Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2013
James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman, Thomas C. Südhof

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, greetings to the new Medicine Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 463
"Congratulations professors , hats up!"
/Ahmed Abouelfadl

"Congratulations to the trio in understanding the nature"
/Damoder Dev Trishul,Hyd.India.

"As the daughter=in=law of Earl Suthyerland, Jr., I applaud all winners. I remember how totally bexciting the whole process was. Congratulations!!!!"

"great choice may you continue to have good health we are all proud of you"
/arnold leider


"Congratulations! Enjoy!"

/Kemar Cummings


"I wonder if it would it be a gross oversimplification to say that we could equate the discoveries made by the 2013 Nobel awardees in Physiology or Medicine to discovering/explaining the cell's metro/underground system as well as explaining the roles of the train driver and the ticket cashier as well as the inspectors who check that the passengers (cell cargo) have valid tickets for their destination?"
/Nelson Ndegwa


"Thanks for this important research. Please keep our cells healthy --- I still have to live a few more years, in order to do some further important research in my field."
/Dr. Suchitra Abel

"Hope for the present and the future of earth is enhanced by the likes of you. Congratulations"
/Josè-Fernando Pineda G.

"congragulation! :)))"
/Thu Huynh

"Best regards I've been waiting so long to hear the announcement and very excited of the results! your research was so groundbreaking stunning! hope someday i will be a great scientist like you although for now, I'm just an undergraduate student of biotech in Indonesia but I believe that biology is answering questions, and as soon as I've learned and experienced it,I can contribute to answer that questions :D"

"Hey guys nice job! Pretty cool huh?"
/Vincent Yang

"We stand in awe of your work Inspirational to all our students. Congratulations."
/Peter Meissner (HOD Med Biochem Uni. of Cape Town)

"¡¡congratulations!! is a great news that excites everybodys, with their discoveries scientist. my greetings. :)"

"Dear Sir, Many Congratulations. I have read about your discovery. I am also a Science student studying my bachelor's in India. Your discovery will help understanding the basic human structure and internal mechanisms deeply. Congratulations Again. Hope to see more of your great work in future. Hope to do good in the field of Science."

"Great !I can´t imagine how much effort and hard work it needed.God bless you."
/Valeria Hnatova

"Hearty Congratulations to all"
/Anujaianthi Kuzhandaivel


"Congratulation and thank you very much for your outstanding work and research for human mankind"
/Dr.Steffen Ulbrich and Jolanta Ulbrich

"Thank you for years of hard work and for all the knowledge you generated. Well deserved!"
/Karina Marino

"I am particularly happy to know that James is a trained physicist but was influenced by Arthur Kornberg - he was my hero 50 years ago and so I did M.Sc. Biochemistry. But then I turned to physics education due to John Kendrew, a British physicist who became the father of Molecular Biology. Congratulations James. Let me know if you are still interested in physics education."
/Dileep V. Sathe

"nice job"

"great discovery reveals active,living,working world within the cell.opens window for further cell physiology research and may have medical applications for correcting defects at cellular level."
/Mr.Sirdeshmukh udaybhanu pandharinath


"CONGRATULATIONS Scientists for your stupendous achievements."

"My Greetings Dr. Schekman on your much deserved award. It was an honor to meet you and listen to your talk at our University (UTMB, Galvestob)"
/Arijit Dutta

"congratulations from Tamilnadu, INDIA, for making humanity to believe in science and inspiring young people to furher their pursuit of it."

"Congratulations to all three of you. Well deserved."
/Richard bernstein

"Congratulations from Germany! :)"

"Hello I wish everyone who is a Nobel Laureates a successful and great work done for winning the price and May God bless you, your family and work your doing."
/Enock Othin

"Amazing!!!! Congrats!!!!"
/Ruhina Alam

"Amazing!!!! Congrats!!!!"
/Ruhina Alam

"Dear Nobel laureates ... Beautiful heartfelt congratulations to you I am a student at the Faculty of Kasr El Aini - Egypt - I hope that I get a prize like you"
/Ahmed Bakr Tammam

"Glad and appreciate: The team for its Nobel prize.. Tonnes of good wishes.."
/Rashmi Rasalkar

"Congratulations to Mr. Rothman, Sudhof & Schekman for awarding Nobel Prize and for their efforts for opening NEW worlds against us. Best wishes."
/Afshin (IRAN)

"Congratulations! the discovery and efforts will be helped us to proceed a head."
/Ashutosh Tiwari, Linkoping University,Sweden

"wishing you all my heartiest congratulations. The hard work and motivation shown by you will motivate us ....."

"Congratulations from Mexico!"
/Paula García-Reynaldos

"Congratulations to all of you! Best, from Berlin,"
/Albert Klamt

"Congratulations to the 3 excellent scientist on their work of unraveling the mystery of cell vesicle traffic machinery."
/Hua Su

"Dear Dr. James E. Rothman, Dr. Randy W. Schekman, Dr. Thomas C. Südhof congratulations for the achievement and contribution !!!!!"
/Manchalu Srinivas

"congrats sir james and randy and thomas ....hearty wishes to you .have a great day ahead"

"Congratulations, I have learned; fame & it's rewards isn't about us, but the purpose we serve! So that we can continue in a most influential way to achieve what we pre-destined to pursue" Much continued Success to all Winners!"
/Quornesha Silas

"It's my immense pleasure to congratulate all three winning scientists for driving this research in a fruitful and more productive way that will motivate the young researchers. congratulations to all three nobel laureates from my nation india."

"Magnificent work............ : )"
/Gurdeep Singh

"Congratulations Rothman, Suedhof, Schekman !!"

"Dr. Thomas C. Südhof , I loved your reactions and your phone call. That's how a true Nobel Laureate should be-- simple and humble."
/Roomy Naqvy, New Delhi

"Trios achieved by decoding the hidden silent communication in our cell..One of the best spark in physiology..My greetings for those trios.."

"Splendid moments of life... Knowledge is Godliness.. Congratz..."

"Congrats! Reached the pinnacle! Now is your duty to spread the awareness to Congress for more NIH funding!"
/Dayanidhi Raman, TN, USA

"Many Congratulations to all of you."

"Congratulation , my cel leagues from deep of my heart ."
/Saleh Awdaly

"My sincere heartfelt congratulations from Egypt :)"
/Muhammad Atef

"Congratulations to Professors; Rothman, Schekman and Sudhof on your discoveries of vesicle traffic regulating machinery."
/Stanley Schwartz


"Congrats gentle man for the eve of reaching the milestone that researcher dream for......God bless you"
/Balasubramanyam, India

"Congratulations - as you can imagine, I enjoy this news very much!"
/Jon Storm-Mathisen

/Li Kai

/DongYi Xing

"Congratulations from bottom of my heart !"
/Zhou Guanhuai

"Congratulations for the brilliant discoveries! Your contributions to biomedical sciences changed the way we see the diseases.Thank you."
/Rodrigo Vinícius

""Congratulations!!! the discovery of the molecular transport in cells very interesting..Good work""
/á ¬á ¡á ±á ¢á ­á  á ªá  á ¶á  á · bayar Hexig

"The three look so kind!"
/Yandong Xiao

"congratulations for your achievement."

"my good and warm congratulations to all noble laureates this year in physiology and their great work they have done too,."
/Moursi Hosni Ali Abu Bieh,. Cairo,. Egypt

"Indeed , I hope all the mentioned laureates , the best , all of a human , and definitely they did the best , so I hope to go on their steps in the future , because the person who go with a great person , he will be great , the God bless you all ."
/Saleh Awdaly

/Punit Shukla (India)

"I congratulate you for getting the nobel prize, and wait for four years I will be getting it!! No joke."
/Muhammad Shaheer Niazi

"Congratulations!!! the discovery of the molecular transport in cells very interesting..Good work."
/Deivakumaran Rajendran, Nanotechnolgy student,Karunya university,India

"Congratulations, but wait for me to get it in Physics. :)"
/Khadija Niazi

"congratulation, thanks for great discovery, which has made hope for people are suffering from disorders can be relative to that machinery"
/mohammad hadi darbari shiraz/iran


"Congratulations from University of Science and technology of china!"
/Tao Tu & Li Wang

"Congratulation for winning nobel prize..."
/Haja Maideen, India

"Heartiest Congratulations !"

"I just learned you are the recipients of the Nobel award in 2013 by the discovery of vesicle transports in cells. Your innovative ideas have always impressed us so much. I left from researches two years ago, but I didn't stop reading and thinking the scientific issues of this research area. There are so many issues need to finger out in different cell type systems or tissues. Yuguo Zhang, NC"
/Yuguo Zhang, NC

"Congratulations!!! Finally vesicles dock on to the Nobel membrane!"

"great achievment"
/rajendra yeolekar, pune

"congratulations on your prize...thanks for your contribution to this field"
/ananta pathak


"Great!!Great persons whose works are awesome are always appreciated!!"
/Ujjawal Krishnam

"Congratulations JIm"
/Lars-Erik Nyström,GE


"contrats sir......."
/anoy chatterjee, india

"Congratulations! You will always be remembered for your contribution to science. Best wishes!"

"Congratulations !"
/Yunhao Wu

"Heartiest Congratulations for your achievement."
/Sounak Sahu


"Dr. Shekman, congratulations. I am a former postdoc with Dr. Hui-Ling Chiang. I am so grateful that you paved the pathway for this amazing research of vesicle trafficking. I am very proud that I have been an integral part of the filed. Thank you"
/Guo-Chiuan Hung

"Congratulations, Professors Rothman, Schekman and Sudhof , for your great findings in vesicle traffic."
/Rongjia Zhou, China

"congratulations on three scientists for their outstanding achievement in cell transport."
/Colleague in Biology, Qinhuangdao, China

"It was a good and sound decision, we waited for it long time"
/Attila Fonyó prof. emeritus, Physiology

"One of the greatest secrets of mol bio is uncovered. Hearty congratulations & thank u from bottom of my heart for doing everything you could do. Love you as all"
/Suresh Parmar (India)

"Congratulations to the most distinguished trio of the year: Rothman, Schekman and Sudhof. A cell surely is a home to many more such prizes."
/Dr. Hasmukh Buch (Gujarat-India)

"Many congratulations on this great success. Keep serving science like this."
/Shehzaib Siddiqui

"Congratulations Dr Rothman, Dr Schekman and Dr Südhof for your great contributions in understanding the vesicular trafficking which opens up new avenues to clinical medicine."
/Shreemanta K Parida

"Congratulations, sirs!"
/Zachary Hardy

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