Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012
Sir John B. Gurdon, Shinya Yamanaka

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, greetings to the new Medicine Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 2821
"congratulations Sir for your contribution to the science"
/Hanumanth Goud

"Congratulations! Dr Ghamdi. A Physiologist from Saudi Arabia"

"hearty congratulation"
/deecaraman chennai

"hats off for your great discovery to this world"
/y v. narayana university of hyderabad

"Congratulations Professor Yamanaka, your success is an inspiration to us. おめでとう!"
/Ayman El-Sayed, Hokkaido University

"Congratulations! It takes great dedication sometimes even stubborn to get a great idea to germ and fruit, you too have made it happen. Thank"
/Sheng Liu

"Congrats bhai..."

"Congratulation, You are inspiring for young scientist on the world"

"very good Thank you for the peope all around the world。"
/Changfeng He

"congratulations for the outstanding achievements"

"Yamanaka-san encourages Japanese people in disastrous Tohoku district!"
/Horoshi, Japan

"congratulatio for both of u THE GREATs"
/Mahendra paudel, NEPAl(a country of Mt.Everest and Lord Buddha)

"Congratulations sir iPS was an wanderful concept since its publication The conceptual work Sir JB Gurdon has opened the Pandora's box. CDash"
/Chidananda Dash

"Congratulations Sirs!!! God's love, care and blessings materialised through your diligent hard work.quite inspirational for my children..."
/K.I.REGINOLD, Mizoram, India.

"Congratulations. You are an inspiration to the mankind. God bless you!"

"Congratulations to the new Medicine Laureates.It is a success, you truly deserved. Sheer perfection!"
/John Patrick Policarpio (Philippines)

"You rock. Now let's all hope the ignorant masses don't concoct some other ridiculous reason to be against this world changing science."
/Howie Dueit

"Happy to see Noble Foundation acknowledging Gurdon and Yamanka very early for their work on induced Pluripotent Stem Cells"

"congrats prof yamanaka; your work has been a great enlightenment in cell biology since your paper on 4 reprogramming factors since 2006."
/Shashi, CDFD

"so cool yamanaka !"

"vijay bangarwar "Congratulations to Sir Gurdon and Dr. Yamanaka''"

"congratulations Sirs!!! God's lovely miracle .. blessings materialised through"

"Congratulation Sir John Gurdon and Sir Shinya Yamanaka, Stem cell pioneers for winning Nobel prize in medicine."

"Congratulation both of you"
/Dr. Hamoud Mokbel

"Congratulations Sir,"

"Great work, significant contribution, congratulations to Sir Gurdon and Dr Yamanaka for the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine"
/Yajun Zhao, China

"Salutations to Sir John B Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka for their great work."
/Anitha Mohan

"Congratulation sir"
/Yasir (Pakistsan)

"Congratulations.Great Inspiration for the mankind.God bless u!"

"Many heartfelt congratulations to Dr.John B. Gurdon and Dr.Shinya Yamanaka for winning Nobel 2012. Your work is a boon for future."
/Amit Jaiswal

"Hearty CONGRATULATIONS to both the Pioneers for your achievement, It inspires many researchers in the globe"
/sharanabasava, THSTI, INDIA

"Congratulation both of you for your oracle endeavour !!"
/Shantanu Kumar, India

"cogratulations both of you for the great work"

"Congratulations for great works."
/Lopson Kay


"Still lot to achieve, let this be a big boost for the achievements yet to come."

"congratulation to both scientists for the discovery"

"Congratulations Sir Gurdon and Dr. Yamanaka."
/Praveen Joseph

"Great pleasure congratulations to dynamic Scientists.... both of you were the ROLE MODELS to YOUNG & DYNAMIC Scientists...."

"excellent work .we can young once again"
/hare krishna

"Congratulations! thank you for your contributions to mankind!"
/Bien B.

"Congrats genius"
/Jawed Akhter

"Congratulations to Gurdon and Yamanaka sir for wonderful work which indeed for betterment of mankind in future!!!!!!!!!"
/BASAVARAJAPPA, H.R. Bangalore, India


"Your work is an inspiration for everyone who is struggling in the academic world. Congratulations!"
/Claudio Luna-Illades M.Med.Sc.

"Sir Gurdon and Dr. Yamanaka, you are the Noble Laureates of Physiology this year, Congratulations!"
/Yajun Zhao

"GREAT ACHIVEMENT.Michael J Fox Institute have been canvassing this for years. How do they feel abot the break through?"
/Diana O'Ryan Anderson Bsrretos SP Brasil

"Congratulations from an embryologist to the excellent ,modest , and highest moral standing scientists ."
/Prof.Dr. Mohamed Shahin, Ain Shams Univ. , Egypt

"Congratulations noble laureates........hope more regenerative products are discovered..."
/K.Gowri Shankar .,Research Scholar.

"a breakthrough indeed! kudos to these men of science !"
/luigi Barroga

"congratulation! from Honolulu hawaii, annie chen"

"Congratulations for the Nobel Prize. The idea is truly innovative and novel. I could not express my happyness in words. congrats once again."
/Jaganmoy Choudhury

"congratulations sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya ymanaka..."
/Naveen Nimbhal

"Congratulations is too small a word to convey the magnitude of your combined work. As al Parkinson patient I look hopefully to the future.Th"
/Agus Anderson Barretos Brasil

"Congratulations, Prof. Yamanaka. I proud of you as one of clinicians (I am digestive surgeon) and Japanese."

"My heartiest congratulation for Nobel Prize. What you have done is a gift to mankind. will help in environmental conservation also."
/Priyankar Sen

"Salutes and Regards Doctors."
/priya srivatsa India

"Congratulation to both of you, hope this will make human race better."
/Debasish Paul,India.

"well done, thank you!"

"Congratulations sir...!!!!!"
/Priyanka Dhokriya

"Just thank you and well done - just imagine how many people all your hard work has and will help for generations to come - now celebrate!"

"Congrats Sir John B. Gurdom and Sir Shinya Yamanaka.............."
/Arunkumar Naik B, Jr Research Fellow, Yogi VemanaUniversity,INDIA

"Many Congratulations to Shinya Yamanaka for winning nobel prize for 2012 in n Physiology or Medicine for excellent research."
/Dr vadlapudi varahalarao,Dr Lankaplli bullayya PG College, Visakhapatnam, india

""Congratulation..!!!! ""

"congratulations for your work it will help the modern medicine"

"Thanks! For revolutionising the world."

"Congratulations Sir"
/phaniendra alugoju

"Congratulations for both these scientist in medicine on behalf of all doctors of saheeed Shurawardy Medical college, Bangladesh."
/Bandana Chakravorty

"Hearty congratulations to Sir John B. Gurdon & Shinya Yamanaka ...may this bring more recognition to this fascinating field of science"
/Murugavel S , INDIA

"Congrats i follows u"
/Mathanraj from Great India

"Congratulations, Prof. Yamanaka. I proud of you as one of clinicians (I am a digestive surgeon) and Japanese. Please be careful of tour heal"

"congratulations to both the great scientists. Your work is really inspirational....."
/Sonalika Mahajan


"Congratulations to both of you for your immense contributions for the human society. Yr work will definitely be of help to the society."
/Dr. Laishram shantikumar, IBSD Sikkim centre

"Great work...well deserved.....congratulations..."
/Raguramarajan A

"Congratulations from chongqing P.R.C. to you both"
/weifang wang

"great achievement and congratulations to both."
/Dr. Pawan L. Kulwal

"Congrtulations Yamanaka sensei Omedeto gozaimasu!"
/kusunoki, Otsu Japan

"Heartly congratulations to both! It is better to late than never for Sir John B Gurton!"

"congratulations sir , this is a great achievement, hope it helps for disabled.."
/Ravi Kumar

"Many Congratulations to Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka San for the wonderful research outcome."
/Dr. Brajesh Barse

"Great work! Thanks for making humanity better. Congratulations!"
/Stefano, Brazil

"Dear Sir, I congratulate both of you for the award of Nobel prize for the discovery of mature cells to reprogramed to become pluripotent."
/Dr. Pravin .D Potdar, Head. Dept. Molecular Medicine & Stem Cell Biology, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai 400026, iNDIA

"heartfelt greeting and congratulation for your invention as it will give solution to many genetic disorders.thank you much sir."

"Congratulation to both of you"
/Ramesh Dhakal, Kathmandu Nepal

"Congratulations Prof. Yamanaka !!"

"Congrats!!! Its being nice to have such innovative discoveries"

"Congrats to Sir John Gurdon and Prof Yamanaka. Thank you for giving such splendid contribution to the mankind. God bless both of you"
/Kishore Sarma (Assam, India)

"Congratulations Shinya. I proud you and the my study field that you are the pioneer and winner of Nobel prizes"
/Behnam Ebrahimi

/Weifang Wang

"Congratulation,For you"
/Aung Naing Maw

"Congratulation's. Great job."
/Herman Kesuma

"Congratulations!!!! both, sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka, for great achievements I am really proud of you, its inspiration for me"
/Dr.Ranjith N.Kumavath

"Congrats sir.......u have made a revolution in the field of medicine....! Thanks a lot from all of us.."

"Congratulation to you both. I Cordially thank you for so many years of hard work for recovering diseases and fighting the evill of illnesses"
/Ali Bakhshi , Iran

"World will be proud to honour these creators with greatest medals."

/Dr G V R Sharma

"The imagination to think-that a step in reverse could be accomplished in biology"
/Sanjiv Sharma

"Congratulations for the great achievement. You are perfect link and extention between animal cloning and embryonic stem cells."
/Jyh-Cherng Ju


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