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The Nobel Peace Prize 1964
Martin Luther King Jr.

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"I Have a Dream ..."

"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character".

On 28 August in 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke these immortal words to a crowd of over 200,000 people who had gathered for the now historic march on Washington to demand an end to racial segregation in the USA, and for equality in jobs and civil rights.

The following year, in 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In his acceptance speech he said:

"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality".

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I Refuse to Accept ...

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"we are not free until we are all free"
/magali moreau, uk

"I refuse to accept that Barack Obama would get a single iota of support from the late GREAT Marting Luther King Jr."
/Rob Ross

"I refuse to accept that I will be just another statistic. That people who look like me are bound to fail."
/Joana Chacon

"...that ignorance--the root of aggression and hostility--is an agent more powerful than than empathy, wisdom, and true compassion."
/Andrew R Thompson

"I refuse to accept that people are still being judge based on the color of their skin, sexual preference, and gender."
/Aliyah C.

"I refuse to accept the Dr. King would approve of my Brothers and Sisters being the pawns to the so called black leaders."
/Manu Jackson

"...the looks of unwarranted disdain and hatred from others who are simply masking own insecurities of society's prejudicial norm."
/Carol Evergreen Coleman Jones

"I refuse to accept that our Country's economic power is run completely by a few depraved, emotionally ill, corrupt corporation owners."
/Sally Casas

"i refuse to accept people judge eachother by the amount of money they do not have."

"That humans can be so tyrannical as to discriminate or kill their fellow brethren... World peace will be established... Very soon. Amen."
/Stuti Saxena

"That the nation that brother Martin Luther King Jr. loves with his pure heart, disrespects his memory with war"
/Alejandro, Colombia

"that any human is less than another; that any life is meaningless; that any time is insignificant or boring; that death is the end of life."
/Timothy J. Bonner, Lawrence, Kansas, USA

"Racism Will Never Go Away. There Will Never Be Peace."
/Jacquelyn J

"I have a dream that it is even possible now !"
/Kingsley Kasosa

"that actually some people seperate the blackz just because of their colour. we are all da same since we ar all humans!!!!!!!!!"
/yumi sandee

"we are all brothers and sisters of one world. colour doesn't matter, we are all human beings. :D"
/sansi yazmin

"how some people still make fun of blacks talk about them"
/jaquantis mcnair

"I can't accept a society in which people are accustomed to saying "who cares?""
/Guanqing Pan, New Jersey, the United States

"We need Peace for the World no more War try to remeber we are brothers and sisters don´t matter race, age, nationality.... PEACE!"
/Robert Goodrich

"I refuse to accept that peace isn't possible."

"I refuse to accept distortions of people's values: The society tells them to pursue for money or fame but not the social welfare or equality"
/Yuxuan Cao

"I refuse to accept that we are alle alike. We're made different to combine as ONE!!!"

"I hope peace, tolerance and diversity will one day rule the world!"
/Luis Quinones-Ramirez

"I refuse to accept man's inhumanity to man as a norm."
/Alex. Scotland

"I refuse to accept that we need to live in a world where we purposely hurt ourselves, animals and this planet for our own apparent gain."
/Faith Canter

"I cant accapt that Obama is responsible for torture and thousends of deaths and still can keep the nobel peace prize"
/Michael Goedecke

"The struggle is an endless one,emergence of Barack Obama is a testimony,only time will tell"
/Jude E Dike

"I refuse to accept still having racial basis for jobs!"

"I refuse to accept that african americans were killedfor no apparent reason."
/Brianna Murray

"I refuse to let violence take our society, it's not by fighting fire with fire that it will lead us towards a world of tolerance."
/Marie-Soleil Normandin

"I refuse to accept that tribes cannot become republic"
/radu vlad

"I refuse to accept the negative comments and the people who tell me I won't succeed!"
/Carlos Arzaga

"I refuse the violence and sheer hatred inflicted on me daily because of the colour of my skin and sex."
/Edna Osman, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

"I refuse to accept that even today, fifty years after Mr. King's speech, there are still people who think blacks are a lesser race."

"I refuse to believe that the last solution in a conflict between two countries is the war."
/Gabriel MG

"I refuse to accept racial prejudice from lesser individuals"
/Dan Z

"Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King for all that you've done for not only blacks but everyone but we still got work to do here in America.."
/Willie Lawrence Jackson 3rd

"The dream has more power than ever before. Each day got his own reason to make a better world, a justice commitment and build a better human"
/Carlos A. Borelli

"I refuse to accept that every human being has same capacities, abilities, thinking pattern, attitudes and bahavior. So, why expect?"
/Adnan Ayub

"I refuse to accept the fact that history teaches us a lesson and 50 years later we still live in hatred and are living in a patriotic world"

"I too have a dream, that one day black and white people can play basketball together, and not be racccciiiiisssssssstttttt"
/ethan saville

"I have a dreaaaam, that all my brother and sisterssssss, can re unite with all the white people."

"I refuse to accept that we blacks had no right's and that Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed by a bullet that was meant for him; It wasn't!"

"I refuce to accept that Peace Nobel Price Bearers are willing to start a WAR without having a clue of what he is going to mess up..."

"I refuse to accept another US Military drone bomb over the Mid Eastern lands."
/Freedom Fighter

"I refuse to accept a society in which money is continuously plowed into military expenditure yet schools and educational institutions suffer"

"I refuse to accept the idea that we must fight wars to end violence. The only way to peace is non-violence, and to love one another."
/Rob Child Turner

"I refuse knowing that now some children are sad because the world is sad and poor of culture and civilitation..I agree with them"

"I refuse to accept the falsehood and the cowardice. Be courageous like MLK: Revoke The Prize to Obama!!!"
/Marcello Foresti, Italia

"I refuse to accept inequality , injustice , racism and irresponsible humans"
/Alexander Tshai

"I refuse to accept the idea that you have given the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama, who seeks any excuse to attack Syria."
/Eddy Moon

"I refuse to accept a society where any struggle for positive change is met resistance only to make way for the vested interest of a few."
/Umair Amin

"I refuse to accept that people will be judged by their origins, and I believe that love is the only weapon that will brings us all as ONE."

"I refuse to accept a society where any struggle for positive change is met resistance only to make way for the vested interest of a few."
/Umair Amin

"I refuse to accept that Peace Prize Laureate. Barack Obama should continue to incite Wars & Kill people, and still retain his Nobel Prize !"
/James Stuart

"I refuse to accept that justice, freedom, and wealth are for the minority and , that mankind will rather repeat History than learn from it."
/Nimelydi Rosa

"I refuse to accept differniating between black and white that time."

"I refuse to accept that War is better than Diplomacy, that an alternative cannot be found to killing"

"I refuse the mindset of most of the world`s population. Care for the weak if you have power, don't loose the hope if you are weak!"
/Naceer Ehmed

"wasting time"

"despite of our colour and origin we should keep in mind that we have the same father."
/Ruhuro Daniel

"No matter how many try to diminish the dream, it will never die, because it is an everlasting!"
/K. Young

"Our planet and 'a big house and we usufriamo of its hospitality', we must take care of them or one day or the other we will be evicted."

"I refuse to accept 42 SEK ice cream. I mean, seriously."
/No go

"I refuse to accept the injustice, cruelty, and hatred I see in this world! We are meant for more than this!"

"I believe that humanity's greatest hour is yet to come."

"you are a great source of inspiration for all of the world. Today specially developing countries should learn from your struggle."
/gurinder singh

"What can I say? Thank you, for being taunted harassed belittled and targeted on my behalf.. A woman yet to be born but afforded so much!"
/Nicole Elaine Avery

"great leader"
/ankur nagar

"I refuse to accept any kind of intimidation. Don´t feel ashamed to be yourself and never let the others bring you down."

"not having any dreams"

"I refuse to accept that the crime and violence in Chicago as "business as usual". We/I will take personal responsibility, like Dr. King."

"I refuse to accept the fact that America practices capital punishment. We are better than that."
/Zachary Hardy

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