Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 2011
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, Tawakkol Karman

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, nearly 2 000 greetings to the new Nobel Peace Prize Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

Number of greetings: 1987
"Congratulation Madam "Iron Lady", Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman. Continue to do your good works as role model for peace the world over."
/James W. Flomo

"Congratulation! thank you, you have done a great job......"
/Sk Mohammad Ullah

"Congratulation Madam "Iron Lady", Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman. Continue to do your good works as role model for peace the world over."
/James W. Flomo

"Heartfelt welcome to Ellen, Leymah and Tawakkul for your upright philosophy so I see and know my wife as an essential person during my life."
/KMN S. Iqbal (Bangladesh)

"We salute these three inspirational, trailblazing women, each of whom represents the aspirations of women throughout the world,congrats."
/Thelma Awori, Co-President Sirleaf Market Women’s Fund.


/kyaw myo than from Burma(Myanmar)

"Congratulations does not begin to express the joy in my heart. Congrats to all 3 women. You make us want to be better, well done"
/Bahia Akerele Neufville

"Congratulations. Special appreciation to the selection committee for best choice"

"Congratulations! You all the true example of peace."
/Maria Hernandez, USA

"Because your enlightement beyond the current non peaceful times. You are three flowers to protect but, at the same time, to show worldwide."
/Mario Enrique La Riva Málaga

"Thank you for your work and Congratulations on being recognized for it."
/NewsBlaze team

"My sincere gratitude goes to all of you. May God bless you and may prosperity comes to all of part of the world."
/Triwidodo Arwiyanto

"No happy to see female working for peace actually receiving the rewards!"
/Jackie A-Maryland

"congratulations! The world isnt that bad afterall."
/Ashwin Sirse

"Thanks as you remind us that being a gril is such a beautiful thing."

"well done nelson mandela"

"I say a big congratulations to Madam Tawakkul Karman, Madam Leymah Gbowee, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. We are so proud of you. Cheers !"
/Bayo Olushola Omoyiola, ECOWAS Commission

/Anand Yogendra 'yogi' Tucson desert........

""Congratulations! I hope for the best of all three of you to continue achieving what you have all started.""
/Maria Hernandez

"Congratulatons to all three, you are inspirate other women who are working for women rights and peace."
/Sumathi Wijeyaraj, Tamil Women org. Oslo, Norway

"So so proud of beign a woman, because of you. Definitely, your make de world a better place to live."
/laura lascurain, mexico

"Congratulation!! and thank you for your hard working to make a difference in our world, to make it a better place."
/fatemeh mir

"Goodness...many thanks for your effort and your sample to all cultures around the world. Congratulations from Pasto, Colombia."
/Darío Romo

"every Indian woman will definately fetel proud about u"
/vaibhao dshmukh Ner yeotmal maharashtra India

/anjum ismail

/mustafa bin laden

"We wish to congratulate President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Madam Leymah Gbowee for the 2011 Nobel Peace Price. All Hail Liberia!!!!"
/Association of Liberians in Norway

"Congratulations for this deserved acknowledgement! Please keep working in favor of women around the world."

"Congrats Mrs. Sirleaf! Nadia(Amina) and I are so proud of you! Here in Florida, we are cheering you on at school!! :)"

"Congrats, you guys! You are making the world a better place to live!!!!"
/Neshva Bloom

"May the Force be with you."
/Ypda, Mustafar

"best wishes 4 all of u"
/hari singh yadav** rudrapur uttrakhand india

"Hello Earthlings!!! If you hand over the planet within 24 hours, starting October 29, we will give you a discount to Super 88!!!"
/Unit 35t4h

"congratulation tawakkul . i am really proud of you."
/sayed zaghloul egyptian

"congrates to all laureates 2011."
/vivekanand tiwari

"well donce mandela"

"CONGRATULATIONS! You are all an inspiration to women and the world!"

"Congratulations to 3 beautiful women, you are an example for the world."

"Thanks to all for ur great effort regarding upliftment of womens right.I really congrats you for your prize,carry on with ur work"
/mohinder channi

"I wish all Nobel prize Winners. I shall appeal that next year there will be more winners from woman and peace side. Thanks Await for more..."
/Satyajeet Mala

"Wondeful, such great work is recognized. You have brought the light down for all of us to see and to show how powerful it is. Bless you all"

"Thanks so much for your wonderful work! Hugs, & you changing the world! <3"
/Kimberly Seitz, age 12

"Congrat. To you all winners."
/Vivek kumar

"Thank you for your pursuit of women's rights."

"Congratulations and A tribute to the country assigned to Kerman China's great hope that our revolution is victorious, God willing,"
/ahmed alsharabe

/Evelyn Heinz, USA

/Tasbir Ahmed Chowdhury (Bangladesh)


"congi to you all you"

"Kudos to Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,Tomas Transtromer and every other Nobel Laureate."
/Adeola Yusuf Amuni. Nigeria

"congratulaton to all peace noble laureates 2011. carry on your best."
/jatin jakhu.

"Congratulations and thank you for your wonderful work."
/Wendy Nicolle

"I felicitate all nobel prize winners thi yaer.........................."
/MD.Ekram Hasan......Bangladesh'

"Greetings from "
/Mughavi Sumi Dimapur: Nagaland

"Many many congrates to all three women. you are no doubt give a motivation to all the women of the world.. especially Mis Tawakkul Karman.."
/sundas azeem


"Greetings from "



"Congratulations Madams. :) may Allah bless you forever."
/Swarna (Bangladesh)

"A warm and heartly congratulation to all 3 recipients for their noble endeavours for peace and justice and inspiring others to do so."

"Congratulations to all three of you lovely women. You have made tremendous sacrafices to teach all of us where the power really lies."

"Thank you! the peace makers for your contributions"

"Como feminista e pacifista este ano de 2011 ficará na memória de todos/as. Três mulheres que lutam pela Paz e Progresso. Parabéns ."
/Luísa de Paiva Boléo

"congrats to all laureates!!! you have done good work"
/redmond, oregon

"I had the privilege of hearing Leymah Gbowee at LA Public Library last week. Her message should be heard by all of both sexes."
/Marshall Drazen

"you dudes are awesome!!!"

"Your courage to persevere despite all obstacles is an inspiration to all to believe they can make a difference in this world!"
/Mary Ann Kadooka, Hawaii, USA

"Mabroook Twakol so proud of you walah.. Congratulation all......."
/Bushra Eagle

"Heartiest congratulations! Sisters! You all have made women, particularly those in the less developed world, feel extremely proud."
/Yvonne Bobb-Smith, Trinbago

"Congrats to all"
/Maria Manuela M. ribeiro


"Congratulations to three of the most dynamic women for winning such a distinguished prize. You three are SUCH an inspiration. Blessings"
/Felicia N.Mason Lawnside New Jersey

"الف الف مبروك يابنت اليمن ياتعزيه ياحره هنيئا لليمن بك وبلدتك الطيبه الحبيبه رفعتي رؤسنا واعدتي لنا هيبتنا كما ذكرها الرسول الكريم ياكريمه ي"
/وداد المقطري

"Congratulations, you deserve..."
/A. Eloi


"You're inspiration to women who still struggle with discrimination in developed countries."

"Thank you God for courage, faith and love of these three women, and all the others in the world who work for peace."
/Jill Hinrichs

"Congrats! You represent not just women but people around the world peacefuly working to protect human rights."
/Lic. Alejandra Paredes (Mexico)

"You have gone far, and helped many. You three women have stepped up to the plate to support women when others wouldn't."
/Shapowa Rankodosloufaness Phd, University of Calcutta

"Best wishes to you who have shown us what women can do together."
/Diana E Forrest

"Girl power!!!! The 3 of you are an inspiration and I plan on talking to the high school girls I work with about your many accomplishments"

"congrats to all nobel winner in peace........this is great ahead of women empowerment"
/ramesh chand meena

"it shows women power in the world,thanks noble committee for recognizing them"
/vikas singh tomar

"Congrats to all of you!"
/Billy Highrider

"Thank you Nobel"
/bassam shamasan

"thanks so much for all the hard work you do each and every day it is really appreciated !"

"congrats to alexis lee !"

"Bless you all. You give me courage, hope, and the inspiration to follow in your footsteps."
/Bernadette Dodge

"I'm proud of your choise!"

"Salutations my friend"
/That guy

" are a matter of pride for us God bless you"

"Sincere congrats to the 3 Peace Prize Laureates who will certainly help to make this world a better place. An inspiration to all THANK YOU."
/Alwina Lorek Gordon, SCOTLAND, UK

"Sincere congrats to the 3 Peace Prize Laureates who will certainly help to make this world a better place. An inspiration to all THANK YOU."
/Alwina Lorek Gordon

"Congrats to all, especially to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. An inspiration to all women everywhere."
/A. Lorek Gordon

"ShubhaABHInandanalu, Congratulations, from founder, I request you to forward my work on stopping global destruction SID+LUS"

"Most help artilecs on the web are inaccurate or incoherent. Not this!"

"Heart felt congratulations to all nobel laureates. You are an inspiration to all who advocate for change and a better world to live in."
/Ditwayi Mulusa

"Congratulations all of women for getting award in peace"
/Ghulam Abbas Shah

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