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Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 2012
European Union (EU)

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, greetings to the new Nobel Peace Prize Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Number of greetings: 637
/Arsen Manukyan

"Congrats, but a prize has to be considered as a statement of reward to stability more than freedom; to organization more than individuality!"
/Nenad, Belgrade

"Thanks a lot for the EU Nobel Prize. We sometimes forget how life is good there, even if difficult, and how it were not so long ago."
/Ifig Kemener

"thanke you"
/sanjeev kumar verma

"It is a amazing achievement that a continent that was divided by war and nationalism 100 years has been able to come together and act as one"
/Ellis Palmer

"What a perfect epitaph for the European Union"
/Maxim Delchev


"Congratulations! I completely agree and am proud to be a European citizen."

"What beautiful news!! More than 60 years and not thinking on retirement, Congrats EU!"

"congratulation!!! Six decades of contribution leads to achieve the Nobel award. we as a DHAN Foundation proud to be with your partnership."
/N.Shanthi Maduresan DHAN Foundation India

"I'm so proud to work for the European Union and so happy that our committment gets such an aknowledgement!"

"Congratulations! I am proud although Serbia is not part of EU! This is the best peace project on the world! Greetings from Serbia!!!"

"Thank you from Germany for an excellent decision ! The EU is the biggest and most succesful experiment in peace this planet has ever seen."
/Markus Pfeiffer

"A brave decision in times of economic and social hardship. Cordial wishes from the US."
/William de Valois

"Cogratulations to the EU! Peace, democracy an human rights!"
/Thessaloniki, Greece

"Congratulations. Proud of being European!."
/Pedro-EU citizen

"Well deserved! Let's draft a real European Constitution and build a European Federation!!!"

"Ηave a smooth continuous keeping up. Let all paces lead towards PEACE.."
/Plevria N. Despoina

"Salutations! This is a great day for Europe and all Europeans. A day to be proud of the hard work committed by the EU to preserving peace!"
/Aleksander Olsen, IA student in Brussels


"I guess this means Norway will join European Union soon since they choose to award that organization..."
/Inge Frisk

"Why not earlier? Why not later?"
/Marco Pepe

"Congratulations for erradicating "civil" wars between Europeans. History shows that the logic consequence of ALL TYPES of nationalism is war"
/Vicente Nieto - EU citizen

"I'm proud to be part of it ! On kunnia saada olla osa EUta !"

"I don´t think I will be in complete concordance with this decision, yet I congratulate the European Union for the award."
/Jaime Gutierrez

"Warmest congratulations also to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee ! Mes félicitations les plus chaleureuses, aussi au Comité Nobel pour la Pai"
/Jean-Marie LEHN (Chemistry, Chimie 1987)

"Europe is so distant from peace. Do we celebrate ourselves?"

"Congratulation to EU! BTW, anyone noticed that the flag of EU here was upside down?"
/Joseph (Hong Kong)

"Congratulations, I am proud to be an European."
/Jacob F

"Long Live European Union!!!"
/Cezarina Dima

"congrats for peace in europe! not so much on the adoption of neoliberalism which threatens the very peace for which you are being lauded."
/Viresh Jansari, Germany

"A very big congratulations to the European Union on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Hope the cash prize can be used to help boost the European economy"

"Less regulations, more free market and we should be fine compeeting with China, India and the rest of the world."

"A very big congratulations to the European Union on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Hope the cash prize can be used to help boost the European economy"

"Congrats my dear Union. You deserve it! For so long you were a dream I could just dream living on the wrong side of Iron Curtain."
/Natalia (Poland)

"Congratulations to the EU and all European citizens! Well deserved recognition! I feel very proud."
/James, Scotland

"Congratulations, and thank you :)"
/Ranya Alaoui


"very proud to be European !"
/Monique Goyens, Belgium

"will congratulate when eu stops producing and selling weapons"

"I hope Myanmar President U Thein Sein, Now I've already read Nobel Peace Prize EU. Congratulation EU."
/Khin Mg Kyaw

"The Nobel prize in Economics sciences will not award the EU, does it?!? Just kidding :P"
/William Tell

"keep on"

"Good going EU from Algeria "
/Dr.H. Hemamid

"PARABÉNS!! Congratulations Europe! Congratulations EU. Fellow Europeans day is ours, let's celebrate and keep the dream alive. LONG LIVE THE"

"I am proud to living in Europe"
/Laura, Italy

"Being an European Commission official this is a moment o great pride and significance to the role each one of us has in keeping peace"
/Ana Marques

"Congratulations! This announcement made me so happy and even prouder to be European!"
/Agnieszka, PL

"I am specially proud of The Noble Authority for take a right decision in right time. Once again The Peace win by world Ethnicity."
/Kyapru Ching Marma, Rajasthali, Rangamati, Bangladesh

"Congratulations! This should be a huge motivation to continue this masterpiece in its best form, content and aim."
/Susann Schwermer-Mbaye, Germany

"Congratulations Europe, well deserved. Greatings from the divided European Island Cyprus!!"

"Just in time to remind EU citizens of the achievements of the political beyond the economical. To Brussels: Who will come and pick it up?!"
/SG/ European citizen with German, French, Christian and Jewish roots

"Congratulations, Europe! We need to remember and never forget why European Union is so important."
/Stella, Spain

"allez-y M, what an achievement, may the Union live forever."
/Nile d'Angeli-

"ich freue mich, dass die EU endlich als das anerkannt wird, was sie (auch) ist: Das bestfunktionierende Friedensprojekt :)"
/Elisabeth Schabus, Austria

"Proud to be working with the Prestigious organisation."
/Syed Mohammed Aftab Alam

"Congratulation EU"
/Jay ,From India ,odisha ,puri ,sakhigopal

"Used to be a Erasmus Mundus student, I really want to say that EU definitely deserves this price. Thank you for your contribution to peace."
/pingbo from China

"will congratulate when eu stops producing and selling weapons"

"So nice, and true! Thankyou!!"

"Congratulations Europe ! Peace, democracy and human rights. That's why we must keep on being united."
/Florent, France

"Europa hat die Chance Solidarität vorzuleben und die Aufgabe, zu lehren, wie Feindbilder, Krieg und Diktaturen überwunden werden können."
/Holger Kulick, Berlin

"Congrats for The Nobel Peace Prize 2012!"
/Vladimir Markovic

"Vive le Europe!"

"Congrats !!! Great work done by the EU, Keep the work continue to overcome the world from Euro crisis."
/Amit Thapa

"About time! Finally a worthy recipient. Congratulations to the EU and European people."
/Andreas, Norway

"Thanks and congrats to the founders of the EEC and their successors for transforming our continent for the better. A well-deserved winner!"
/David, Ireland

"It highlights and rewards what this Union is truy about - to bring peace and prosperity in former conflicting regions. My respect"
/Barbara Kowatsch

"Very well-deserved and a great encouragement for all Europeans, especially in these challenging times! Glad to be a Nobel laureate :-)"

"So this prize goes to all of us, Europeans. Let's continue to be the beacon of peace in this broken world. Together we strive."
/António Maia (PT)

"Thank you for bringing peace to Europe- we needed it!"
/Zuzia McClintock

"Gratulation an Europa! Es lebe hoch! (This is german gratulation.)"

/Tanja, Finland

"Avoiding war whitin european continent: task achieved! well done Europe (well done all of us)"

"Congratulation for all europian countries with this award. However as for individual choice I would like support Nazarbayev;s canditacy."

"This is brilliant news. Well done. You've done it for all of us. Let's keep the peace! I am a European and I am so proud today."
/Louise Harley-Smeur, British national, Dutch resident

"Will give the PRIZE money to Greek or to the Spanish ??????"
/EU Citizen

"Congratulations to the EU for the vision of past leaders and the faith of millions. Today's leaders must live up to the standard of unity!"
/Saleem Vaillancourt

/Dr.Bijay Kumar Parida,MS,FRCSG(UK).Associate Professor,MVUPGO.(from INDIA)OPHTHALMOLOGISTS

"Well Done, years of democratic deficit!! long live the gravy train and looming austerity!"

"Proud to be European citizen!!!"
/Jure Ursic

"This is an amazing achievement and I have never been prouder to be a citizen of Europe than today! "United in diversity" has made its mark!"

"That's the way it should be! Congratulations :-)"

"Feels like each European won as well! Congratulations!"
/Paula Anna Iwaniuk, Brussels

/bhasker, hyderabad, india.

"Wise choise."

"Congratulations to everyone who understands and follows the principles of love, peace and union between all people in the world."
/Miki, Serbia

"Compliments to the Selection Committee for a wise decision. European Union deserves the Peace Nobel to tide over the difficult times."
/Prof. Dr. Leo Rebello, Bombay, India

"From Clash of Civilizations to dialogue of Civilizations then Alliance of Civilizatins towards, An Appeal to One Civilization to one World"

"Ben kamyonu sürdüm, Leonardo da Vinci."

"Where is my share of the money and how do I claim it?"
/D. Mummery

"Congratulations From Palestine:)"
/Hatem Misk

"Congratulation. Thank you for peace and human rights."
/Björn from Munich

"Congratulations, Europe. Wishing the continent another 6 decades and beyond of peace."

"You a role-model to the entire world."

"I appreciate the EU for her work. Abdul Sattar Edhi, a humanitarian from Pakistan is also working for peace. Please consider him for 2013."
/Khurram Imran Khan

"Congratulations on getting the Nobel Prize for Peace! Stop detaining migrants from countries impoverished by colonialism and trade deals"
/Eddie Thomas

"Let peace be built on justice."

"Good call. In the face of so much anti-EU rethoric in these difficult times someone needs to remind people why the EU is needed."
/Vincent (I'm Irish, living in England and pro-EU)

"Congratulations to us all! Peace to us all!"
/Pedro Portugal

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