Martin Luther King Jr.

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Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1964
Martin Luther King Jr.

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"I Have a Dream ..."

"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character".

On 28 August in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke these immortal words to a crowd of over 200,000 people who had gathered for the now historic march on Washington to demand an end to racial segregation in the USA, and for equality in jobs and civil rights.

The following year, in 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In his acceptance speech he said:

"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality".

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I Refuse to Accept ...

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"I refuse to accept that men are higher in society than women are."

"I refuse to accept homelessness, I refuse to accept racism, I refuse to accept sexism, The status Quo!"

"Wherever there is conflict there can be peace. In the same way as conflict is everywhere, peace is everywhere too, just waiting to come out."

"I refuse to accept that humanity needs to lock citizens up to make the world a better place."
/Malithi Wijayathilaka

"I refuse to accept that humanity needs to lock citizens up to make the world a better place."
/Malithi Wijayathilaka

"I really hate it when people reject you and they don't even know yo!"

"Racism. We are all equal in the eyes of God."
/Megan McGaughey

"I refuse to accept society teaching children to tell the truth, yet when that happens no one wants to hear it when they do.Oppression."
/Maggie M.

"IRTA that in the USA we have cyncially reversed the profoundly positive gains made by the civil rights movement and MLK."
/Barbara J. Power

"I refuse to accept others controlling my life! BACK OFF"
/angry teenager

"I refuse to accept to do what other people want me to do and for what I'm not obliged or ready to accept."

"I refuse to accept that some people need to look down on others in order to feel valuable."
/Miss Moneypenny CH

"I refuse to accept the discrimination to women and the basis on which they do not treat men and women equally..."
/Hermione Granger

"I refuse to accept that homosexuality is wrong, I refuse to believe that love is only heterosexual, THIS IS WRONG. IT IS BOTH. <3"

"I refuse to accept that life is only darkness and no light could enlightened it."

"That most people do not take care of nature and wildlife."

"I refuse to accept that in most countries women and girls, their work and ideas are worth less than men´s."

"I refuse to accept that women and girls do not have the same opportunities as man do."
/Louis DEVE

"I have a dream to make a secular & peaceful world!@turjo roy,Bangladesh"

"I refuse to accept that wealth is only in the hands of a few and that others hardly have enough to meet ends !!"
/Peter Dave

"I refuse that man can give himself the right to discriminate his brother! It's one family under that sky, humanity, but people are different"

"I refuse to accept that people in this world become more and more practical and selfish.I refuse to live in a world without real poet."
/Xiaoju Yin (Daisy )

"If we bleed red... we are all the same."
/Selene Morales

"I refuse to accept disbelief!"

"I refuse to accept that we can't find a cure against cancer."
/Alizée Dagort

"I refuse to accept that there is still racism, homophobia and discrimination in the twenty-first century."
/Alizée Dagort

"I refuse to accept apathy of man towards his fellow beings and regard one holier or lesser than the other."
/Ankur Mathur

"I refuse to accept that Negroes And white people could not ride the same bus in U.S"
/By Angella and Crystal~ :)

"I refuse to accept the notion that the people of America won't ever be judged by their character."

"I refuse to accept discrimination, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, etc. We are ALL THE SAME."
/David Norton

"I refuse to accept that our species will continue to destroy the world. MAKE CHANGE"

"I refuse to accept that human being is more worse for the world than anything else."
/Bahareh Shakiba

"I refuse to accept racism. I cannot believe how horrible us white people are to other races."
/Bella - Sydney, Australia

"A world in which children die for the want of clean water and are unable to access education due to the inertia of rapacious industries."

"I refuse to accept that Putin-who's supplying Assad with military equipment and personnel to KILL people-will receive a Nobel Peace Prize."

"I have a dream: Everyone learns to admired this great man as much as I do."
/Yovi Morales Morales

"I refuse to accept violence for ethnical or religious issues; everyone has the right to believe in what they want"
/Elena Der

"I love Martin Luther King Jr. he made a difference in everyone life and his dream came true some of it not everyone stop being racism."

"The black man has awoken. The Dreaming is over."
/B T.

"I refuse to accept that the world never will become a better place for all of the citizens on earth."

"I refuse to accept a government which forces its citizens to accept the unfair dictatorial one-party rule interfering the Internet space!"
/Taiyou Lin


"I refuse to accept the fact that only in the world and among peoples can Chinese people only not have the right to express freely!"

"I refuse to accept that Gays arent treated the same as straight people"

"When someone asks for what race I am, I say, "Human.""

"As a Muslim and a human being I refuse to accept racism, discrimination, abuse on the rights of others."
/Mohammed Rajab Alzahrani

"I refuse to accept moral laziness. I refuse to accept the suggestion to let my ideals slip in favour of living easily. Or at least, I try to"

"Blacks and whites should be treated the same"
/sunny robinson

""Never a victim,forever a fighter""

"I refuse to accept that women are still seen as inferior. I refuse to accept that we earn two dollars less an hour on average. END IT!"
/Isabelle Carvalho

"We are all created equally! Whatever god you believe in we come from the same one. strip away the flesh inside its all the same colour."

"Racism, its not good! simple as that! light or no light we are the same...strip away the flesh and its all the same colour...muscle and bone"

"I refuse to accept the fact that there is still racism! It needs to end, ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL!! Let freedom ring! Put a stop to it!!"
/Native Girl Sault

"you truly made history king what you did in 1963 will live on for ever and you momery will live on forever"
/sandra <3

"Thank you Martin Luther King Junior"
/M.LK. lover

""The only way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it" - Morgan Franklin"
/Monica Russell

"I refuse to accept that the current situation in Syria can only be resolved through war. Peace is possible and should be sought by all means"
/Thomas Hofer

""I refuse to accept the humankind will be select by its color, origin,religion, thoughts or ideas.""

"I refuse to accept that half of the comments on this wall have spelling errors"
/Lily Williams

"Racism is worse than murder people! You are stabbing them, mentally, endlessly!!!!"

"Just be yourself thats the best way to live"

"I accept everyone!!!"
/Jesus Ghandi Peace :D


"i refuse to have berd classes"

"martin luther king jr. I think you really made a diffrence in your i have a dream speech. it really stood out to me."

"he is so inspirational"

"I refuse to accept all of this hatred, fear and distrust in the world."
/Andrew Frame

"We all miss u"

"God Bless America And Everybody In It...Martin Luther King Jr. Ended Segregation, Now Racism Is Ended..."
/Dionne Morrison

"I refuse that people should counts our color, it is what on the inside that counts."
/Tram Nguyen

"I refuse to let people who belittle my potential to stop me from becoming less than I can."
/Nicole Catherine

"I refuse to accept the view that all Muslims are bad we are just the same as everyone else. A few rotten apples does not ruin the bunch."

"I refuse to accept racism"
/Kiara Stevens

"We are all the same and have rights that are balanced, no one is different. We are just human from different places. We can share the world."
/Anatasia Phan Nguyen

"I refuse to accept that we need to fight for things like these, who shouldn't matter at all."

".I refuse to accept that the dream is hopeless"
/Yao minghai

"``I refuse to accept that the world must be ruled by iron hand''."

"i refuse to accept obamas laws"
/Reese Brown

"That I am anything less than human"
/peace 23

"I love the African is amazing!"

"Great man for great nation , he changed the world , by non violent mean , so God bless him , his spirit will continue for ever ."
/Saleh Awdaly

"I refuse to accept that people still be differenced by their skin. White, colored, yellow? We are all humans, with dark or clear skin."
/Meryl Cohen

"I refuse to accept the USA imperialism murdering people with their wars and making people starve around the world. #nonobeltoobama"
/Gabriel Cruz

"I refuse to accept that white people still get higher paying jobs than of colored people. END IT! 'Turn off the lights we r da same.'"

"My life without SCIENCE and SCIENCE without facts."
/Kishlay Kumar

"I refuse to believe that Obama, Putin, Merkel, Hollande & c.o would turn down the challenge to act as human shields in Syria to stop the war"

"i have a dream to be a doctor"

"I am a man, not a yellow"
/Philip Lam

"martin luther king == "mahtama gandhi" exact equilibrium"

"if we want to change the world,we need to change ourself...."

"I refuse to accept the humankind will be select by its colour, origin, thoughts or ideas."
/Miriam Huerta

"I refuse to let violence and tragic historic problems get in my way of accomplishing things and bringing me down no matter what my color"
/Goodness Adekoya

"Racism, if you turn out the light, we are all the same color."

"I refuse to accept the fact that some country's still practices capital punishment. We are better than that."

"I have a dream that one day you will save us from this class"

"thank god you said that speech"

"I refuse to accept the restrictive changes that the world government is trying place over the populace."
/Josh Winter

"that blacks doesn't know there history of slavey"

"I refuse to honour Peace Nobel Prize Laureate Obama for having forgotten diplomacy and cooperation through peoples and promoting war."
/francesca fabbris

"No war,only peace.Stop hurting and killing."
/Cheng from China

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