Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2013
James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman, Thomas C. Südhof

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, greetings to the new Medicine Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 463
"hearty congratulations for your great achievement"
/Pushpa H.D.

/Dr. Anil S.P.


"God bless you people!! you will be always be inspiration for us."

"Congratulations P. sudhof, wish you a second one for discovering the nerves sofware"
/Mohamed mbist

"Great Job"
/Anup Shrestha

"i love you"
/abdalmohaimen shakir

/dr. gautam bhattacharjee

"congrates sir realy its very good discovry.."
/shah chandni

"thank you for encouraging us to think beyond the horizon and also to remind that the human race should never get stagnant as a culture..."

"congratulation it is the time to cultivate the fruits of hard and smart work."
/mohammed toubi

"To the winners: Many congratulations for the great work. And best wishes for future. From Dr. Salman Anjum, Department of Biochemistry at LUMS University Lahore Pakistan"
/Dr. Salman Anjum

"Congratulations indeed for your newest honor! Thank you for your contributions."
/Jerome Strong

"Congrats to Dr. Schekman, Dr.Rothman and Dr.Sudhof for their contribution to the development of medicines for Diabetes."
/Vijayarajan D

"Thanks for dedicating yourself to Science"
/Ravindran B

"Congratulation sir..!"
/Manish Kumar (Research Scholer, India)

"many congratulations to the winners"
/D A Patil

"congratulation to james ,thomas and randy for their excellent work .may they have peaceful happy and healthy long life and they can contribute more to science and knowledge"

"Congrats Sir for Nobel prize. I am also very happy because this discovery help in treatment of many of disease."

"Hearty congratulations"
/Jayaprakas, CTCRI Trivandrum Kerala India

"A very congratulation to you sir, this research will boost we students to do something big and understand better the signal transduction."
/ketan kumar

"I express greetings to professor James, Randy and Thomas who are working in the Yale, California and Stanford University. Mongolia student"
/DU HONGXI,InnerMongoliaChina who study master in Univ. Tsukuba of Japan

/dr.naseer ahmed

"Congratulations!! Thank you for your contribution and for inspiring me! :-)"
/Sharon Spiro

/ANup Singh Pathania

"Bravo! You made it. Congratulations"
/Bayo Olushola Omoyiola, Nigeria

"Dear Professors; James E.Rothman, Randy W.Schekman and Thomas C.Sudhof, I can think of no more worthy recipient of this prestigious award, and feel certain that the Noble Award selecting committee has made an excellent choice. This award brings honor not only to your good selves, but to the entire researcher community in the field of Phsiology and Medicine. Please accept my warmest congratulations, and those of everyone here at Institute of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Biochemical Pharmaceutics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China"
/Muhammad Masood Ahmed

"Congratulations to all the winners."
/dr.naseer ahmed



/Dr. Sajid mehmood

"Hearty congratulations, and thank you so much for your dedicated contribution to people!"
/Mary Katherine Hom

/Mohd Amir Paray

"Congratulations for the work !!!"
/Karthick Velu

"Congratulations! You are everyone's hero! Such an inspiration! Scientists deserve more than they are given!"
/Aimin W

"congratulations to all for recognition of your marvellous work."
/purusottam mishra

"Congratulations! the world owes you for your discovery!"
/Mark R

"You are all amazing. Now I am a student and I want to be like you. Congratulation"
/Md Rinku

"Congratulations for all of you, GREAT THREE SCIENTIST .. Nobel, wait for me to take you in one day Inshallah"
/Abdulaziz J

"Congratulations to every scientist and one awarded the prize you did hard work and you deserve this and thanks for helping the humanity and the world I wish one day I win it."
/Amr Fouad

/abubakr saleh

"Because of your work and dedication our beautiful planet is TODAY a better place and because the Dream of Alfred Nobel you are here sharing your discoveries with all the world IMAGINATION LEADS TO INNOVATION and the spirit of innovation exists in harmony"

"Congratulatns to this yr awardees and wish them more discoveries"
/Kingsley Andrew Bakoshi

"Congratulations!!! Being a researcher working in areas of intracellular trafficking, I feel privilaged and inspired by your contributions for mankind."
/Priyam Banerjee

"Great Contribution to present scientific world, Science rocks! Congratulations to all"

"Congratulations and thank you for your research! You have helped many people."
/Elie Camp

"congratulations on this phenomenal achievement.........."
/Syed Shuibul Qarnain

"congrats. its a boon for future life , by this findings a new way is opened to discover new molecules to treat life threatening ailments"


"Many congratulations, from India! It is heartening to see interdisciplinary work reach fruitition and being rewarded."
/Muthu Annamalai

"The humanity in need for such great people. Congratulation for your contribution to make human more able to understand themselves, which is the biggest mystery"
/Dammag Jamil

"i wants to personally acknowledge the uncomparable genuity of your scientific breakthrough, and we at the other side of the less develop world loves your work sirs, a big thank you."
/Imasuen Amowie Marvis

"I heartily congratulates all the three Scientists (James E. Rothman, RAndy W. Schekamn and Thomas C. Sudhof) for their joint breakthrough contribution to the world of sciences."
/Mohd. Shahnawaz Khakii ( Department of Botany, UoP, Pune, India

"Good work gentlemens!"


"More than a prize! is a real recognition of a person."
/Fernando Bueno

"Congratulation sir"
/Loveson Golmei

"Congratulations Prof. Schekman from a proud UCB alum in Houston, Texas! You are making a difference and great contribution, not only to the world of science and medicine, but also to the furtherance of the need for affordable public education! Proud of you, sir! Bishop/Atty. Frank A. Rush Class of '74 UCB"
/Frank A. Rush

"You desrve blessing and gratitude.."
/Nagwa shehata

"best wishes"

"best of luck sir I may join You in comming years.....................................................................................................for sure!!!"
/S. Premraj

"Congratulations! I admire all, and your determination makes me love science more each day"
/Lucia Elena Alvarado Arnez

"Congratulations,for owning the most prestigious prize."
/Rajesh Kumar.Boddu

"You people are really excellent . Your comparion of a defective transport system of Yeast with a poorly planned public transport system is remakable. Through this example Commonman could understand your research work."
/Dr Rakesh Trivedi

"Heartiest Congratulations to all three of you for winning the Nobel Prize, Sirs."
/Jayjeet Majumdar

"Congratulations Sir..."
/Sher Singh Meena

"Many Many Greetings for your joint efforts towards refining science for establishing Heavenly world."
/Bhabatush Biswas

"Congrats Sir"

"A great page!"

"I am proud of you and all your team."
/Adnan Maqsood Choudhry

"Congratulations from Tepic, México!!!"
/Karina Jalomo

"Hello, I am a student currently taking an AP Biology course. It so happens that we are now learning about the endomembrane system and how the vesicle preforms in the cell. It's really interesting to see that this information is applied and used in studies that win Nobel Prizes! Congratulations and I hope you keep up the good work!"
/J. Harper

"Congratulations to you all. Thank you for your contributions to advancing our understanding of biology and medicine. "
/Robert L Knobler, MD, PhD

/Camryn Howwell

"to Rothman, Schekman and Sudhof...can your discoveries help cure Alzheimer's? "

"Congratulations, Dr. Rothman! Your dad was our family pediatrician. You have "done him proud!""
/Al Powers, Carlisle, MA

"I appreciate highly that thanks to your great research we can learn already in highschool not only what happens in our cells, but also why these things happen. Thank you and congratulations!"
/Student at Uppsala

"congratulation sir."

"Congratulations for a marvel in medicidne!"


"Sir I am also a diabetes researcher and Wishing you heartly for noble prize and thank you for doing this work for society"
/Dr rajnish gupta


"Congratulations to all the Professors who have made this outstanding discovery about cellular transport"

"Lifeontop congratulates the winners of Nobel Prize in Medicine!"
/Kareem Khan for

"congrates sir.thanks for transport of our materials in our body"

"wow hearty congratulations dear scientists for yours outstanding achievement .its great ."

"congratulations on your success"

"Well deserved guys. You seem a funny bunch."


"well deserved !"
/Muhammad muneeb chauhan

"Congratulations to all of you for service to science and humanity....You deserve it"
/Arvind Kumar

"hearty congratulations for your fabulous work now the entire world is seeing you and in turn reading your research what we want sir other than this you have done 100% justice to your life once again congartulations."
/Pragallapati Kiran Kumar

"I would like to thanks all three laureates from the bottom of my heart."
/subhranshu padhi

"Wonderful!!! From IUPESM President."
/Herbert Voigt

"Great work"

"Congracts, hope this is not end for you both, belive you will bear same tempo for another nobel"
/Dr. Surakasi V Prasad

"Congratulations.... I am really happy that this great work finally got the Nobel recognition......"
/Sandeep D


/Albert Baily

"CONGRATULATION to All The Great Scientists 2013"
/Praphaphorn Palakawong Na Ayudyhaya

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