Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012
Sir John B. Gurdon, Shinya Yamanaka

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, greetings to the new Medicine Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 2821
"Grazie per aver scoperto una cosa che potrà aver valore in eterno..."
/Valeria, Scuola Superiore, Secondo anno. Da Italia

"Congrats :)"

"congrats sir....."

"Great discovery!!"
/Mark Feng

"Sir, Bless us with reprogramming the concepts that the nature retains... jeevasasthrajalakam blog team"

"Congratulations to you both ...i am very proud of your achivement ...Warm regards."
/Suleiman Oshioke Yakubu

"respected Prof.Yamanaka, you are our good example and your spirit inspire us greatly. congratulations!"
/a young stem cell researcher

"great leap in regenerative medicine. kudos guys for bringing the future of medicine closer by your meticulous industry."
/Preston Okyere, med std (Ghana)

"An amazing discovery that will one day help in the treatment of many patients! Great Job!!!"

"mr.gurdon u look awesome in the pic. congrats!"

"dear sir........... congratulations"
/Mahendra Mandwariya from Indore

"Congratulations Sir john B. Gurdon and Yamanaka..cell a tiny structure,yet a vast vast universe to explore...Remarkable achievement."

"Congratulation both of you. May Allah almighty bless you guys Insha Allah"
/Mohamed Ihsaan Ibrahim, Maldives


"heartiest congratulations to both of you sirs........ this discovery will prove to be a great boon for the human welfare........!!!!!!!!"
/Ruchika Goyal, M.Tech Student GEU, India

"Congratulations sirs. Your work will bring smile over many faces struggling hard each day. Thank you."
/Jyeshtha India

"Congrats Sir ..."

"congratulations sir,head's of your mind and i personally thanks to god they give us such out standing mind and person."
/vineet kumar,India

/john doe

"I congratulate you gentlemen you are helping the spread of human life across the universe. a wonerful thing human life Allons-y"
/The Doctor

"Congratulations Sir John Gurdon and Dr.Shinya Yamanaka for receiving prestigious Nobel prize in Physiology/Medicine in 2012."
/Dr.CR Revankar, Consultant in Neglected Tropical Diseases,NewJersey,USA (


/Dinesh chander sharma India tarn taran

"congratulations .. i hope to walk on your way of knowledge ."
/dr mab

"perfect work, it will help us to treat too many people."
/dr fatih akdogan/ rize-Turkey

"Most deserved award for deserved scientists like you.This will pave the way for future researches on that line.Excellent.Congratulations"
/Damodara Gowda KM, Physiology,Nitte University

"Congratulation sir"
/Subramaniam, NuwaraEliya,Srilanka

"Congratulation sir.......Great job!"
/Ramnik Singh

"please contact with me."

"the war with the hiv.because china has not a way to realize my dream"

"well done guys!"
/Alice Cooper

/Dr. Subhendu Bhattacharya

"congratulations sir it is a mile stone"
/s.koras india coimbatore

"I just learned about stem cells. My teacher was happy all day when he found out that Shinya Yamanaka won the noble prize for stem cell work"

"congratulations both of you.Let ur findings bring new light to the health of people all over the world."
/Nisha Prajith,Kerala,India

"Regardless of nationality,I'm so happy to hear this! Its immensely worthwhile for all living beings.. Well done and Honor you!"
/Ashie Ranathunga

"congrats.! to all honorable Nobel prize winners to giving a precious and new discovery for our life."
/saurabh verma

"Congrats to you all,the great scientists."

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Hard work paid off."

"Congratulations! Human beings will feel honored with you achievements. From China."

"Congrat Professors for your great contribution to human health"
/Herman Suwardie, Indonesia/US

/William R

"Tashi delek (Congratulations) to SIr John and Mr.Yamanaka"

"Congratulation to you both, your work opens new possiblilities to cell science. Hurray"
/Frank Atanu/ Uinversity of Reading, United Kingdom

"i hope your research will help in conquering pain and disease."
/kapil singh

"You two prove that cells can change & revolutionize themselves. Congratulations!"
/Shuvadip Mondal

"Diaoyu islands belongs to China"
/zhai huai zhao


"Congratulations sir..... and Thanks for unrevealing important thing."
/Ashok Patidar, India

"Congrats Sirs, both of u did a wonderful job.May God bless u."


"may the next nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine comes from china"

"Felicitaciones a los dos ganadores de este año, ha sido una excelente elección de un trabajo serio que cambiará la historia de la biología."
/Germán Alberto Betancourth Morales

"congrats and please do let me now as to from where could i get more info on the work you are doing.... great achievement and we wish you the"
/leonard rozario

"Heartful Congratulations to u Mr.John B.Gurdon and Mr.Shinya Yamanaka(NOBEL LAUREATES)!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Congratulations! I like this"
/Li Wen-bin



"hehe,there are two more questions in my paper..."
/Laura Zhang

"hehe,there are two more questions in my paper..."
/Laura Zhang

"realy your work excellant god bless you"
/ankit pandey (india)

"Congratulations Your achievement is a new step for the humankind to arrive at a higher level of civilization"
/Jose A. Torzillo


"many many congratulation both of you ! ! ! ! !"

"Mabuhay to the new Nobel laureates of Physiology or Medicine. From Philippines."
/Philippine Society of Cell Biology

"Sir John B. Gurdon you need a hair cut"

"Congrats to you two!!!"

"Congradulations and thank you great scientists! your discoveries will save billions of lives and make billions of people smile! :) :) <3"
/Nirmal Perera (2,4-DNP)

"Congratulations! You are my source of inspiration."
/rahul, india

"Excellent findings! My hearty congratulations to Gurdon and Yamanaka"
/PC Abhilash, BHU, Varanasi, India


/jorge Nieto Berghussen

"Congratulations for both of You. You are such a gift for Human Kind."
/Alfredo Enrique Padilla Jr. Colombia

"Congratulations for an outstanding discovery. The Human race is in your debt."
/Dr. A. Zafer, NRC, Canada

"Your work will be used for good."
/Thanos Stavrekas

/Mr Chen

"Thank you for this amazing discovery!"

"congratulations for your great achievements"
/sunil kumar

/Bao- guo Chen

"well done sir , keep doing like that"

"Wish we could alter the GPCRs of religious extremists to alter their behaviour and make the world a better place to live for everyone...."
/Kapil Shah

"congrats sir"

"Congradulations on your wonderful work. I would like one day to walk in you footstpes./ From South Africa"
/Bongi Duma-South Africa(African Continent)

"CONGRATULATION SIR............................"

"Congratulations! Thanks for you and what you have done."
/Jin Qi from Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

"congrates for winning the prize"

"Heartly Congratulation to Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka."

"congrats sir....."
/silky seth

"A nice day,congratulations! from China "
/Hou Shichao

"Wow....tremendous work sirs....hurey...keep going...good luck..."

"very good~~~"

"congrats Doctors"

"my hearty wishes for this ground breaking modifications to both dedicators"

"Thank you for your great job!!!"
/Zhangxing from ZheJiang university

"sir john and sir shinya yamanaka, physiology and medicine help me a lot, and thanks to all you dedicated scientists. bonjour and hello."
/tao qin

"Congratulations..and best personal regards to you both.."
/Dr. Anal K.Jha

"Shinya Yamanaka you are a great scientist!!"

"congrats sir"

"I congratulate both of you for your decisive contribution to Science, which opens a new way to regenerative Medicine"
/Luis Franco, Ph D. Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biology, Valencia, Spain

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