Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2015
William C. Campbell, Satoshi Ōmura, Youyou Tu

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, greetings to the new Medicine Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2015 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine

Number of greetings: 848
"Congratulation on your passionate work in mining life saving biogold from nature. Your works inspires many many natural products chemist."
/Prof. Tofazzal Islam

"Congratulation. Thank you for your hardwork to save life."
/Ujjal Sarkar

"Thank you for evaporating the pool of ignorance and rekindling hope for a better existence"
/Dr. Leon Rabati

"Hearty congratulation to Nobel laureates for your noble work. You did great job, a wonderful contribution to serve humanity"
/Niaz Ali Adil

"At last your very hard work has started to pay off. Well done"
/Terry smith

""Congratulations and keep your great woks,,the humanity expecting more.""
/H B A A

"Congratulations to all the shared Nobel prizes winner. Malaria continue to kill thousands of people and no cure, hope one day we will find cure!"
/Frank Albert, Tanzania

"Thank you for bettering our world"

"Great work and breakthrough. Happy for you and for the help the mankind got. Hearlty congrats"
/Samir Elshazly

"great thanks goes to the trio for helping us africans on reducing the burden of parasitic diseases in Africa, you were truly born to save mankind."
/kizza jimmy

"Congrats youyou tu for your great invention against malaria."
/jahir usain .M

"Truly inspiring and amazing!"

"Congrats to great persons Equal to God"
/Aiswarya kuttuuz

"Congratulations to Dr. Campbell, it was my honor to have worked in one of your labs at Merck!!!"

"Congratulations on your grand award for your grand deed towards humanity and human all are inspiration for millions.."
/Kailash meena, alwar rajasthan

"Sir I have elephantiasis. At least I can see a ray of hope after this. Being a researcher myself I can understand how much effort and dedication is required for this. I really appreciate that and admire you. Congrats for such a great achievement. Thanks India"

"Congratulations .... you are my inspiration on research."

"The works of research are not ephemeral, needs consistent dedication. Congrats"
/Kartik Kulkarni

"Congratulations to all winners"
/C P C

"You've made history."
/Helen Liu

"You are awesome, and it's my pleasure to show my happiness! You let us proud, youyou tu!"
/Tom Yang

"Madame Tu,You are the one and only wild swan coming out of the cultural revolution in China.You gave the malaria sufferer new hope and e new therapy."
/Greetings from Sigmund Emhjellen in Langesund Norway

"Congrats to Mrs. Tu"
/Richard L. J. Qiu

"Heartiest Congratulations Sir.. We too working on the field of Parasitology in NorthEastern Part Of India basically on their Molecular Characterization."
/Dr.Lalit Goswami

"Great to see Nobel laureates for fork towards alleviating parasite infections especially Malaria"
/Mary Nnankya

"that's really overwhelming to have such marvelous personalities in the society"

"Congratulations too all scientist for making society healthy by Natural Products (pharmacognosy)"
/Nitin Verma India

"Congratulations for reinforcing the faith that traditional systems may also have substance."
/Pramod Yadava, JNU

"congratulations! thanks for your contribution to the medicine"

"congratulation for achieving noble award 2015,best wishes for your happy research on physiology and medicines for good result of mankind."

"A lot of thanks sir to give something special to human beings. You are my inspiration"
/Satish Chandra Upadhyay - India

"Congratulations Youyou Tu - you have saved millions of lives in some of the most needy parts of the world. Thank you sincerely."
/Judy MacArthur Clark

"Thanx For giving a milstone gift to the world! Coz Health is real wealth!"
/Arjun Kumar

"These are wonderful achievements which will benefit the poorest in the world."
/Ruth Gill

"great great! Youyou and others did it. Congrades!"
/dr.pcs nair

"Congratulations sir"
/Meena paliwal

"Your medicine for filaria should be encouraged not only in India but in African countries."

"I am young medical scientist in India. I am very happy to Greetings to the Nobel Prize in 2015. Thanks you 15/10/2015"
/Dr Krishna Kumar Choudhury

"Great!work for youyou"
/Hardy Soni

/Summer Chou

"I would like to congratulate...three of them"

"Thanks a lot to develop CMA therapy against malaria"
/Dr susanta padhee india

"Congratulations to Youyou, the first nobel science laureate in China."

"felicitaciones, yo quiero ser como ustedes, desde peru."
/francisco centeno

"Congratulations to all of you."
/CVAS, jhang

"Congratulate to you and your family , teachers and all who help you."
/Hafiz Muhammad Umer Farooq

"Thanks for great opening! Your opening give chance to many people to win against the illness!"
/SPB ETU 'LETI', Russia

"Congratulations!! Your work has saved a million lives and special thanks for, it has saved many tribal people in India."

"Hearty congratulations for the well deserved recognition !"

"Congratulations to the winners for their contributions to improve human health. These have had a great impact on the life on many people."
/Guadalupe Ortega Pierres

"De lo bueno se Aprende, felicitaciones a los ganadores del Premio Nobel de Fisiología y Medicina 2015, bien merecido. Saludos Cordiales desde Ecuador."
/David Issac Coello Cedeño


"Thank you for your contributions to mankind."

"Congratulations to all of you. This is a significant recognition for all of the hard work and contributions to mankind."
/Mahendra De Silva

"Congrats, Great service to mankind."
/Albin Joy IIT BHubaneswar,India.

"Subhanallah.Congratulations gays may mankind will great benifite by ......"
/atikul alam

"Inspirational Nobel Laureates! Great work!"
/Mufassirah, Brunei

"Dear sir, Its great job that u all have done. When my teacher taught about elephentiasis,I thought how difficult it is for a person. Congo all"
/Mukul Gupta

"Thanks For this"
/vijay kumar

"Congrats to Dear Tu Youyoy she really deserve this prize....."
/Himanshu Mishra

"Proud of you as a medicinal chemistry students and a Chinese"
/Xiang Fei

"You just inspire me and push me to work again and again."

"It is very useful to poor people who are affected by the disease. Thank you. Congratulations :-)"
/A.MoHamed Aslam

"Congratulations ACHEIVERS ..You deserve it, may your innovations and hard work be recognized..."

"Congratulation to Youyou Tu from Nepal. You inspire all of us."
/Satish Wasti

" have put a smile on the face of millions of poor people..."
/Joseph Nguta, NMIMR

"Best congrats..all of you are inspiring..generations to have waited too long but got the best.."

"congratulations on such an achievement, surely to benefit man kind"

"congratulations on such a lifes work achivement, everyone is certian it will benefit all human kind."

"Congratulations on such a inspiring and educational achievement in which it will benefit humanity"

"Respected dr. Tu Youyou Very happy greetings for your life time achievement, I have read most of your research, congratulation for putting 2000 years old Chines cure of Malaria before the world , I wish and pray for the erradication of deadly diseases like Malaria and Cancer. I did M Phil in molecular biochemistry, research is on localization of ribonucleo proteins of breast cancer cell, unfortunately got ductal carcenoma,chemo , surgery and radiation is going on. Congratulations again."
/Bushra Saima Malik , Canada

/F. Nb

"Congratulations for this great achievement"
/taher bohari

/Ashish Dhekan

"Immense gratitude to the winners of the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine"

"Immense gratitude to the winners of the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine"

"Congratulations to Tu Youyou! She sets a good example for the young."
/Xu Xianting

"Congratulations! To Yoyo Tu and her team, great effort with anti-malaria."
/Chuyi He

"congratulations to all of you. all the best for economic field nominees."
/pola haliya

"Congratulations! To Yoyo Tu and her team, great effort with anti-malaria."
/Chuyi He

"My congratulations to all Nobel laureates!!! Thanks for your tremendous efforts in protecting health...""

"congrats to all."

"Congratulations to all of you especially the Ladies, foremost is Youyou Tu! you are a great Inspiration to women! "
/Lilian Oguguo, National Malaria Prog.Nigeria

"Congratulations to the laureats of Medicine for their great achievements! It means a lot for me."
/Johannes ?wierkot


"Humanity is indeed grateful to you all."
/Dinesh Kumar IVRI

"Congratulations... A motivation for me to aspire to that acme of research to benefit the world. A well deserved honour."
/Meshach Asare-Werehene

"Thanks for saving millions of precious life discovering life saving drug against malaria.God gives us a life but ur hard work and endless working strategies nature a life ."
/poonam kanojia

"What they have done alaways encourages me!"

"Congratulation three of u and big thanks"

"Thank you for your dedication?"

"Congratulations to Prof. Campbell, Prof. Omura and Prof. Tu! I hope your discovery will inspire the young generation to follow your hard work and dedication to science."
/Tenny Wiyono

"you are gonna save thousands of lives thank you ."

"Those who create the history should be memorized by all the beings. I hope I can create one someday."
/Chaos Lee

"Congratulation ."

"I attended the press conference at the announcement at KI. I was really moved by the choice. CONGRTULATIONS!!!"
/Ingeborg van der Ploeg

"Thanks a lot to all the three "physio laureates" who really worked hard for our protective future."
/Anurag mishra

"We are glad that your work on tropical diseases, including neglected ones is being acknowledged on this august global stage."
/African Research Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases

"I am happy for all of mankind, because your discoveries will save countless lives, just like penicillin does."
/Ganapathy van Samkar

/Behzad Massoumzadeh

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