Martin Luther King Jr.

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1964
Martin Luther King Jr.

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"I Have a Dream ..."

"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character".

On 28 August in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke these immortal words to a crowd of over 200,000 people who had gathered for the now historic march on Washington to demand an end to racial segregation in the USA, and for equality in jobs and civil rights.

The following year, in 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In his acceptance speech he said:

"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality".

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I Refuse to Accept ...

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"I have a dream is a poem of inspiration and imitation, but MLK is a hero. I respect his fact. thanks for your indefatigable support ."
/Giftee Kamara

"that i love u for make people equal in make life good for us u is the best in the whole word makeing people equal in be together i love u"
/markita edwards

"I still have the dream."
/Marci Snyder

"I ll beat u if u dont give ur seat was horrdenous act thankfully martin luther king saved black peple"
/Rebbeca Beatrice Malaik

"The problem with America, is that slavery still exist. And it's character is hypocrisy. In 1963 it took prayer and God out of the school."
/Keith Brooks

"I have a dream too, and my dream is that the world is peace without rascit people and won't judge us by our color or culture "

"i have adream too"

"i love you and your nice bless yourself i miss you martin luther king"

"i felt like crying it was so heartbreaking."

"My hero since I was a child, I am white and Canadian, but so what we are all brother and sisters in the fight for equality and true freedom"
/pat cross


"#r R.I.P Martin Luter King he was a good man"

"this made me cry"

"He was a great Man RIP M L K"

"Freedom had a hold within my heart and soul that I yet feel that I have not received in full payment of life. Every day through my life. bla"
/Annie Dolores Nicely

"i cryed when i heard him say that stuff"

"I think this speech is so inspirational, I bookmarked this page so I could read it at home!"
/Joshua Edward Griffith Jr.

"I agree with him. When I heard the news about his assassination. I was terrified. How could anybody be so cruel? Rest in peace, my friend."

"Martin Luther King's dream should be our dream also, sadly as we have lost track of his Dream! GOD SPEED Martin!"
/Jason Sartwell

"martin's right no one should be judged by the color of their skin."

"dont judge because of the difference in someone"
/Iris Thomas

"I have a dream is one of the most inspiring speech I've seen maybe its because I'm only 13 but I know in the future there will be more"

"I am highly inspired by this speech"

"I love it!! Martin Luther King is my hero!! "I Have A Dream" is awesome!"

"I do dream"

"Indeed the roots of freedom were bitter, but today we live to enjoy the fruits which our great fathers toiled for."
/Levi Mumo

"M L K is awesome and inspiring to many people. I refuse to accept that white people back then treated blacks so poorly. It makes me sad."

"M L K (Martin Luther King Jr) is awesome!!!!!!"

""That speech was just not awsome but it was amazing ...""

"I wish i could stop every thing that's happened in my opinion of this because like Martin Luther King Jr."
/Kennedy Jwel Glover

"that speech changed everything and I am so glad for that to happen and I hope that the world will stay that way too"

"Your speech is always inspiration for millions of people around the world!"
/Kawa Jin

"Now a world citizen realizes how the world proceed millions of distance ahead through Dr. King. all his dream will come true."
/Anindya Sinha

"that speech was awesome"
/brayan perez

"I respect MLK he was a good man for what he did. I dislike how people were treated as well. Nobody should be judged by color of skin. EVER."
/Jessie Underwood

"I love your speeches Martin."

"i love how you inspired people with your 'I have a dream speech'."

"I loved that one thanks martin"

"Thank you four that in fore mashon"

"i have a dream that those who wants peace to have peace and those who want ;love to have love, the world will get better than it is."
/neriman ates

"and we still have racism we are all equal nobody can judge you only you can judge you it doesn't matter if your black white or both"
/madisyn bradford

"I have the conviction that history can never be forgotten. So what ever we do today shall reflect in the pages of papers tomorrow."
/Comrade John Odu

"he was shot"

"this world is cruel"

"I Refuse to Accept that we live in a world society is becoming so messed up today people are just killing for the fun of it now...."

"rest in peace my friend. And king."
/trey collier

"I refuse to accept the fact that one word may it be a rumer or not defines me as a person. I want to be my self and not have a definition floating above me all of the time. I want to be able to write me own future."

"I refuse to accept the fact that just because I am a child in some peoples eyes does not mean that I think like one. I am under 18 but I think we (all who is under 18) should have a say in who we want as president"
//am i right/

"all grasses are subjected in the same law of land"
/habil tabley

"I refuse to accept when one wants what he or she defines to define me. I mean I refuse to accept what the Nigeria president and his cabinet define as change to be the change I require. The nation going through recession - men, women and children been massacred anyhow like there is no security agency - crime wave is increasing everyday like there is no cops - man macheting another man and walkaway freely like there is no justice - and all we hear is we are in an era of change-change-change! This is not the change I want, this is not the change I want to see so I refuse - I refuse to accept this ongoing trend they define as change."

"Whit out knwing about Mr. Martin Luther King Jr speech till now the same words came to my mind and i feel the same as him, he was rigth."

"I don't want to live in a world where gun violence makes the headlines every single day."
/Andrew Mirza

"I thank Dr. King for deem it necessary to know the value of your race no matter how other races may apprehensibly downside your color."
/Michael Miah

"we are all born from a mother we are all humans that doesn't mean we will be and look the same to me we are all people with potential in life"


"thank you love you"
/erianna white

"I refuse to accept the discrimination between the people regarding their sex, area of origin color of their bodies."
/Saleh Awdaly

"I think this speech was not to just tell the people that he wanted his rights but for all races to have rights."
/-Tyler Quam

"a racism life"
/jasmin price

"I refuse to accept the fact that still today people are being judged by the colour of their skin and not by the true person they are."

"It is wrong to be racist and everyone should stop it"


"I refuse to accept discrimination against multiple races"

"I refuse to accept anything with rasism"

"i refuse to accept the idea of capitalism which is embedded in the philosophy of exploiting the poor for their own teleological motives"
/Joshua Lodo

"I refuse to accept any person or persons who do not accept each other as exactly what we are. Different and unique human beings."
/Jerry R Lesikar

"One day education system of nigeria will change from only blackboard and chalk to the uses of computer."
/Aregbor Elvis

"nice I like mlk speech I refuse to accept that in our world that there are very few people who stands up for their rights against those who dont defend others right So be who u r"

"Last week at the Academy Oscar Awards Iñarritú had "a similar dream" where our hair´s lenght matters as much as our skin color."
/Eleazar Cruz Bedolla

"I refuse to accept a world were children are hurt every day and no one stands up for them because it is not our problem"

"That I am bound to a life of mental illness"


"I refuse to accept how the world is heading to"

"i refuse to accept how the world is becoming"

"A world without meaning"

"I refuse to accept how people treat each other"
/kayla alicea

"I love Martin luther king jr."

"He is true don't judge anyone by there colour just see wats inside of them if they have a cold heart or not simple as that"
/My name is Arieta uluilakeba

"I refuse to accept that they were judged by their color of skin but not by their content of character. PIECE MY BROTHERS!!!!!<3"
/Triana Hernandez


"that they were judged by their colour of their skin"

"i refuse to accept that there are no solutions to these problem<3"
/a believer in possibility

"i hate that people are racist."

"I will always s have a dream"

"I refuse to accept that not everyone is free like me"

"I don't like people how treat martin bad"

"I dont like when people get bully"

"I refuse to accept poverty."

"I'm still dreaming since I heard his speech! World wars still happening! God Help us!"

"I refuse to accept that blind sheep can believe in a God that only accepts a specific type of people and tortures the rest for eternity."
/ChildofGod LMAO

"I refuse to accept the bad people in this world who do horrible things to insistent people for no reason."
/Hannah seabolt

"I refuse to accept that the people in my state have no homes."

"i refuse to accept bullying others"

"I refuse to accept that people believe there is no God. I will continue my strong beliefs in Jesus Christ, no matter what others say."

"i believe that we should be free! who wants to be bossed around all day, NOBODY!!! i do refuse to let hobo's and the home less suffer!"

"i refuse to accept Martin Luther King dream is still only a dream we are not judged by the content of our charter but by our skin"
/Blanche Hawkins

"His dream hasn't really been fulfilled there is still people who treat African Americans like they don't have equal rights"

"i don't think that it is fair to be treated the way a lot of people were treated"

"I have a dream but I don't know how to be with that cause sometimes dreams may not be true cause your only dreaming."
/jonel zamboang

"i refuse to accept that we all cant all live together as one; as a nation; as a family"

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