Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 1993
Nelson Mandela, F.W. de Klerk

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Remembering Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was awarded the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for his work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime, and for laying the foundations for a new democratic South Africa. He died on 5 December 2013.

"... a shining example for the world that there are ways out of the vicious circle of violence and bitterness", Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Francis Sejersted said in his speech at the award ceremony in Oslo, Norway.
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What Did Nelson Mandela Mean to You?

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Remembering Nelson Mandela

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"I think he was a great man for helping South Africa, and I appreciate what he did for them."
/That's personal information

"I was doing a project on Mandela and at 1st i had no clue who he was so i learned so many cool things about him"
/sorry no telling

"so awesome. cool:0"

"wowwwww cool:0"

"Nelson Madela is a real hero for South Africa and a awesome person ever existed"

"I was like: WTF he went to jail for 27 years and then changed the world?! Wow..."

"Mandela inspires people by his achievements"

"president nelson mandela means alot to me becaus he was differ from any other president ... he united his people"
/haindere paulus s

"he is the best"
/Carrie Jeffries

"i'm so glad he did what he did. He inspires me a lot. he has changed everything. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/kyra russell

"HI i luuuvv nelson mandela"

"Mandela is a symbol of peace and fighting for the freedom of the people. He's simply an enigma who believe in waiting."
/Abayomi Habib

"I got to pick a world hero for a project and I picked this man"

"Nelson da best"

"He is a Great man"

"Nelson was someone who taught me how to be courage"
/Reuben victor


"Nelson Mandela was my image."

"we are studdying him at school and i think he is a great man"
/boby jimmy

"He is my great grand dad i met him a few times before he died he is the best"

"He was my father. A very independent man with a very good heart. The person who is the hero of the world"

"He was a good leader to south Africa and world wide. He fought for all south Africans to have the same rights as whites. He was a kind, helpful"

"AN ICON who suffered in prison to free his people from the Grip and subdueness of apartheid, Father & Founder of South African Peace PAC."
/Dr. Anthony Onyachonam Chukuma, mbbs, aimls, CPA USA.

"He ended the Apartheid to help those people who suffered in South Africa."
/Anonymous Student

"He meant everything without him i feel like i am not free. he was the greatest president. Today I'm free from hatred and fear because him"
/Dickson Nkosi

"Nelson Mandela meant a lot to people. I didnt know who he was when my mom told me about him i was very sad when he went to prison for no reason"

"a man who never lost his determination to help the people of his country."

"more than the number of characters i'm given on this platform"

"What I admire about Nelson Mandela is that he never gives up on himself and that he earned the Nobel prize for inspiration of toasting."

"he was a good man who made right decision to the country"

"i like him"

"A man who deserved more thanks than what he had been given."
/Ave Harrison

"My hero and a good man"
/phukubje mishack

"Let me say Simply "Madiba was, The only perfect human being""

"He is very nice and did the right thing"
/Emarion Ullman

"He was a hero, somebody who never thought highly of himself always of others and that's what we should do but can't cause of all the voilcei."

"A good man"

"A symbol of true loving people. A great example of real leader. Worker for Mass people's rights. we love & respect him."
/Dhanonjoy Paul

"he is my project for my history project. he was a great, nice, kind, smart man"

"He is the greatest hero"


"a peaceful leader"

"He meant to me he was a bold and kind man"
/kyle bean

"He taught me that if your fears or other people knock you down you get back up and knock whatever stand in your way."
/Callen Nanacasia

"i love this guy"

"I was inspired as a child when I saw him on the television. Let him rest in peace forever."
/Napolean B.

"he is very good"

"he was full of hope to others"

"l sent this good man an email just to let him know that l was backing him from Canada, he returned my email thanking me, l still have it...."
/george heidebrecht

"i will always miss him because he was a man of truth ... he lead the country to a bright future viva mandela"
/haindere paulus s

"I am doing Nelson Mandela for a National History Day project because I respect what he did."
/Sydney Nay

"I thought nelson mandela was a real life hero"

"he was a lovely person"

"He was a real beam of light for oppressed masses of society. For me he was a torch bearer of equal rights for humanity around the globe"
/Muhammad Shoaib

"He was the most bravest black man"
/Faia'e Yu Hoi

"Nelson Mandela was my role model. He fought against racism. I was so disappointed when he died."

"N Mandela was a true democrat who loved his country and put it at the fore front."

"Mandela was an exemplary president and the charismatic leader the Africa as a continent had ever had. I personally impressed by his leadership style, he was the servant leader. I wish all African leaders were to be like him, africa could be journeying towards a sustainable development."
/Dewamoi Daniel Lawrence

"a hero ..."
/aymen ayeb

"He was a amazing leader for his people. fighting to live in peace."
/Anderson Rodrigues

"A true patriotic leader. I salute you sir. Your legacy shall never perish. May GOD save your soul"

"The most inspirational leader in Africa, where is your kind mother who has that freedom blood. A man who lived his life against oppression."
/Aschalew Mekonnen

"The Greatest Man to have ever lived in my lifetime. Mandela epitomises the triumph of Good over evil"
/Thomas Gowa

"MHMM MMMMM he did a'ight"

"He will be remembered as a great hero nd leader of our nation GOD BLESS HIM;("
/Kholeka "Amahle" Ngcobo

"A 21st century prophet"

"cool guy"

"A father to me"
/Tshego nkomo

"I live in South Africa. Without Nelson Mandela's bravery and determination none of us would know South Africa as we do now."

"He was awesome"

"He was an inspiring pioneer of peace and equality. He always believed in other ways to leave the darkness that shrouds mankind"


"nelson was a very kind man he helped and served south Africa We will never forget you"

"Nelson Mandela is an inspiration to show that YES! we are only human, but we can make a difference no matter the cost!"
/Elanah [aka:Alyvia] (A writer)

"An inspiration"

"Nelson Mandela was and is unequalled though is dead. He accepted a 27 yrs imprisonment bt never said "NO TO DIFIANCY MOV'TS" who else can do dat? We wil live to remember you. R.I.P Mandela an African icon."
/Ssekawungu Lincon

"he was, oops he is a miracle of god who make their own fate"

"N,Mandela is Herro of Peace"

"Madiba you the hero"

"he was our hero"

"He was like my papa the hero"

"history in the making"

"Nelson mandela the powerful solder! tata rest peace"
/Bongane maphanga

"he showed us what peace really means we miss you"

"A man who tried and succeeded. Mandela shall never be forgotten in our hearts."
/Natalie Chukwueke

"Mandela means a lot to me and he saved us from a racial holocaust that could have destroyed our country #we are proud of you"

"A man who tried to change something, a man who did change something."
/Jeffery Brown

"you loyal you the best "

"RIP Nelson Mandela"

"he was amazing"

"maddiba your people mis u"
/paulus haindere

"he was the president who like every one in the world. I love him an I really miss him. may his soul rest internal peace"
/paulus haindere


"Nelson Mandela was a wonderful, brave, and thoughtful man to make this prod a better place to live on as humans today"
/Dawnesha Jordan

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

"Very brave !"

"i wish you were still here so i could meet you i am doing a paper on you and it would be helpful to hear your side of the story youre missed"
/Larissa byus

"He was a great example of how we should be, and we should also try to change the world like he did"
/Celina Almanza Garcia

"Great man. Much appeciation. Much love."

"he was my grandpa on my dads side before him and my dad died so thank god that he is still here in my heart thank u Jesus for everything"

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