Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 2011
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, Tawakkol Karman

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, nearly 2 000 greetings to the new Nobel Peace Prize Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

Number of greetings: 1987
"Thank you for your important work! Women must have full participation and safety. I'm heartened that the Nobel Peace Prize is going to you"
/Marilyn Simpson

"hope to do more peace work next"
/omar faruque,bangladesh

/djamal hadjidj

"congratulations ladies for the Nobel Prize. Wish you good luck for coming events."
/Manish Gill


"Very good. You all deserve this wonderful prize."
/Lulu Mansour

"Greetings from "

"kudos. peace is amazing"

"you guys do alot in the world, =)"
/student at YouCan

"Congratulations for Leymah and all women of Liberia for Nobel Prizes 2011"
/helenice gomes

"You inspire me!"
/Scott Wagner

"Congrats idk ///???"
/Chuck Norris

"k u did pretty gud and are smart at skool. have fun and get munnee"

"Peace is something that must be sought at all costs. We wouldn't have achieved any peace if not for you!"
/Lilia (NM, USA)

"Thank you for your commitment and dedication. The world is blessed to have you and we appreciate each of you for your steadfast commitment."

"Congratulation alll of you winner and salute your work for women wright."
/Sagar Kafle

"peace bro!"
/garce kim

"Undescribably grateful for all you do for women! Congratulations!"
/Cynthia Hudson

"we are all very proud of ur braveness n u thank u for giving inspiration"

"Greetings from "
/Kennedy oure

"hi people great job"

"congragulation to all of u and Allah give u more power to establish it 4 long period of time ameen"
/neelan and faiza

"congrats we salute u all"
/triveni thingujam

"Supar.ur's good impresive in all cunterys."

"good job. im inspired"
/g. chok

/Jim jacob

"lololol i cant belive you won"

"Congrats!! Peace."

"Congratulations on your achievement. Your efforts toward safety for Women and Women's rights globally, is deeply appreciated. Shalom."
/Rev. Dr. E. Lauraine Acey, Coatesville, PA

"congrates to all three inspirational women......"
/rushna awan, pakistan

"I am in awe of your strength, courage and determination. Congratulations and thank you for all you do for women."

"Congrats and blessings to you all."
/Nancy D. Tolson

"Congratulations, you will change the world!"
/Jack DradPr

"Congrats for making peace ! your awesome : )"
/LaLa Love

"pease is what this world needs"
/shanika jones


"Congrats !!!!!!"
/lusie p


"j'aime la paix. c'est un tres bon chose."

"Congratulation for the new land mark in the history of womankind !"
/Sarbani Bose

"God Bless you brother!"
/jannerson girsang

"Congratulation Leymah Gbowee on such a great accomplishment! I was much in awe of you at the July Women of the ELCA Conference in Spokane."
/Nancy Boettcher

"Thanks so much everyone for working to make this world a better place!"
/Lissie Laddchuk from Caliiii

"Awesome! We need to see 3 amazing women to win every year; Of the 101 individuals awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, 15 are women..."
/Sir Jesse of Decatur

"I am thrilled to know there are such courageous, strong women leaders such as you! You are inspiring hearts around the world!"
/Joyce Kawasaki, San Rafael, CA, USA

"I'm writing my college admissions essay about you three ladies. You're such an inspiration- even here in America!"

"Congrates! You did it! You had truly mad this world a better place for me and you! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!"
/Amere Nyece Robinson

"I can just say Well Done and Congratulations a million. Really, " A can- do attitude makes the impossible possible""
/Mohammed Hamoud Dabwan Ali

"Good Job!"
/Good Job!

"I love u gals."
/Danny G

"you all pepole had done a great thing"

"thank you all for your great work."
/eileen m bartlett

"Congratulations! THREE women in a row is such a victory! They're peace-keepers of the world."
/Jae Won Lee

"Your greetings. Congradulations......$"
/Congradulations......$ Dhanish

"Congrulations. If these types persons appear often, the war will be ended and will never begin."
/Samir Musa


"this is the biggest inspiration of the women across the world"
/Najmul Hossain

"THANK YOU !!!!"

"In Oneness We Are...and as our master Gandhi is saying: "The is no Way to Peace, PEACE is THE WAY"!! Bravo!! Emmanuel ITIER Wonderland Ent"
/Emmanuel ITIER

"Thank you for promoting peace around the world. You have made such a difference, and we all appreciate your hard work!!"
/Anonymous, U.S.

/Manuel López N

"Thanks For Everything ! <3"
/Amere Robinson

"Dear Leymah, I am extremely proud of you and the women of Liberia for standing up for what was right under such extraordinary circumstances!"
/Wambui M

"Hola noveno!!!!!!!!saludes"

"Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman .....what you people are doing is Amazingly Great....Keep It Up..!! Congrats"
/Deepak Reddy India

"You three women represent all of the women around the world! Peace."

"Congratulations! You are three fabulous women showing the rest of the world in which direction to go! We are so proud of you!"
/Prof. Dr. Annette Kreutziger-Herr

"Excellent ladies you all did well work for peace in world .you all deserve this great honour..welldone."
/VIJAY RANA ,india(hp)

"Thank you for making this world a better place . Thank you , thank you ! <3"

"thank-you for your courage and strength standing up or sitting down for what we all would like the most"

"congrats u really inspire all women"

"Giving Nobel peace prize to three women will enhance global movement for women empowerment. Congrats the nation of mothers. Allah Bless you"
/ASM BELAL. Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Congratulations winners , this indeed is a real achievement for the mankind. You make us proud."

"congradulations tawakkul"

"Hi, my name is Leila Akinyi, a Kenyan citizen and I just wanted to acknowledge your efforts to make the world a better place."
/Leila Akinyi.

"Congratulations to all.They have done really good woprk.We should respect all three."
/Ram Gadre,Pune(India)

"Your efforts will be remembered forever. Hearty Congratz!"
/Linsad M, Kerala-India

"Your efforts will be remembered forever. Love U!"

"A hearty congratulations to you all. your great and unimaginable work towards man kind is beyond my words.thanq for serving to the man kind."
/Haseeba Banu, Karnataka, INDIA

""congrats to the peace""

"You are setting such a fine example for young women around the world! Thank you. Mother of two great girls."
/Ellen Brandy Trainor

"congrats! these all for improving human life & for inspire us to do so."
/Tapesh Saha

"congratulations on wining the peace prize"

"Being a woman im proudly take this oppertunity 2 congratulate u from the bottom of my heart"

"rock on"


"Good work ladies for equality in the the mean time today a Gents and lady are equal in every form of social system."

"war is over peace. go america."
/jimmy john

"I am truly inspired by them!"
/Iffat Tarannum


"you have a great thing"

"congradulations for your heartiest effort"
/Jayarajan gopinath

"Congrats Ladies!!! Well deserved. I commend you on all your efforts for women's rights."
/Vernetta R Freeney

"wish you all the best for their life taken for their journey."

"Congratulations to Leymah Gbowee. I am in awe of your courage of Women, War and Peace in Liberia. You are an inspiration to all Women."
/Catherine Dubyk

"its going to be fun!!! <3"

"Congratulations very very much.. well done keep going ahmadzai from AFG"

"Thank your for your peaceful fights for equality for all."
/James H., United States of America

"peace out! way to go derp"
/Anita Bathes

"You are gifts to the world, and your inspiration as women touches many of us. We are all blessed by your dedication, love and commitment. Th"
/Reverend Misa Hopkins

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