Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 2010
Liu Xiaobo

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, more than 15 000 greetings to the new Nobel Peace Prize Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Number of greetings: 10250

"Congatulations,Mr,Liu,You have pave a road to follow."
/Juan Zayas

"xiao bo, live long"
/台北 張之和

"Though I can't know the detail about Liuxiaobo ,but I am excited about the price. I JUST WANT TO KNOW MORE~~"

"great effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/humayu khan

"liu xiaobo you will be a legend after half a century"
/tim song


"let us make revolution to promotion"
/Tim from Nanjing

"Congratulation Liu Xiaobo !!!!!!!!"

"We need reality, not lie"

"Congratulations, Mr. Liu. I believe that your Charter 08 will be the Guide to the reformation of political and social systems."
/X.J. Xiong

"you are thebest."


"congratulation liu Xiaobo"
/sonn vy

"Congratulations master Xiaobo, you deserve the prize for all you have done to promote peace and democracy in China."
/Chinese Aborad

"Congratulations to Mr. Liu Xiaobo, and we stand with him to fight for the freedom of all our Chinese people"



"congratulations from Persia"

"merçi et toutes mes félicitations a LIU XIAOBO. vive la liberté"





"Thank you, Liu Xiaobo, for what you represent for oppressed people everywhere. You have had such a great impact. Congratulations."
/Kalen Granger

"Délivrez Liu Xiao Bo !"

"Right decision, congratulation to Liu and Thanks for Nobel committe"
/a Chinese



"we'll always stand by your side!"

"Dear Mr. Nobel, Your committee fellows make up last year's mistake in a brave and beautiful way. Mr. Liu you deserves this prize. Great!"
/Ernie from Taiwan

"Congratulations from Costa Rica!"


"æé½äººæ°ç¥è´ºä½ "

"Sieg des Gewissen und Vernunft !"


"来自山东济南的网友发来贺电 中国终于有人拿奖了 可怜的诺贝尔官网也被屏蔽了 我是翻墙来的"


/john lee

"中華民族之光, 任重而道遠"
/Lion, from Hong Kong

"Strikingly out of the blue & brings a stronger breeze for the empowerment of freedom in every aspect for Chinese people. Don't stop here :D"





"To Xiaobo, Please continue your fight for human rights in China. My prayers are with you. More than congratulations, God bless!"
/rene from the philippines

"congratulation! 加油!"

"嘉兴学院发来贺电 8964的冤魂发来贺电"

"Heartfelt congratulations on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!"
/Valerie Smith


"We know nothing about this in China. All reports are blocked. Those who know, believe it is western imperialism at work. 我不懂!"


"hope one day malaysian will be able to win this award.. hey you guys people in committee why don't u try Dato' Prof. Ir. Dr. Zaini Ujang"

"congratulations to the Peace Nobel Winner! please continue your hard effort and good luck!"
/E. Schiallivi

/Japanese Citizen


"Mr Liu is taking the lead in the striving for China's democracy, and thousands and millions will follow in the days to come."

"liu xiaobo will never be forgotten by chinese people, he will definately last more than he lives.I believe that!"

"great job woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"It is super uau"
/ja a ja


"You are the Pride of China."

"Thank you and Congratulations!"


"The hero of China, there will be full of liberty and democracy if"
/lance liu from Shanghai


"Congratulations and special thanks to Nobel organization .they showed you will be a winner even though you are imprisoned!"
/Kathy from IRAN

"明天会更好!自德国 Zukunft wird es besser sein!"

"顶 ,高兴"

"peace 4ever!!!"

"I am so much touched by Liu Xiao Bao, a true Chinese Mandela."

"First Chinese wins Nobel Prize"

"恭喜恭喜 人民的英雄 自由是挡不住的 ,未来的民主共和国是不会忘记你的"

"Congradulations! I am extremly proud of you, and all the others who dare to voice! A lotus for you!"





"liuxiaobo is a hero of China!"

"congratulations,hero of China。you will never be forgotten in history。"


"Wonderful Excellent news .....Many Congradulations! May you soon be free."


"Sir, congratulations on your win. Americans admire your courage and resolve."

/a chinese

"Liu Xiaobo is a role model to me who is a Vietnamese American. I hope that Vietnam will be a free country one day. Freedom for all!!!"
/Martin Tran


/pranith simha from india

"Congratulations from Dublin, Ireland"

"Good job"

/mao zedong

/a chinese



"Congratulations! We are proud of you!"


/Nanking, china


"太给力了!Chinese people are proud of you!"

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