Martin Luther King Jr.

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1964
Martin Luther King Jr.

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A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

Describe what Martin Luther King Jr. means to you in a few words.


Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Number of messages: 478
"A faithful man with great purpose and vision. Thank you for your work, Mr. King."

"Martin´s speech was the greatest of all time. Better than any president."

"i hope you like our world we are showing kindness to the people to share the love to everyone )"

"im am ham and love mlk jr"

"i love you"

"Martin Luther King jr is an amazing person"
/Non of your business

"Martin luther king jr you are the best in the whole wide world"

"martin luther king jr you are a good man and will be remebered by all people"


"I love you Martin Luther king jr"

"He always be the one who stop rascim."

"He is always remember by people"

"good man"
/goku black

"i love martin luther king"

"He was a great man I really appreciate your help and support for black ameriAmer"
/Deziyah Gooch

"i love martin luther king but do you know he even did it for ALL colors"

"I grew up in Sweden and as a child I watched Dr King on Tv. He was my role model along with other peace preachers and civil rights fighters"
/Helena Palmqvist

"i love martin luther king jr"
/makayla lashay jamison

"very inspirational very kind hearted and i respect his decisions"

"If he do not do that speech we would still be like dis"

"Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man who ended all the segregation in the United States."
/Xzavier Simmons

"Some one to look up to"

"Loved Person"

"This is cool I want to learn more"
/Chamel perry

"i love martin you fought for a whole lot of things thank you."

"i hate the person who shot martin luther king jr"
/seth rollins

"He is an amazing person. The one and only person I look up to. Martin Luther King, you are onenjoying inspirational person"

"Hi, I think that this is a nice thing to read and teach your kids when they grow up, also I used some of this information for my project!"

"mlk rocks"

"i am glade he helped"

"martin is awsome because he not mean, or a bad person,"

"A true man of God!!!! Thank you, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."


"God give me strength moral fortitude patience kindness courage & love like MLK Jr."
/Harold Hamilton

"I'd like somebody to mention that day that Martin Luther King Jr. tried to give his life serving others. I'd like for somebody to say that "

"Martin is a good guy and was very friendly and helpful"
/Kate Keith

"martin luther king was an amazing person he was one of the many amazing cilvil rights leader"
/iesha little

"He's legacies will forever be immortal"

"thank you, your name will forever live on ! u left behind something so powerful"

"happy late birthday"


"Dr. King was a true servant of GOD, and he used his knowledge of this saving LOVE of Jesus Christ to Change the United States of America."

"I grew up in the 1960's and Dr. King was always an inspiration to me. He was a man of peace and he just wanted justice and equal rights."

"His life was senselessly taken the day I was born. This world has been impacted by that loss every single day. But his message still hope."
/Andy Wilson

"Thank you Dr. King."
/Glenn Anderson


"Visionary for human rights"

"One of the greatest men of his century. A tragic loss for the world. His death made the world less safe for all who seek brotherhood."

"Dr. Martin Luther King was and still is a great force in this world."
/B.S. Taylor

"I wish i could be like him he mean so much to people in the day"
/kirsten cooper

"Martin Luther King Jr. was a very speacial man. He is my idle."

"We must always remember Dr. King and all he did for his people. Today, Dr. King would not be happy, with all the unrest in our country."
/Glenna J. Moore

/Vishal chauhan

"was a soliditary solder feared nothing so he was a good man and always will"

"Dr. King has always been one of my role models. I respect him because of the effort he put in and the fact that he has never given up."
/Karmella Smith

"freedom justice for alll equal wrights"
/alissa hoover age 14

"Martin Luther King Jr words does inspire me."
/maliavusa phuluso

"thank u so much"

"This dude made history btw"

"A cornerstone for freedom to all"

"You were a great leader of non-voilence."
/Keshav Gupta

"he was awesome i will always love and remember him."
/star valentine

"he is a life saver"

"Martin Luther king is inspiration too everyone everywhere, thank you for making our world so much better."


"He means world peace for all."
/zoe beth myers jones

/sofia may

"your the best"

"kind man"

"thanks man"

"A role model indeed. i will try to emulate you"
/Winnex akarume

"Martin Luther King Jr did not need to die"

"hero, great american civil rights leader"

"A perfect role model. And a great man"

"he was a true segregated leader"

"he was a great leader"
/your mom


"kinder hearted"
/matthew feder

"Even if i didn't see u I love ur biography."
/Pinky M Anderson

"it's just perfect"

"Martin Luther King Jr did a lot of great thing and helped end segregation"

"hey people Martin Luther King was a great hero. We should all be like him and fight for the right things and be brave every day."
/Amanda. R. Chinwadzimba

"knew martin like he was my own. LOve "

"he was asome"

"smart king and thankful"

"He was nice"




"hallo i wurde sagen he were a great man"
/german kid

"i am learning about you in class and its a great speech you spoke"
/fin aasp

"Inspires an audacious belief that we shall overcome any difficulty, anywhere."
/Sudhir Ranjan Jain


"I have a dream that one day an Igboman from south Eastern part of Nigeria, Yoruba from South western part and Hausa fulani from Northern part of nigeria will join their hand together and move the country forward. Lesson from M. L. King jr"
/Muhammad Lawal

/Billy Bob

"KING means alot to me. I read about the history, how he fight for black people's rights. As a black person I am very grateful and want to be like him."
/Felleng Jane

"You remain in our hearts and our dreams Dr and Mrs Martin Luther King. Continue to watch over us all."

"Dr Martin Luther was a HERO"
/Brian Kinoti

"Martin Luther King Jr's Dream was for Equality and Peace amongst all Cultures. Being 1/2 Native American, I have the Same Dream."
/Spring A Robinson

"Great person!!"
/Naresh d

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