blessing and healing of the World. Well done!"
/Giovanni A. Orlando.

"Congratulations Bravo!!!"
/Jagdeep Gore from India

"Congratulations!!Thank you for giving new concept in life science for reverse cell process to get pluripotent from mature one Cell.."
/Devashish Mehta (India)

"Its really a boon to doctors!! i will be happy if this will help us in psychiatry! Congratulations from whole India!"
/Juhi Sharma

"Congrat to you both"

"sir your making easy way for go ahead with my curiosity"
/Ankush Ranaware

/Milad Kalbasi

"ellarum nalla irunga da"

"Congratulations sir..... You deserve it...... An Indian medical student"
/Krishnam Bharadwaj

"SIr congratulations to both of you.................."
/Shalini Taneja

"Thank you for the great job! I am so happy to live in this era to experience all your discoveries."
/Heidar Shakarami

"john gurdon se la comeeeeeee!!!!! john gurdon is the best ever!!!! thanks"
/Jihn Loverstrong

"Well done"

"Congratulations to John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka!!!! You guys are inspiration to all the young biologists around the world."
/Suraj R.C


"I'm very proud of a man, despite what he was told by his teacher in high school became a scientist, and today a Nobel Laureate. Congrats Sir"
/Babatunde Ogunmoroti

/anirudh murthy,india

"Fascinating! this changes everything. Well deserved"
/Eric M

"respected Prof.Yamanaka, you are our good example and your spirit inspire us greatly. congratulations!"
/a young stem cell researcher

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