Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2013
James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman, Thomas C. Südhof

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, greetings to the new Medicine Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 463
"Congratulation Thomas C. Südhof..:)"
/Mochamad Nukman


"Congrats on the final academic destination?"
/Maosheng Yao from Peking University

"Congrats!!! This is my dream."

"Congratulations! on your achievement"
/Deepak Jugran

"Hi! Congratulations to the 2013 Nobel Laureates!"

"Just one word 'RESPECT'...!"

"Best wishes you really deserve it . I must salute you for this wonderful and ground breaking work. have a Great time ahead"
/Hilal Ahmad Bhat

"Dear James i am delighted to see you being awarded the biggest prize in science please accept my greetings and well wishes"
/Hilal Ahmad Bhat

"it is fantastic to see you Guys getting the greatest award in science fantastic it is . This will pave the path for some more ground breaking work in cell biology"

"Congratulations to Profs Randy-SCHEKMAN, James-ROTHMAN & Thomas-SuDHOF for the NOBEL PRIZE for their tireless efforts. Truely Well Deserved"

"Congratulations......the Laureates for their great discoveries regarding cell Biology............."
/Dr. Samiran Mondal

"Congratulations! It has to come."

"Heartiest congratulations, you make human life better day by day."
/Dr Bidyadhar Das



"Congratulations and thanks in the name of human race!"
/Marthin R. Juarez

"great discovery!"
/Deb Arghya Mondal

"My hearty congratulations to all the three scientists!!!"
/Dr Arvind Navneet

"Heartiest Congratulations to all three great scientists and great human on the earth"
/Nilesh B. Shrigadi

"Congratulations on this well-earned honor. And thanks for helping me show my Genetics class the usefulness of yeast genetic screens!"

"Congratulatios, Dr. Sudhof."
/Masahito Yamagata

"Hola, Felicitaciones desde Colombia, gracias por el enorme trabajo para la humanidad."
/Cristian Peña

"In the elexson are the judges buses or not bieas I do not know"
/katie bray 7th grd jefferson middle school ga mrs mcally

"This is such a fantastic achievement and well deserved."

"Congratulations on your marvelous work. Greetings from a Mexican student."

"Heart-felt congratulations to Rothman, Sudhof & Schekman for your contribution to SCIENCE."

"Congratulations on your prize. It was thoroughly well deserved."

"Hello dear"

"I really want to congratulate you on receiving the award due their daily effort, thanks for your contribution to the science, Sincerely yours"
/Roberto Garcia de Leon, PhD

"I've heard your reactions during the phone call. It was so emotional, congrats to all of you! You're an example to the world"
/Nacho Garrido

"Dear Professors. Schekman, Südhof, Rothman Congratulations to the three great scientists and science geniuses that with a lot of hard work and creativity and with feel of philanthropy's mission, have pick up great mutation to forward. Best Wishes,"
/Javad Agamohammadian

"Saviours of Human existence"


"Congratulations on this high honor! We said hello in the hallways of SHM when I was briefly an Associate Research Scientist in Cell Biology at Yale before I started my current position. Congratulations again!"
/Ajay Srivastava

"congratulation to all 3 nobel laureates who have given one of the most important process of transport across cell."
/paresh patel

"thanks a lot and congrants :)"
/Susana Olvera from Mexico

"cograts :)"

"Congratulation .... for your wonderful discovery....:)"

"Congrats sir for your achievement We the medical professionals owe you an immense lot for your innovative discovery"

"Congratulations to all of you! We have science questions about you guys! I'm proud of you (:"
/Trisha Talla

"My Hearty congratulations. This good recognitions will help the research students like me to continue and do more work in our research in this cell trafficking field. "

"Hearty Congratulations Sir!!"
/Dr Kedar Raikar, India

"cool awsome"

"all the best"

"Heartly Congratulations to you people for your discoveries...."
/Dr Mohammed Jaffer

"Congratulations!! I admire you for your efforts and achievements in endocytosis research-"
/Hyejin Oh

"Hearty congrats to the winners.Really u people are the inspiration to all us in research community."

"You might not know it, but it's people like you who change our lives and inspire us to explore our passions. Thank you so much for making me love science. It's going to be a hard journey for me, but you make me believe that we humans are more powerful than we think."
/A Future Chemist

"you are indeed great humans on this earth. thanks for discovery that benefits one and all."

"Outstanding research in medicine and physiology."
/Pawan Kumar

"congrates u all"
/Gulzar A. Bhat, India

"Congratulations Sirs!"

"great congratulation for your achievments which could contribute to human health. You all deserve what you obtain. all the best to you all."
/fuli tian

"huge achievements"

"congratulations,great scientists,I hope to be like you one day"
/Mohamed Hafez

"Science is awfull dudes. Wow South Africa is my home"
/Shane clelland

"Hello my darlings"
/Callum morgan

"congrats to all the winners!"

"Cell information system.....more complicated & well planned than mobile information system..."
/Mithilesh Chandra Malviya

"It is very important discovery for understanding the cargo cells transportation via machinery vascular system. "My best wishes for all three great scientists""
/M. Kanagaraj, CHPR, BDU, Tiruchy

"great work you people did"
/devinder singh phd scholar jammu university J&K india


"Way to go!"
/Rob Schoenbaum

"Congratulation , for your your kind achievement , and thank you for the Nobel foundation recognized the laureates , hope you all the best ."
/Saleh Awdaly

"Dear Sir or Madam! My Congratulations! "
/Sincerely,Romanenko Taras.P.Kharkiv,Ukraine.

"I am understood and time is'nt,it dammed for medicine.Congratulation Be"

"Marvellous Effort. Well rewarded."
/Vishal Bhat

/Jordi Fisher

"Congratulations! Will this help in finding mechanissm of prolifiration of cells and curing all types of cancer?"

"Respect to your perspiration, hats off to your inspiration, Courtesy to uninhibited thinking, Here goes my greetings.."
/Arunesh Roy

"Sounds happy for announcement.......congrats to all EMINENTS OF SCIENCE"

"congrats sir..your work gives me a good project"
/Sai Ananth

"We are so glad that the Nobel prize went to cell biologists"
/Maria Luisa Daroy, St. Luke's Medical Center, Philippines

"thanks to u all for helping unravel humanity itself !!! bless me and please see my facebook page Curious Science. its my request."

"You are the best! Congratulations!!!"

"Congratulations for your pioneering work on the transport system of the cell."
/Dr.Markandeswar Panda

"Congratulations from Turkey"
/Sahin A. Sırmalı

"Greetings to you randy Thomas and James sir"

"Congrats to all"
/Parag G. Kulkarni

"Hearty Congratulations !!!!!!"
/Arjun Prasad

"Heartiest congratulations to all"
/Rohan Dhale

"Congratulations to you and your colleagues on marvelous work. You have not only earned this award, but also a place in history with so many before you who have sacrificed so much to excel this field"
/Jacob Messer, Bemidji, MN

"As an oncologist in training, my ability to understand and positively affect the lives of my future patients rests heavily on your work. We are both grateful."
/Timothy R. Luce

"Congratulations from Atul Bodkhe and I Inspired by your discovery"
/Atul Bodkhe, India

"HI! Congratulations, i admire your work. i want to become a Doctor. you are amazing. i love Science and Medicine. i'd love to win a Nobel Prize. God bless you."

"Congratulations for China"
/Guocai LU

"Felicitaciones, son todos ustedes una inspiración"
/Julio Mauricio Londoño

"Congratulations to all three great scientists"
/Asjad Ali

"Dr. Schekman, congrats and thanks for inspiring the world and your fellow Bruins to continue to discover our world big and small!"
/E. Dustin Agdeppa

"Your work is my inspiration to one day become a great scientist like you :) Congratulations!"
/María José Felgueres Planells

"configurations sir ...."

"Hey fellows, If you actually, really care at all about the health of the world please give back your prize to protest an executive of Monsanto receiving a Nobel. If that doen't diminish the honour of having such an award, what does? All the best"

"Congratulations! Salute to ?Masters!"

"You know the world is concentratively whacked beyond rationality, when media coverage of the story of winner(s) of the Nobel Prize in Medicine attracts less attention than that of the winner of Miss World beauty pageant."
/Jeff Ofori

"Great. Congrats."

"May you all be fulfilled in your life, blessed and rejoiced."
/Noman Kulachi

"all the best of lucks"
/hongda zeng


"The best wishes for medical reserchers in tge World."
/Dr. Nabil Abdul Kadir DEEB . GERMANY

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