Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012
Sir John B. Gurdon, Shinya Yamanaka

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Shinya Yamanaka - Photo Gallery

Shinya Yamanaka receiving his Nobel Prize from His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden at the Stockholm Concert Hall


Shinya Yamanaka after receiving his Nobel Prize at the Stockholm Concert Hall, 10 December 2012.


All 2012 Nobel Laureates on stage at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony on 10 December 2012


A bird's eye picture of the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in the Stockholm Concert Hall on 10 December 2012


iki and Mika Yamanaka, daughters of Shinya Yamanaka, at the stage of the Concert Hall after the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony on 10 December 2012


Shinya Yamanaka and Swedish Princess Madeleine arrive at the Nobel Banquet


Swedish Princess Madeleine and Shinya Yamanaka at the Nobel Banquet


Shinya Yamanaka visits the Nobel Foundation on 12 December 2012 and signs the guest book


Shinya Yamanaka shows his Nobel Medal while visiting the Nobel Foundation


Shinya Yamanaka's daughters Miki and Mika and wife Chika Yamanaka admire the Nobel Medal


Shinya Yamanaka delivering his Nobel Lecture in the Jacob Berzelius Lecture Hall at Karolinska Institutet


Shinya Yamanaka with wife Chika and relatives at a reception at Karolinska Institutet


Recording of the TV-program 'Nobel Minds', hosted by Zeinab Badawi, BBC World News, in the Bernadotte Library at the Royal Palace


Shinya Yamanaka (right) and Sir John B. Gurdon (left) during their interview with


The 2012 Nobel Laureates assembled for a group photo during their visit to the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, 6 December 2012. Back row, left to right: Nobel Laureate in Physics Serge Haroche, Laureate in Economic Sciences Alvin E. Roth, Nobel Laureates in Chemistry Brian K. Kobilka and Robert J. Lefkowitz, and Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Sir John B. Gurdon. Front row, left to right: Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Shinya Yamanaka, Laureate in Economic Sciences Lloyd S. Shapley and Nobel Laureate in Literature Mo Yan. Not in photo: Nobel Laureate in Physics David J. Wineland.


Portrait of Shinya Yamanaka


Shinya Yamanaka in his laboratory


Shinya Yamanaka finishing the Kyoto Marathon on 11 March 2012


Shinya Yamanaka guiding technical staff at the Open Lab at 4th floor of the CiRA building, Kyoto, in September 2011


Shinya Yamanaka playing rugby at Kobe University


Portrait of Shinya Yamanaka from his postdoc time at Gladstone Institutes, US


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