Martin Luther King Jr.

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Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1964
Martin Luther King Jr.

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"I Have a Dream ..."

"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character".

On 28 August in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke these immortal words to a crowd of over 200,000 people who had gathered for the now historic march on Washington to demand an end to racial segregation in the USA, and for equality in jobs and civil rights.

The following year, in 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In his acceptance speech he said:

"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality".

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I Refuse to Accept ...

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"martin is awsome"

"good job luther"

"i have a dream that we will win"

"my thought is all are equal in eyes of law and god"
/nisha mandal

"i love martin luther king beacuse he had fought agnaist discrimination between white and black people and i agree with his dream so he is ove"
/nisha mandal

"i love Martin Luther king jr speech of I have a dream"

"I love how MLK was so forward about his speeches. What was he to care what others thought of him! He kept pushing through!#blockingouthaters"
/PeaceKeeper BO2


"i think i was not suppose to be looking at this speech but it has really helped me so thank you so so much"

"he was my favorite person"

"I refuse to accept injustice and inequality in the world and murder."

"i Refuse To Accept Wars And Violence!"

"I refuse to accept that people still judge people on the colour of their skin or on their sexuality. I refuse to accept discrimination."
/Emma Jane

"I refuse to accept that this fight is over today. There are still racist people out there, and even more people who don't even know they're."
/Grace John

"I like to think we're all judged on the content of our character, rather than our physical appearance, but still some people are judgemental"

"Dr. King would refuse to accept the bad "character" of crime, illegitimacy, ignorance, sloth, and welfare-ism just because of skin color"
/Sincere white man from the 60s

"I refuse to accept the filth and hatred man had back in the past which also sometimes still lives on in the present time......"
/Prajan (Aaron)

"martin luther king jr was an extraordinary man, everyone can learn from him"

"everyone has the right to freedom and peace. nobody is different or should be left out."

"I refused to accept the subjugation of any people based on arbitrary means."

"i must not throw away my dream"
/Pst Emmanuel Ikiebe

"I refuse to accept that people ar all mean. Not everyone is eciel or cruel, it how you chose to live your life that makes you what you are."
/Aryanna Warner

"I think that Martin was one of the greatest man that has ever lived all he ever wanted was peace."
/Joshy Boy

"Discussion to bring co-operation between Jewish, Christianity & Muslims in the world According to Torah & Holy Bible verses Deut 18:18 as"

"why be a man when you act like a kid? that is wha t it seems like to me that people were doing when the black kids were getting treated bad"

"That black people should be treated with respect instead of being bullyed because of their skin colour"

"Even though there is still racism, and some people take it as a joke. NOTHING is funny so get your crap together and stop being racist."

"I refuse to have men think that women are very stupid"

"i refuse to accept racism"

"That all people are black and white are never born evil. Evil can only be teached, not inherited."
/Matin Luther King is amazing.

"Love someone for who they aren't, don't love them because you are forced to. Love someone if you feel you connect with him or her."

"that racism will never live on no more"


"I love martin luther king jr"

"love martin"

"Honored the earth"

"Martin Luther King jr was a go man"

"Love EVERYONE no matter what! <3"

"That there are hungry people in this world :("

"i looooove black history monthhhh"

"i love black history mounth because of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"he is a good man"
/king alex

"i like martin Luther king JR because he made black and white people friend. i am making a project of him i wish i will do the best thank you"
/Turanur begum Santana

"I think its awsome"

"i think he is a amazing man"
/elizabeth de florencio

"I refuse to accept that the colour of my skin has predetermined my destiny. There is only one race- the human race - thus we are all equal."
/Princess Oladipo

"I refuse to accept bullying and substance abuse."

"I refuse to accept the differences"

"I refuse to accept the similarities in the world"

"I refuse to accept misandry and sexism towards men."

"I refuse to accept that there still exist people who refuse to accept other people just because these latter aren't their perfect clones."

"I refuse to accept that our society, as a group of people of different races, backgrounds and circumstances, cannot let go of the past and find common ground to develop a new world that abandons racism as a transgression of the past. As a nation, our past must never hold us back from becoming a society that holds no value in color, only in character, as stated through the immortal words of Dr. King himself."
/Jonathan Moore

"I refuse to accept gmo in my food. Vote for labelling."
/Sandy Coueffin

"I refuse to accept that things have not changed for Blacks since the 60's. See: Pres Barack Obama, Hon Clarence Thomas, Sen Tim Scott, SC."
/Over Taxed US citizen

"I refuse to accept that the people think to have no hope, to build a new world of justice and freedom"
/davide italia

"I refuse to accept that 85persons in this world are richer than 45% of the world population put together.(its in the newspaper today)"

"I refuse to let anyone ever get to me and to stop letting them keep picking on me. After a long time I'm at the point were im getting tired."
/Kaylye Coffman

"I refuse to accept, that, we cannot All just get along. Why must there be such hate against each other. We are human. Peace to all."
/Vivian Mateo

"I refuse to accept that because I am a single mom my son will be some drop out statistic."
/Andrea F

"I refuse to accept inequality, racism and violence"
/Heidi Campbell

"We all breath the same air, drink the same water, we all share the same earth, enough hatred in this world, Mankind must learn to love ...."

"I refuse to accept all the wrong in this world."

"I refuse to be categorized by the "black people stereotype""

"I refuse To accept That when men say you cant lift weight you're not faster then me and then i ask why?? they say OOH because you're a girl"
/Kathryne Vincent

"I refuse to accept seeing little kids bullying other little kids and mostly seeing parents bullying their own and other kids it is wrong"

""I refuse to believe that drugs are so prevelent in lower income neighborhoods just because.......""
/Joyce J.

""I refuse to accept the war on drugs will never be won in America!!!!!"....."I believe our gov. can do a great deal more!!!!!""

"I refuse to accept judgment on things I do"

"Inequality. The right to marry whomever you love. The right to feed your child whenever, wherever."

"I refuse to except that a woman can legally get a abortion. I think it is murder the moment that little egg attaches it is a life and a soul"

"I refuse to accept that so many of the people on this comment board cannot use proper English to present their ideas."
/Sorry, it's just true.

"'I refuse to accept people being sexist towards women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:"
//Christina Lively

"I refuse to be told that anyone in this world is any different than you, or me, or even someone on the other side of the earth"
/Unknown :)

"i refuse to accept people judgeing you on your clothes, shoe, hair and boyfriend or girlfriend"

"I refuse to accept murder"

"biology as destiny."
/Alli Schisler

""I refuse to accept violence and discrimination in any form""
/Nusrat Sanghamitra

"This was very touching and pulled my heart"

"I refuse to accept that today, 50 years after we heard King's words, there is still racial profiling. We should be able to rise above!"

/Nabhoneel Sil Upadhyay

"I refuse to accept that some people have the right to a better life than I do, simply because of their creed, colour, gender or sexuality."

"I believe that one day, blacks will be same with us I am a South Korean, Please stop nuclear"

"I refuse to accept faliure"

"i refuse to accept that the lottery of birth determines a person's quality of life"

"This country isn't free until everyone in the country is free."
/Kirsten D.

"King is a legend enit"

"we all belong to the world we are all the same"

"i am white and i believe that i am no better than any other color so i wish you all luck through life @wish u luck"


"I refuse to accept that white people think much higher of themselves."

"he inspire me"
/vicente gonzalez

"That racism is non existent all around the world and we come together as one true being"

"i refuse to accept that white people get more pay"

"... to accept a world where love, kindness and the nobility of the human spirit is battered down by cruelty, selfishness and hatred."
/Joyce Chandapillai, Malaysia

"hello martin luther king i had dream!!!!"

"I refuse to belive how white people believe they can treat hispanics bad and make them feel worthless. . ."

"i refuse to accept woman and children and elderly and man and animals are not treated equally."

"i refuse to be judjed because i'm girl and i can't be myself or do whatever i want like boys"

"I refuse to accept the abuse, neglect and exploitation of children. They have a right to love, education and childhood. Hope and Light."
/Liz McMonagle

"This man is the most inspiring man I know"
/Dylan Celestin

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