Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2013
James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman, Thomas C. Südhof

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, greetings to the new Medicine Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 463



"congrats sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/rajeswara rao s

/Arsalan Ahmed

"Es el puto amo."
/Jaran Padilla Maguregui

"On behalf of all biological academics of Bangladesh, wish you all best of luck. We wish to be one of you in future."
/Mahfuza Marzan

"Congratulations! I'm a bio student."

"You deserved it and got it. Congratulations."
/P. V. Joshi

"Professor Schekman, I discovered your winning of the Noble Peace Prize for a writing assignment. I am not really a science person, but am super impressed with what I have read so far, please keep up the work it is important."
/Eric Garcia

"You have done a step IN medicine. This will hopefully save lives."

"Sir, I am very very happy for getting noble award on VESICLE TRAFFIC."

"I'd like to congratulate your success and say a thank you for your dedications in medicine."
/Muhammad Adhipatiunus

"Really , I hope you all the best , the Nobel prize is the " most prestigious world's prize "."
/Saleh Awdaly

"Hello Sir, congratulation"
/Sumit Goel

/Fanzhi Kong from Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural Univ. China.

"Congratulations to all the winners!! keep on working for the betterment of mankind..:)"
/Rashmi Singh

"This was well deserved, Heartiest congratulations to all of you!"
/Pulak Agrawal


"Congrats! We study your discovery."


"Hello sir!! I'm very thankful to all of you. I was very eager to know dat this year on which topic the Noble price for Physiology And Medicine goes. And it went for Cell transport. Actually I want to know that how you choose the topic which is helpful for everyone and beneficial for mankind. And I'm very concern about cell. The most complex structure that I never found. And Congratulations sir. To all of you & You people have done a great job!!"

"well done"

"Greet you from my heart for your astounding discovery on the aspects of cellular and extra-cellular delivery system in multicellular organisms especially animals. pray to God, the almighty-long live the Gods of science."
/Sridam mahapatra

"Really great .. congratulations"
/Dr . Amritha

"Beautiful work"
/Aria Ramirez

"This message is for James Rothman. Your father was our pediatrician. During one visit to the office on Main St. in Haverhill, he told me that he had a son who was doing wonderful things in medical research. He made a very astute prediction that day. He said, and I quote, "He's doing great research. I'm talking Nobel Prize stuff!" He was so proud of you and predicted your accomplishments all those years ago. Congratulations from Haverhill, MA."
/Katie Horgan

"I really like medicine! I think I'm going to get a degree when I'm older in 3 years!"

"Congrats.........great job :)"


/Timothy Oluwafemi Ajiboye

"Congraulations on your success and wishing you more and more in the future for the sake of humanity . I hope oneday i , too , would make a difference in the world of medicine and help people have a better life :) ."
/Dalia Fleifel

"Bunch of Congractulations to all the laureats of 2013."
/Muhammad Faisal Shahid, Intl. Cent. for Chem. and Biol. Sci., University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan

"It was with great pleasure that I know that you had received the medicinal nobel prize in recognition of your many contributions to the field of physiology I can think of no more worthy recipient of this prestigious award, and feel certain that the selecting committee has made an excellent choice. This award brings honor not only to your good self, but to the entire phisiology of which you are such an illustrious representative. Please accept my warmest congratulations."

"Hearty congratulations !!!"
/diksha mandlik

"Thanks for your hard work on this important issue"
/Jimmy su from Taiwan

"Congrats doctor Sheldon Cooper !!!"
/Roger Champo

"Congratulation for the great Work."
/Enock Menu

""Congratulations Prof. Higgs & Englert! I'm a science communicator and preparing a cross word on Nobel Prize 2013 for popular Hindi science magazine 'Vigyan Pragati' (CSIR, India).""
/Dr. Sanjay Kumar, University of Allahabad, INDIA;

"congratulation for being part and parcel of history of science on earth."
/Suvimal Kumar Sindhu INDIA

"Beautiful work done , congrats"


"Many congratulations ! Your diligent efforts will enhance the body of knowledge and create potential applications for therapeutics."

/periasamy vaiyapuri subbarayan

"Really great .. congratulations"
/Dr . Amritha

"Awesome! I respect you guys"

"many congratulations"
/Ahmed Bakhsh



"congratulations! for the prize andfor highlighting sub cellular mechanisms importance in understanding diseases"

"Its a pioneer effort to reveal the trafficking.Congrats"
/srinivasan d

"You are genius !!"

"Thanks for the outstanding work which shed lights on the oblique cell inner life."
/Zhang Tianhao

"thanks alot for your un coparable discovery."
/amit kumar singh

"Hi people!!!!"
/Bobbyboo Crusie

"Congratulations to you all."
/Wilfred DSouza Willow Grove PA USA

"I sit here every year and watch you taking up this prizes with exciting discoveries...congratulations. I will join you soon on that list."

"My greetings To Drs . Rothman , Schekman and Sudhof for their discovery"


"Really great .. congratulations"
/Dr . Amritha

"Really great .. congratulations"
/Dr . Amritha

/dr d s shrotri


"Congratulations for winning the nobel prize. Your discovery will be very helpful in future for the humankind."
/Sharon n sherry



"The research is fantastic!! Congratulations!"
/Hao-Yu Yang

"you are so good and clever you serve the world"
/Nihad Hussein Ahmad Othman


/jame bob

"congratulations!!! James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman and Thomas C. Südhof for outstanding work."
/Naresh Kadayat

"Congratulation, with special thanks to the Nobel Organization team who recognized the laureates overall the globe ."
/Saleh Awdaly

"Congrats :)"

"Sir, Very many congratulations to you for your glorious discovery and Nobel prize. I wish you many more success mile stones in life..."
/Abhinav Singh (India)

"congratiolations! I am writing on my science report about all of you guys, so wish me luck. : )"
/Helene Auerbach

"Hi. It's Awesome that you have won."


"Hi! Congrats to those who won Nobel Prizes for 2013!"
/Joseph Philip George

"very interesting finding things .. thank you for in this kind of big invention idea about body insulin and glucose activities i want learn from your achievement sir god bless you sir ..."

"Congratulations on the award. You are an inspiration to many! Regards, from London"

"very very congo at for their discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic a major transport system in our cells."
/santosh kumar rauniyar

"Congratulations to the excellent work and thanks for the spirit of utter devotion."
/Gao Shuang

"god bless you"

"Congratulations !!! For being the Best in your Field and putting sincere efforts for the welfare of human beings !!"

"You are a force to reckon with. Congratulations on this great achievement. I can imagine the much happiness you'd be having right now. I am so happy for you as well"
/Folarin Olusegun

"congratulations, you lighten our lives"
/ragia badawy

"Hearty congratulations to all the three scientists for their long and consistent efforts and dedication for this unique effort. I hope this discovery will be practically utilized in diabetes, immunology,neurology so that mankind gets new treatment methods"
/Dr.H.S.Mohan, Sagar, Karnataka,India


"helped the earth to become a better place to live.thank u"

"Congraulations for the award! My name is Renzo, I'm a biology student in Lima, Perú. Last week I discussed in class the vesicular traffic in molecular cell biology subject. I could ever imagined such an incredible world. Thanks you so much for your dedication at this topic and for encourage to all basic science students in the world to keep the spark of couriosity in order to reach knowledge as a tool of social development. You got my truly and deepest admiration. Congratulations again."

"From everyone who works on cell biology and vesicle trafficking in particular we are very proud of this year's winners!"

"We had a lecture on Sudhof's discovery at the Molecular Biophysics Unit at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, and the evening of the same day, I heard the news of Sudhof's Nobel via a facebook post... I was really excited.... Congrats to all the laureates, exp. Sudhof..."
/Murty Dinavahi, Graduate student, Centre for Neuroscience, IISc, Bangalore

"Congratulation sir.. I was given a lecture on vesicle trafficking of cells in last year. Now I am preparing a new lecture on your recent topics. Have a good life of your research"
/Md. Azizul Haque

"Congrats and thanks for every thing"
/Mohammed Hashim

"Congratulations. Well done. We need moree people liike you. Thank you!!!"
/Diana Senen Garcia

"My greeting to all the nobel laureates....congratulation..."
/Syed Aslam Sharieff.S

"congradulations. you did the thing that makes you happy and you succeeded. you should be proud of yourself you earned it! :):)"

"i congralation to you receiving award for medicance science i belong from india and i very well known your discover as how benefical for our poor people again very thanks for this discovery"
/ashok kumar

/Conchi Maeztu

"Congrats Sir"
/Tanay Gupta

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