Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012
Sir John B. Gurdon, Shinya Yamanaka

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, greetings to the new Medicine Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 2821
"Sir John and Shinya,congratulations are in order gentlemen you really deserved it."
/Kitso Gorthan Ndlovu

/Faramarz Javanmardi

"big congratulations~~~Japan Scholar!!!!"
/Kang Wei

"Live the life that be given to live"



/Urmimala Sen

"I hate you, you discovered my secret"
/God, creator of the G-proteins

"Heary Congratulations to Shinya Yamanaka ! Proud of you!"
/Rachel John


"Congratulations !"
/Narayan Pokhrel/Nepal

"Good work great mind.u remain d center of attraction 2 young minds.congrats.."
/Okereke Ikechukwu

/CA Rahul Katakkar, India.


"Congrats to the winners - we are inspired by your work everyday"
/Dr Karanvir Prakash

"Congralations. A big step for rebuilding fro body."
/Zeki, Ankara, Turkey

"Congratulations Dr. Yamanaka! The whole Japan was touched by your interview. Please keep your modesty and passion for research!"

"Most deserved award in physiology n medicine...their findings will surely b key to d future f regenerative medicine...hearty congratulations"
/Dr Akshay J, physician, India

"Warm congratulations from Hungary!"
/Stift Viktoria

"Congratulations for excellent achievement........"

""Congratulations try try""


"i am a young scientist who has always dreamed of winning this prize and i am sure to eventually win it e=mc2"
/christopher warburton

""my sincere congratulation to both of you for bringing new discoveries in the field of medicine or biology" awesome job From Bhutan."
/Aita Singh Singer

"cogratulations...............for that wonderful discovery."

"i love you"
/emilie kronhjem

"Congrats Sirs. Hope you'll continue your research and pave the way to future researchers like me."
/Krishna Prasanthi



"Congratulations and Hats off for your contribution to the society"
/D.S.Prabakaran, Thanjavur-Tamil Nadu, India

"Thank you and congrats =)"
/Poh Yu Shen, Malaysia.

"Congrats Sir Gurdon and Dr. Yamanaka!"
/Subhalakshmi Sharma

"congrts great inventers"
/vikram namdev

"Congrats to John B.Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka for Nobel Prize winning.Great Job!!!!"
/Gloria Mithi Das

"congrats on such a great achevement .You people deserved it"
/hassam,RMC med student

"congratulation........ it's a big achievement..."
/shweta kaushik

"Congratulations......Great work...."
/Sonam Singh, India

"Good job, Congratulations from Kazakhstan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/Zhadyra, student of Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

/P. Balaji, Chennai, India

"delivering u many many best wishes for such a great success of yours."

"Congratulations............. Great Feat............"
/Anjan Kumar Sarkar

"Congratulations, great discovery to the medical sciences...."
/Ritu Trivedi INDIA

"We are a group students studying biology at the International Baccalaureate in Uppsala, Sweden! We had you as homework! CONGRATULATIONS!"
/IB biology, Katedralskolan, Uppsala, Sweden

"Congratulations on your achievements!"
/UC Irvine first year PhD student

"Congratulations from Sri Lanka ......................"
/Dr. A A P Keerthi

"Thank you so much~though I know nothing about what you contribute, I just know you are great! And your photos are very handsome~"
/Aris, New Zealand

"I am very much proud to congratulate both of you for awarding 2012 Noble prize in medicine or physiology."
/channabasava A Sahukar, Karnatak University, Dharwad India

"Hats off to both of you sirs. Its really a phenomenal achievement with far reaching implications...............Great job."
/Waseem Raja . MSc Biotech JMI New Delhi India

"discoveries are mearnt for the great minded men"
/agomoh solomon

"Congratulations for a great achievement so big yet at the cellular level ."
/Yogan Badal , St Germain en Laye , France

"Congratulations Sir Gurdon, Congratulations Mr. Yamanka"
/Fadil Ademaj, Germany

"This academics are a great gift to the world. Be a Veterinarian i am amazed by there findings!"
/Dr Inangolet Francis Olaki from Uganda in Africa


"congratulation sirs for your singular work"
/fateme karimi, IASBS,IRAN

"You deserve it !"
/Shengya Wang


"This is inspiration for all human beings who has appreciation and love for nature"
/Yared M. Getachew

"congrats. Let almighty give all resources to continue your service"
/N.SATHI, India

"Congratulations! Thank you for bringing this area of research into new domains."
/John Matsson, Uppsala, Sweden.

"Congratulations! A great achievement!"
/Dr Pravin Banodkar

"You ROCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!"

"My sincere congratulations to Shinya Yamanak, he deserves this title!"
/Albert Lee

"Congratulations sir"
/Ajay Kumar, Himachal Pradesh, India

"This great idea that work hard is prefer than just a brillian brain. many years Prof. Gurdon spent to seek and found about cell..Congrats.."
/Akhsin Muflikhun, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

"Greetings! God speed to both of you"

"Congratulation to both of you on your great success which will give the benefits to whole population of this universe, congrats once again."
/Kader, Israt Parvin, Afrin Parvin & Farhan Tanveer, Amritsar, India

"Congratulations! Wish all the best."

"An incredible contribution to humanity. I am proud to see this kind of dedication. Great work will always be rewarded. Greetings from Mexico"

"Congratulations....! :)"


/Germain Fernando University of Queensland Australia

"Congratulations YAMANAKA-sensei! i truely respect you and i am being inspired of your hard work and humbleness. you made us proud!"
/a japanese

"many many congratulations to both of you sir from CSIR-IITR, India"
/sanjay mishra

"Congratulation Sir for your Achievement....and also thanks to give a new dimension to the modern science.."
/Ram Harsora

/Arvind (SSSIHL)

"Your greetings. Great works! Congradulations!"
/Li Wu, USA

"I wish i could gift you rest of my life...bcoz you benefit the people much more than me congratulations"

"Congratulations to you sir. We need not to find GOD in this world, Inventors like YOU SIR are blessing us with your tireless efforts."
/DR NILAY SUTHAR, MD(Medicine), Smt NHL MMC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA

"Many Many Congratulations,"

"Congratulations for the wonderful findings"
/Dr.Thiruverkadu S. Saravanan

"Congratulations and thank you for your remarkable contributions to the fields of biology, physiology, and medicine!"

"you have done a good job"

"I am only 17 years old but i LOVE cell and molecular biology and your work, your achivements make me feel incredible"
/Erick Martinez Mexico IPN

"Congratulations, I hope I can achieve like what both of you have done."
/Rusdina Bte Ladju, NHCR Makassar

"god bless both of you"

"congratulations this will produce a change in health care treatment process " I expect to see a disease free world""
/Vishnu Vardhan Reddy ,ECOLAB, PUNE,INDIA.

"Congrats to you both, you have inspired me to dream and to stretch my hands beyond limits. Thank you for your contribution to this field."
/Tamara Paul

"Congratulations to Shinya Yamanaka! I wonder why the american scientist Jame Thomas, who also successfully transferred the adult skin cells into the pluripotent cells almost at the same time with Yamanaka, is not awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize?"

"it's my first time to feel so excited for a research!"
/Cameron He

"For a better health in the world, congratulation!!"
/Juan Nicolas

"Great job, well done!"
/Mike Chen

"congratulations Prof:Gurdon. U were so inspiring..:)"
/Meher Madhuri

"Congratulations! Tremendous work"
/Gnanabalan Michael Aloy

"YAYYY CONGRATS :D but unfortunately we'll all have died before we can actually have a taste of your accomplishment :("
/Sir John Toddy, Cambridge Institute for medical research, United Kingdom

"Congratulations, this is very interesting."
/Juan Luis González

"Congrat both of u!Thanks for yr research n salute"
/Manoj Adhikari

"Muchas Felicidades, que sigan los exitos.Sus logros revolucionan la Medicina, el futuro ya está aqui.Es un gran beneficio para la humanidad!"
/Dr. Henry Aristoteles Mateo Sánez.

"Congratulations from MetroWest Medical Center, Massachusetts!!!"
/Mauricio Silva

"Congratulations to Sir Gurdon and Yamanaka for your work on stem cells. Hope your research will become true very soon in curing diseases..."
/Arun Kr. D.B.

"Nice work, gentlemen!"
/Michel Xu

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