Martin Luther King Jr.

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1964
Martin Luther King Jr.

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A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

Describe what Martin Luther King Jr. means to you in a few words.


Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Number of messages: 505

"A wonderful Civil Rights leader"
/Derek Henderson

"He was a good man"

"A brave man, who "saved" our world in so many way, you can't even bear. Thank you MLKJ you are truly worthy."
/Brianna D. Johnson


/brooklyn mayes

"he is the change in life"

/zack hines


"He is a SAVIOR"

"Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man that helped America in a great way. He brought us together and made us realize that we were a team."

"He helped many people realize all people are created equal no matter race"
/Jayla Carson

"I think he was a nice man"

"My inspiration, my life, my everything Martin Luther King Jr the real MVP"
/Daddy Tyson

"The legend, The Myth, The G.O.A.T Martin Luther King ladies and gentlemen"

"Love and great"

"Hey I just wanna say thank you to Martin Luther king for giving us rights to do what we want. without him we still wouldve still been slaves"

"If it wasn't for you, America wouldn't be the great nation it is today. Equality for blacks & whites, and rest in peace!"

"I really enjoying reading Martin Luther King Jr's. He did great job because he make Memories for Americans a native-Africans"

"He was a good person. Martin Luther King had a lot of good ideas and a dream I support. I would have voted for him to be president."
/Linda Harris

"Dear Martin if your hearing this from heaven I hope you rest in peace."

"A hero"

"I really enjoyed reading your biography. I have learned and touched about your thoughts in life. May you rest in peace. We'll never forget yo"
/Mitchelle samson


"He is my mentor"
/James Philip

"Hardly anyone will rival the amount of pure love and compassion MLK had for those around him."

"I think Martin was a very loyal man. R.I.P"

"What he did was totally cool, #cant believe the assassin killed him???"
/Anonymous smile

"Empowerment through God"

"god, life"
/john firmin

" did a great job to bring liberal living standards to black Americans... but they killed you.... I wish you were alive to see the dream you for so long wanted to see it comevyrue"


" words for what this man has done BRAVO to Mr.King"

"well done you changed history for the better"

"he was a healthy man, good looking and very kind. He help save lives but not everybody didn't believe in peace"
/kylie campbell

"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Is a freedom fighter, a civil rights activist he has made the world a better place."
/Joshua Prince

"im so glad that he made things clear to people that black n whites are the same just darker.!"
/Ethan E Whitsett

"Sharing Your Dream, Love for Freedom and Equality of all People! Rest in Peace"
/Tina Dadic

"The dream is still alive Dr. King upon your great cry against Racism. Keep Calm in the heaven by your Pure soul."
/Moataz Mohsen


"You were truly an inspiration to the human race. I can only hope to someday change the lives of people like you did."

"He has Really Made Me Feel That All Of Us Are Brothers And Sisters On This And There for One Should Treat Each Other well."
/Abubakar Yussif

"if only i could meet him"

"I didnt grow up during those days but i can imagine what it was like. im white and i listen to rap and stuff african americans made"

"man isure do love this boy, good ol chap"


"I love doctor king your the best and thank u so much I wish that u were here whrite now and that u lived your life until now"
/Shinita Jackson

"i think he was the best person to ever change the lives of black and white and colors to change and be together"
/aislynn perez


"Thanks mlk I love u"


"I'm free I'm free thanks god Almighty I'm free at last I love u martin"

"Hes dank and brave. I love him and hes da best"
/dank memes


"I loved him since a kid I want to be like him"
/Jaden moodie

"he is the best"


"martin luther king means so much to be because he set many african american people free and i feel it was the right thing to set those free"

"RIP martin1964"
/Sarah lulu

"I love martin luther king jr."
/mia jones

"I agree with Martin Luther king Jr because I want to be treated the way I act"
/Zionna Martin

"thank you Martin Luther King JR"

"martin luther king is GREAT"
/lee hartke

"i love you martin"

"martin luther king jr is the one person ho stud up for rights."

"Thanks to him black people can be free to do what ever."

"Martin saved black lives"

"i love martin luther king i mean really I do"

"hes my leader"

"I want you to help the most people that you can because they are waiting for you even if your soul dies and we will remember you we love you"

"you where the best and that I will follow you where you go always because I respect you"

"he is a hero."

"he was a man of courage and his dream encourage made segrgation go out the window he was a wonderful man that lead us to where we are today"

"I think that what Martin Luther King J.R. said was so right"

"He left an eternal legacy to the world."
/Ravi R

"love mlk"

"I wish i meat him"

"Martin Luther King means to me... he was a smart man who solved many problems in life that changed the world!"
/Mia Schena

"God had great plans for Martin Luther King jr & he knew it. Praise the Lord. for Martin!!!!"
/Diane Gleeson

"Martin is a great man I miss you love you"
/sarah ikaiddi

"alot to me"


"DEAR! martin i wish you was still alive so you can get this letter from me an thank you for the dream got white folks and black folks together"

"That Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize. He was the youngest one to win it"
/William. w.q.

"A HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/alessandra asevedo

"Thank you martin Luther King Jr"

"I love martin Luther King Jr"

"the struggle continues to realize his dream!"

"Thank you for your peaceful and Godly way of making justice happen for mankind! You are an inspiration for us all! God bless your family!!"

"He left an eternal legacy to the world."
/Ravi R

"Gives me chills just thinking about a such an extraordinary man such as Dr. Martin Luther King !"
/Diana Solis Second grade teacher for NISD San Antonio, Texas


"A man with a dream"

"Thanks for your courage and wisdom. A man that moved mountain"
/Renee Collins

"We love you"

"im glade martian luther king jr free us from slavery"
/Harriet Tubman

"Martin you have inspired me to do a project on you,..."

"He was a really important part in history"
/Annie L Smith

"I feel like Martin opened doors that seemed impossible to open."
/Annie L Smith

"I honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because of his courage and perseverance in life I pray to him to be protected in heaven."
/Deez Nutz

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