Martin Luther King Jr.

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1964
Martin Luther King Jr.

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A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

Describe what Martin Luther King Jr. means to you in a few words.


Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Number of messages: 505
"im glade martian luther king jr free us from slavery"
/Emanuel perdue

"Good man"
/Shanti an

"Thzk you for what you did"

"A Man of God charged by the Love of God to model, to admonish and to motivate a warfare of Love in a wicked, unfair system of government."
/Rose Colquitt

"martin luther king jr. was a great man"

"i love him and i thank him so much"

"i love u"
/luke ross

"R.i.p Martin"
/Ron Ron

"martin you were an amazing man if you could see your kids now you would be proud 3 are activists and the 4th is a ceo wow your inspiring"
/hayden dobbs vista nueva high school aztec new mexico

"I believe in you"

"i love martin so much"
/zora watson

"I think that he did the right thing and that his dream in coming true!"


"I think his dream was great"

"I think his dream was great"

"All I now is that he is amazing man"
/Ruth Center

"I think his dream was great"

"I think his dream was great"

"I will always love mlk"

"Martin Luther King Jr. was an amazing man that fought for fair rights for everyone. He is awesome."

"Martin Luther Kind Jr. was an amazing man."

"Martin luther is a legend that leaders should copy from, and they should allways remember that they have been apointed to serve, and not to suppres, i pray that GOD allmighty whom i serve through my LORD JESUS CHRIST, will give our leaders the grace to serve in truth and in spirit in JESUS name amen. And every sinful leader will repent from sin in JESUS name amen."
/Emmanuel Uzoma Izundu

"May the Almighty God rest King's soul in eternal peace. Amen"

"Rest in peace... martin luther king"

"I love mr king so much he helped us"

"I thank martin luther king jr. He was a great man. He made a great change in our nation!!??"

"he was a man of peace and honour"
/oteri michelle

"He was very very brave to stop the thing that was happening he was a Baptist minister and social activities"
/Lillly bowman

"Determined loyal grateful and an awesome person to the world"
/samantha arreola

"I love you martin. that's all"

"I love you!!!!!!xxxxxxzx"

"mankind is always equal"

"he fight for all. he justify the rights"
/jowina kim juui

"i think that we should not be racist because martin luther king did so much and we are still being reacist well he didun't do it for nothing"

"i think that our freedom is thanks to him cuz he played a big!!!! part"

"i love martin luther king no matter what and i love how he fought for all kinds of races"

"Martin Luther King Jr. is a man of true heart and I wish he was here so I thank for he's done in the world today"
/mya staton

"He changed the life of my black american friend so I am incredibly grateful to him he earned this award."

"lovely and i do agree with him"
/Sri lanka

"Martin Luther king was good"
/Ashlyn Begay

"I just love the fact that he bring peace to our soul'S "Free at last ""

"Martin luther king jr was a great guy and he is my hero for standing up for the freedom of color of skin."

"A great personality who brought equality between black and white people."
/Jayashree Ghatbandhe

"A man for everyone."

"He was a man of peace who show example of God love to others, he held love in his right hand and speak peace in is lips and he was a voice of freedom."

"i agree. i love you martin luther king jr"
/diane chang


"Martin Luther King was a good man & he would be proud to see a black president in office"

"martin luther is my inspiration as well as a leader whom nobody could ever match"

"man of action on that time"
/man t

"Helped a lot"

"I think martin luther king jr. did great things for us"
/Arianna Frazier


"He was a grat man why sb. kills a so holy person?!"

"He was a great man."

"martin Luther is amazing I would not have friends or a step dad if it wasn't for him l"

"I believe that your soul never dies"

"MLK rocks"
/a guy

"Even though part of his dream came true i think that one day all of it is going to come true"

"Because of you Im learning how to be a leader in my own right."
/Denzel Watts

"He means the world he was a good leader I love him he inspired me"
/Nontokozo Xaba

"HE Is my hero"

"He help this girl go to a white persons school"

"Kings enthusiasm and eagerness is what helps people strive for brotherhood and unity"
/charbel taouk

"Martin Luther King Jr. was my role model as a little child growing up he was my inspiration that has change my life forever."
/Dr.Rev.Odell L. Tatum. Jr.

"i hear the voice from him throughout middle school pay the way of peace of world honored"
//Matt Lee

"Martin Luther King Jr. is a good man, who a greatly honor because of sacrificing his own life for the benefit of others."


"He fought for a worthy cause, let us embrace it by enrolling in large numbers and go out and vote."

"I respect Martin Luther King, Jr."

"HE Gave us our life today as free people"
/bondo fire

"I love Martin Luther king jr"
/Leslie lopez

/chris dague

"good man I have a dream"


"He is absolutly my greatest Idol at all. RIP MLK"
//MLK fan

"He is a good man"
/good man

"I didn't have the honor to know literality Martin Luther King Jr. but I'm not a racist person and I strongly believe that He was a brave man."
/Manuel Acuna

"martin luther king jr means love to every on"
/Abigail Sims

"I'm doing a hero report on him. he is the perfect subject for the report"

"I think he was a wonderful man to stand up to that many people and not show any worry or if he was scared"

"He is good person"

"you are my hero"

"he is my god:)"

"we the people"

"King was so inspiring to me and my class. We thank you even though you are dead."
/Savannah Tait

"Martin Luther King JR. is awesome cool a good person, smart and a great person."

"I wish i can be like him. he show a good example leadership may he soul rest in perfect peace. "

"he is the best."

"Martin Luther King Jr. was and is the best person ever. physically his gone, but his spirit remains in our hearts and minds."
/Pablo F Mejia

"you are great man god bless you"
/nathalie Cuervo

"good man"

"Martin Luther King, Jr. was a very good influence in my life. He showed that you cna be and do what you want in life regardless of your race"
/Sabrina Hill, R.N., C.C.A from Cleveland, Tennessee.

"Martin Luther King Jr is a very determined person and fought for his rights."
/Kiana Pena

"i know your dead but i want to thank you for ending slavery even tho whites still get away with it but blacks don't get away."
/nydhia mccall

"he was the great man"



"He was a great man, I wonder what he would think of the riots and acts against our police forces today."
/D' Wisenbarger

"i love him i am so glade he made that space"

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