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Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 2012
European Union (EU)

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, greetings to the new Nobel Peace Prize Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Number of greetings: 637
"Mo Yan! You're the best! Never surrender your dreams!"
/Paul Church

"Congratulations, Mo Yan! You make me feel proud to be Chinese."
/Adrian C.Y. Fu, Canada.

"Congatulations to the EU.Wish they worked in South Africa and helped stop this corrupsion and crime."

"As a member of the EU can I now put 'Nobel Peace Prize Laureate' on my CV?"

"This nomination is calling us all for the meaning of remaining in unity. EU as model with learnt lessons for other continents."
/Sonia da Silva Vieira

"Victory of Jaw-Jaw over War-War. Well done EU."
/Vijay Bhardwaj

"Thanks a lot. Sometimes we forget the important things"
/Dirk Muehlenjost, Germany

/Rakibul Hassan

"May today's Nobel Prize to the EU inspire every decision of the Heads of State from now on."
/Alessandro Gropelli

/MIROSLAV SYNEK, Ph.D., San Antonio, Texas.

"Congratulations to all of the peoples of the EU. More democracy in a future United States of Europe. European Federalist Party, Greece"
/Harry Stamelos

"Truly admirable, your commitment to peace and nobler causes will benefit the whole world, Congratulations."
/Cecilia Plantilla-Gonzalez

"Congratulation, Union Europe!"
/Paul Sebastian Brachetti

"I was very moved how EU has being working so hard towrds democracy and show the world to work together for a better life .Best cogratulatio"
/Mrs. anjeannette Madsen

"Congratulations to bureaucracy, because this is the true winner."

"Congratulations to all of us Europeans :)"
/Tarja Wingren

"Proud to be European, today more than ever! Thank you for the prize you granted to European people!"

"Mother, born 1904. Me, 1944. She saw 2 World Wars. Today, at 68, I want to say congratulations Europe, thanks for uniting against war."
/Mary Jane Boland

"We should never take peace for granted but appreciate it and remember that it's the EU's most important mission. Bravo EU!"
/Taina Mertalo

"Good! Now Norway can join the EU too!"
/Stolt en berg

"Good choice!"
/Ewa, Stockholm

"Congratulations for all the Europeans."
/Jaana Hirvilammi

"Poor world !!"

/Saroj Kanta Behera

"I am a European citizen born in 1948 I have lived all my life in the Peace: Thanks to European Union. Nobel Prize well-deserved"
/Aldo Panico

"May your Blessings of 2012 as N P Laureate enable you to create Peace/Democracy in other parts of the world! (i.e. North Korea! :-)"
/Betsy A. Kawamura

"The EU has, in essence, put behind them a past filled with turmoil and tribulations and committed to common shared goals."
/Elizabeth Violas

"EU Should get a Nobel in Economics :|"
/Arif Nezami

"Special congratulations to the winner of Peace Prize, but it is unclear is the winner a person in the sence of article 2. of Nobel's Statut?"
/Aleksa Ciganovic architect

"The only way this could have been more ironic, is if it was the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize for Economics.."
/A British Citizen

"Peace is not granted for ever and must be supported by our contiuous efforts to live and work together, towards an "ever closer union"."
/Frédéric Guiot, an even more proud EU Official

"Congratulations! This prize is a stimulus for the Citizens of the Union to continue with the developement of a federal Citizens Union."
/Gerald-Christian Heintges European Federalist Party

/Nemanja, Serbia

"It appears that I have won. I would to have money soon so I can enjoy my weekend."
/Random citizen

"The College of Europe students, Bruges feel very proud to be European Today! Congratulations EU!"

"What are the norwegians smoking??"

"They should have given them the economics prize!"

"A well-deserved Nobel Prize. Europeans can be proud of this achievement"
/O L

"This rating topples that of rating agencies: the Prize reminds us that the EU and peace are a political project and as such, a promise."

"Congratulations for a job well done. Please continue to spread your message around the world, particularly to Kampuchea Krom."
/Hua Son

"Proud of my niece who does a beautifull jobfor the EU."
/Hilde VdM

"European union made our lives better in many aspects of life. Congratulations!!!!"

"Can I please have my sub now?"

"Congratulations! Good news for all Europeans. This is right choice. Europe is best part of World and I am proud to be an European."

"Congratulations.... but what about the Balkans!!!"
/DR/ London

"omg congrats eu"
/american girl rc

"Great decision!"
/T. Jagland

"Cogratulations to the EU! Peace, democracy an human rights!""
/Indra Nepalese

/Zane/ Latvia/Mersrags

"I'm proud to be a citizen of a peaceful Europe founded on friendship and cooperation. The Prize is a reminder to value our shared history."
/Stephan Matthiesen

"Congratulations, "

"May the peace increase in Spain and Greece"
/Spanish Athenian

"Europe is going through hard times right now, but you continue to be an inspiration for humankind."
/Arturo Serrano

"Seems a bit like Eurovision to me....Europe, 10 points"

"The EU deserves this prize. Peace is probably the only success of the European Union. Everything else was a failure."
/Bruno Esteves

"congratulation but as an algerian citizen i can not bileive in this eu without russia yes russia is the future of euorpe and the world peace"
/kaldorka kaka

"An organisation that fails to cause the economic meltdown of their region as well as having participated in countless wars wins against edhi"

"We want to remind all EU about what we have achieved on this continent and that we should not let it start disintegrating again."
/Pedro Góis

"Congrates EU"
/shailesh Bhokare

"Thank you!"
/Nikolaos Fragkos

"Europa di merda"

"The EU achievement of the Nobel Price for Peace, in spite of a financial crisis, is an absolute lesson, of supreme democracy. Congrats."
/Amal Fernando & IPL from Sri Lanka

/Freedom Fighter, UK

"We hail the EU, for the peace & democracy - the rightly cause for the Nobel Prize 2012. "
/Amal Fernando & IPL from Sri Lanka

"Congrats to the EU. Well-deserved recognition I believe."
/Jeffrey Arukwe

"Congratulation to European union, for getting the peace prize... Congrats all winner of 2012 noble prizes."

"Good work guys:)"

"Congratulations! I thought it would be impossible to find a more ludicrous recipient than Barack Obama but somehow you guys pulled it off!"
/Mark Green


"THANK YOU EU! Greece, Portugal and Ireland. Soon Spain and Italy"
/La verdad

"Congratulations for surviving over 6 decades. But can you do another decade?"
/Shinya Okabatsu

"Congratulations to everyone of us! :)"

"We can have peace without union."

"In this troubled times this award comes as a reminder for all Europeans to keep up the struggle for dialog and democracy."
/Tulio Camminati

"Great, Congratulations.... wishing success of your mission."
/Nili Majumder

"J'attend avec impatience le 1/502 489 143 de ma médaille."
/Un citoyen Européen

"Congratulation EU"
/Arun Sigdel, Nepal

"hmm and who will get money? they will give euro to all people in EU? i think no :D"

"Yes! And let's not take peace for granted!"

"thanks and cogratulations to eu for best prize"
/balchand soda balaria

"Congratulation to EU......"

/West Balkan

"Congratulations! I hope that EU's sovranity will grow very soon!"

"Dear EU, please show decency and donate the money to the International Red Cross, to feed the impoverished Greeks and Spanish..."
/Mariana, Budapest

"what a nice decision - congratulations! :D"

"I'm deeply honoured to have received this Prize though I'm not sure what I, or the other 500 million EU citizens, did to deserve it."
/Paul Vallely

"By acknowledging the remarkable past achievements, this award should be valued as a signal for the future importance of this institution"
/Julien Adelberger

"Time to celebrate the peace and freedom of The European Union. let peace reign across the world, let Europe lead by example not by war."
/Matthew Wheatley

"I will add it to my resume, as I am an EU citizen: Awards: ... ... 2012 Nobel Peace Price Laureate I suggest all of us should do it :)"
/An EU Citizen

"In no case may a prize amount be divided between more than three persons."

"Congratulations Europe. A worthy winner and a great force for positive change..."
/Lara Whyte, Ireland

"Congratulations for this Prize. Well deserved."
/Igor (TEDxBrussels Team)

"Eight years too late. Would have been more appropriate wnen east euopean countriies joined"
/Hasse Lundgren

"Congrats & Tx EU. But don't rest on your laurels. Lady Ashton & E3+3 must work harder to negotiate a deal to stop n-armed Iran."
/Daryl G. Kimball, executive director, Arms Control Assoc., Washington, D.C.

"Proud to be European!"

"When all over the world divisions were the norms, you made possible a Union and rightly got the grand prize too!"
/T.Charles John Bhaskar, Geomarine Biotechnologies, India

"Thanks to Schuman and Monnet we now demostrate that enemies can one day be friends. Whose turn is it now"

"Crongatulations to te EU. They made several improvements in Peace, a wonderful thing, but the most important thing is to not stop."
/Eduardo, Rio de Janeiro

"Congrats EU. Let the world learn from your example at unification, reconciliation and democratic process."
/K.Seshadri India

"Proud to serve the EU !"
/Davide Orto

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