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Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 2012
European Union (EU)

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, greetings to the new Nobel Peace Prize Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Number of greetings: 637
"Peace in Europe is an important contribution to the peace in the whole world . Congrats EU!"

"ok, we got it finally. now let's dissolve EU and start fighting again!"
/johan pedersen

"Great Achievement....."

"Greetings from Serbia! Hope that our country will be the part of EU as soon as possible, so we can build peace and prosperity together."

"Good to see the recognition that EU is not just a common market (Brits take note!). 60 years of peace in Europe is unprecedented in history."
/Charles Blommaert, Belgium

"Nobel se prevrce u grobu.Koji bolidi sede u toj komisiji"

"Hats off to the most successful Peace Process in History - Although I think some member states (Germany) deserve it more than others."
/Dharmender Tathgur

"The award allows us to think freshly about the means by which we achieve peace and promote human rights."
/Prof. Mark E. Wojcik, The John Marshall Law School-Chicago (USA)

"Thank you so much for all the austerity!"

"Yeaaah we are building a peaceful UNION! Peace & love for everyone&everywhere!"
/Federico Martini

"This year's decision totally doesn't make sense but why not? Congratulations! Next year's choice - China! :)"

"My Greeting to European Union (EU) for the NoCongrats Abdul Kareem.kareemforest"

"Well done EU! 60 years of peace must be celebrated! Now it is time to look to the future with hope withourt ever forgeting the past."

/Elena Silyakova

"Proud every day to work for the EU - today even more!"
/Johanna Pannebakker

"Many Many Congratulationssssssssssss EU team :-))))"

"More than an award for the EU's achievements, this prize is a reminder of the fragility of what we take for granted."

"Congratulations to EU and its 500 million citizens!"
/Piotr Kaczynski

"Well done EU! I hope all of us support and follow the EU vision and principles more than ever! I am a proud EU citizen, today a bit more!"
/Ioannis, Greece

"Congratulations to each and every European! Now let's build a EUROPEAN FEDERATION! EUROPEAN FEDERALIST PARTY"

"Congratulations! Nobel Laureate, you deserve it."
/Ricardia, Liberia

"Golden Yawn!!"
/T Blair

"Congratulations EU! As long as we have peace and freedom, we have the basics for building a better life."
/Cristian, Romania

"Europe and EU are a great project for peace, don't let it be ruined by businesses and big money!"
/Klaus from Austria

"Congratulations EU! :D"

"congratulation from Lily BBS."

"Congratulations Europe! And long live peace!"

"Democracy won the prize! Hope to see more countries join EU soon!"
/Marko, Belgrade

"Congratulations EU!"
/Than Htaik Aung, Burma

"My dear EU, you finally receive what you deserve. Long live the united states of Europe"

"As a EU citizen, I wonder if I should update my CV and put: Co-winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize for Peace.. ? :))"

"Congratulations all Europeans. It hopefully will stimulate Governments to recover European idea and vision of founding fathers."
/Josep Maria Ribot

"Congratulations to the EU. You need to maintain what has made you win the award. We need to live in a prosperous and peaceful world. Bravo!!"
/Joseph Mapunda

"Congratulations EU!"
/TP Viehl, Antarctica

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! From Noama Khan, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN."
/Noama Khan



"Congrats. You need the money to bail yourself out."

"I am proud to be a citizen of the EU. I hope we all are."

"Congratulations! This is a great accomplishment to great peoce maker, really europeans always support the rights for occupied countries"
/Mr. Malek Abualfailat, Palestine

"We are the People, We are Europeans, I am very proud of it, Many thanks to all people helping us to live more than 60 years in peace."
/Michael Bischoff

"congrats! Hope EU sustains its activities in the coming days"

"Congrats to us all!"

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! From Hajira Khan, Indian School Salalah, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN."
/Hajira Khan

"congratulations on this outstanding achievement from the students in my class studying the nobel peace prize!"
/nora sheets

"Congratulations Europeans! Let this prize recall how precious, and fragile, peace is and our responsibility as Europeans to keep it alive.."
/Marta Felcini, France

"congrats EU you deserved it well"

"I am proud to be European and citizen of the world! Peace, open access to education and information are the key for a better world!"
/Nadia Ceratto, Brussels


"maybe time has come to reveal a WORLD-PEACE-PROJECT wich was fertilised in EU in the summer of 2000 = 70-000- "
/linda bollen

"Congrats EU...."
/Binu Manamboor

"proud to live in the EU and work for it"
/Aleksandra, Brussels

"Congrats! Now does Greece's get the cash prize or is it split evenly?"

"Congratulations EU"

"Herzlichen Glückwunsch an uns alle!"

"a great example to live happily for such a long time , a great example to be followed by other countries."

"Delighted to have a reminder of where the European project came from - a desire for peace, fraternity and prosperity for all."
/Susan Ireland


"“Convinced that, thus "united in its diversity", Europe offers them the best chance of pursuing, with due regard for the rights of each individual and in awareness of their responsibilities towards future generations and the Earth, the great venture which makes of it a special area of human hope”"
/D.R (Italy)

"My Best Congratulations and Greetings to European Union for the Nobel Peace Prize 2012."
/Susanna Granelli from Florence (Italy)

"Congratulations to the greatest project for unity and peace ever. The EU is the only hope for European prosperity and brotherhood"

"Congrats! With our collective history of devastating wars, we truly understand the outstanding role played by the EU in bringing peace!"
/A proud Romanian

"Long overdue!"
/Henk Swarttouw

"On behalf of members of the Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe: We Europeans are awesome!"
/Paul Smits

"Congrats to the EU. It is a Great recognition for their efforts !!"
/Nishanth Cariappa


"Congratulations EU! I have been working for the EU for almost 30 yrs & am very proud for the European conflict-resulution model!"

"Hello Europe! Your Peace and Solidarity will strengthen other nations. Congrats."

"Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain greet UE for the advancement of democracy and human rights. It really is something! We're dying. Thanks"
/european citizen

"Congratulations EU! Best wishes for the future from this European citizen."

"Congratulations, the EU is a wonderful model for leadership and unity."
/Ernest Duffoo

"Do not loose your best virtues in the hard times Europe! I am so proud to be a part of it!! Congratulations to the EU and all its citizens:)"

"congrats to all my fellow laureates, just wondering, what letters do i add to my name and where do i collect my gong?"

"Congratulations to the European Union for being awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize! :))) Best greetings and wishes from LITHUANIA!!! :)))"
/IEVA from Lithuania :)

"Peace means enlargment and fulfillment, albania and kosovo soon will be part of it. Congratulations."

"I am very proud to be part of the European Union for the Nobel Peace Prize"
/Michele Zenoni Italy

"Es un honor ser Europeo y ser parte de esta admirable iniciativa que es la UE. A pesar de todas las dificultades, saldremos adelante"
/Ángel L. Romero

"please send the money received for this price to Greece and Spain ..."
/a european citizen

"So i guess that Greece will take the prize money?"
/Swedish Citizen

"Congratulations and thank you for making the European Dream alive!"
/Petr Spodniak, the Czech Republic, Finland, Europe

"60 years of peace in Europe is a great achievement"

"Congrats to EU.. please continue your great service"
/Jayachandran (Malaysia-Selangor)


"Viva l'Europa!"

"Thats so diplomatic and beautiful, congrats the European Union!"

"Thanks to all EU citizens! Today it is a great day to celebrate the solidarity of all Europeans with each other and the rest of the world!"
/Kristalina Georgieva, European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response

"What??!!!. Oooh My God !"
/Kimani wa Aurea

"Congratulations! Hope more and more countries will have democracy in the future"

"Congratulations! Life in Peace is a wonderful idéia to keep in mind and heart!"
/Norma, Brasil

"Amongst all the bad news in Europe, something to be very proud of and to remind us just how far we have come."

"Awarding the EU with the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize is a recognition for the best export product in the world: peace!"
/Marcel van Hemert

"We may bicker over the size of cucumbers or women quotas but at the end we are a bastion of democracy, stability and fundamental rights"
/Jose Balzac

""Congratulations, and thanks for EU"
/Md. Tarek Aziz Bangladesh

"bless you...."

"Congratulations EU, keep up the good work :) And, please don't collapse as media is saying..."
/Kristijan Panic, Serbia

"Congratulations ! Much remains to be done in the area of human rights, within Europe itself..."
/Monique Gruot-Straub

"Congratulations from Albania :)"
/Igla Gj.

"PARABÉNS!! Congratulations Europe! Congratulations EU. Fellow Europeans day is ours, let's celebrate and keep the dream alive."
/Nuno Soares, Portugal.

"Congratulations! This is a moment well worth cherishing!"

"oh please..."

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