Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 2012
European Union (EU)

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, greetings to the new Nobel Peace Prize Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Number of greetings: 637
"Your greetings. Hi I would like to congratulate EU for its efforts# keep it up#"
/mosa maloba

"Congratulations! May God bless EU"
/Terry Lin

"Congratulation to EU"

"Deserved. Keep the pace and work. We belong to you, but need your guidance. Greetings from Serbia."
/Bojan Komnenovic

"Greetings and respect. Thanks for the European peace- the way it is :)"
/Alina Mihaescu

"*Such* a funny choice - well done, guys!"
/Nasah Jeoffrey

"I am part of it. It's a great day for all the european citizens. Let's go on!"
/Antonio, Italy

"Well Done EU! This better not be like one of those lifetime achievement awards given to people who are about to collapse. We still need you."
/Jayenne, London

"A well-deserved victory. Keep it up, EU!"

"Maastricht and I enjoy the prize :)"
/René Hameleers

"I expect the EU as winner of Economic Sciences as well :-)"
/Freddie Buchholz

"congratulation!!!! may God bless all leader.... long stand EU!!!!"

"Wise choice!"

"A most deserved prize to a unique, functioning project of peace, democracy, human rights and universal values!"
/Sanda, Belgrade

"Greatest team work"

"Congratulations to the EU on a specail achievement. We have lots to learn from you in this regard!"
/Masego Matseke, Buccleuch, Gauteng, South Africa

"The EU's celebration of unity in diversity should serve as a guiding light. Felicitations!"
/J. Atassi

"Peace forever in Europa !"
/Tanja, Germany


/Vladimir Harman

"Proud to be European !!!"

"Congratulations! And now, EU, work against the Arm race!"
/MB, Nepal

"Congratulation! EU"
/Zarni Phonezaw.

"A big recomendation for everyone who are planning to bomb, kill and destroy someone like EU is doing to my country in last 20 years..."
/Vladimir, Serbia

"I wholeheartedly agree with this decision. Despite its failings the EU in its various forms has been vital in promoting dialogue."
/Conor Lennon

"Without the EU, European countries count for little on the world stage. It has ended the habit of war in Europe. Now let's federate."


"Congratulations, the prize could not have gone to a more deserving institution; true emotion for the Europeans that we are !"
/A. Schonen

"Congratulation EU!!!"
/Peter Sang

"eu pride"

"What a shame. The Norwegian Nobel committee once again brings ridicule to the Nobel name."
/Sebastian, Sweden.

"Un premi molt merescut. Enhorabona des de Catalunya. I'm very glad and my deepest congratulations to EU for this deserved honour :-)"
/Jaume Josa

"It is important in these hard times... "

"congratulation Europa"

"Even without the Nobel Prize, always very proud to be European. Congratulations from the student of European Studies degree! :)"
/Gerda, Lithuania/UK

"One more reason to be a federal state! Let´s go Europe!"
/Politic student

"Hope for the good development in the Future too"
/Turo Numminen / Finland

"EU,congrats for being in peace and let me tell u .. u are gorgeus ,,yess congrats agian"
/Shubham Shah

"Congratulations Europe! Do not give up the good work, well done!"
/A. Jansen

"Congratulations! Peace be on Earth"

"Congratulatios, it is a well deserved award for bupeace and stability in Europe. It is a stimulous to keep on track in this troubled times."
/Rafael Estrella

"Ever closer union! Congratulations!"
/Richard Teverson, UK

"This prize reminds us all to be grateful and celebrate that we live in the age of the EU."
/Rachel Hamilton, Scotland

"I cannot say how proud I am for what has been achieved by us in Europe. And how touched I am by this recognition in trying times."
/Kai, Europe

"Congratulations! And many thanks for appreciating decades of European efforts and (success!) beyond EU's day-to-day policy making"
/Isabelle, Berlin

"Thank you for life in peace and tolerance. You did a great job but please never ever surrender."
/Filip Molnár

"I`m very happy that the EU has been recognised by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. What is important now is to focus on the sustainable future"
/Staffan Nilsson, President of the European Economic and Social Committee

"The EU espouses and upholds values integral to the dignity of humanity while endlessly striving to promote peace and conciliation between nations. An extraordinarily brilliant award. One feels immensely proud to be European."
/J. Hoey

"Congratulations on the well deserved award. A lot of things are done for the Western Balkans, especially in Serbia, so please continue to help Serbia to become part of your family of European nations. admirer of European values"

"Congratulation to European Union for 2012 Nobel Peace Prize "for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.""
/Lenin raghuvanshi

"Congrats to the EU for a deserved and timely award if the Nobel peace prize! Glad that some people still manage to see things clearly!"

"Well done, a deserved win."
/Tom De Backer

""In varietate concordia.""
/Stephen from Britain

"Great news and a powerful statement. Lest we forget those Europeans who died in terrible and bloody wars in living memory."
/Pro EU UK citizen

"Well deserved!"
/D Quick (Bolton, UK)

"Use the money to bail some private bank we love so much."
/Viliam - unhappy citizen of EU

"A fine opportunity to remember what EUROPE stands for - besides money and betting on resources!"
/Holger Krüssmann

"W l'Europa!"
/Luca, Italy

"Naysayers will have somehow forgotten WW1 and WW2. Thanks to you WW3 won't be in Europe."
/Mark Liversedge

"Congratulations EU,,,But you must think about others struggling like the Algerian President Abdelaziz Boutaflika."

"Congratulations EU! Let more decades of peace and commitment to come!"
/Diana Molina

"Great news! Let's just hope the Prize will give European citizens and politicians the courage to master the challenges the EU is now facing."
/joanna, D-PL

"The EUROPEAN FEDERALIST PARTY welcomes this award. Let's keep on working for a Europe that is more democratic and accountable to its people."
/Pietro De Matteis, co-President, EUROPEAN FEDERALIST PARTY

"Great! Goes to right hands! Cobgartulations!"
/Slobodan Markovic, Belgrade, Serbia

"500 million people live better now because of the EU. At peace. Beyond EU borders the aspiration to join is powerful motor for change.Bravo!"
/Victoria Morgan

"Peace forever in Europa !"
/Tanja, Germany

"Very proud to be European - excellent choice"
/Bettina, Austria

"So who gets the money?"
/Nathan Wood

"Just what we needed in troubled times. Congratulations!"
/Maurice Verreck, NL

"Félicitations à l'Union Européenne, magnifique et ambitieux projet. Reste à poursuivre le travail, en Europe et au-delà...."
/Benoît Tesson

"Congratulation!!! This will improve our political integration. Greetings from the bubble"
/N. Gauders EU

"That should be an invitation to all our leaders to bring this project forward rather than blaming "Brussels" for all what goes wrong"
/Pascal Steller, EU

""Congratulations to EU""

"Geweldig nieuws voor ons Europeanen! De EU heeft ruimschoots bewezen dat het vrede en welvaart op een grote schaal verdedigd en bevorderd!"
/Pieter from Netherlands

"thanks God i'm european"

"Congratulations! Keep up the good work!"
/Luke Payne

"Is this award supposed to honor the human spirit? Or just to say good job to governments for doing what they are supposed to do?"

"Dear EU, I wouldn't be born without you. Thank you."

"Congratulation European Union. Unity leads to peace. Congrats....."
/Dr.Rajesh Mishra, Munger, Bihar, India

"For those who have fought for and supported what some have called the European Dream this is a fitting acknowledgement of their efforts. Uni"
/Ed Daniel (#esdaniel), Paris

"Congratulations for 60 years of peace and prosperity. I only hope the people of my country don't forget who their real friends are."
/James, UK

"Un premio merecidísimo.Ehnorabuena a todos los europeos y a la gente de paz."

"And Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences goes to GREECE !!!"
/greek geek

"Great... Really Really Great!! You Deserve it Heartiest.Congratulations from an indian. "
/Praduman Bohra Rajasthan, India

"Great. Send the money to us:"

"Well done, you are made up of countries fighting wars and you win an award for peace!! You must be amazing!!"
/Mark Storey

"Congratulations to the peoples and nations of Europe - the hope of my parents, now deceased, a beacon to the generations that shall follow."
/St.John Stephen

"Happy Nobel peace prize to all Europeans :D Can we proclaim today as an European holiday now?"

"Congratulations EU for the great work done to create sustainable peace after 2. world war. Keep up working for human rights and peace..."
/May-Kristin Halseth Stenberg

"As an EU citizen I am thrilled and elated to receive this prize. It's my first Nobel. Thanks so much. I am emotional."
/Jacques Testard

"I am British and I love beautiful Europe and all Europeans like true brothers and hot sisters"
/Patrick H

"Vive les pères fondateurs et tous le travailleurs des Institutions qui promouvoient l'idée de la Paix en Europe, Commission particulierement"
/Paraskevi Papageorgiou

"EU needs also the prize in Economic Sciences. It is the only institution which succeeded to send taxpayers money to Southern Europe."
/Dr Rehn

"Dear EU, I am very happy to be one of your citizens! Keep on rocking!"

"Congratulation !!!!!!!!!!! EU"

"Congratulations EU"
/Linn Htin,Myanmar

"Wow, I never knew that Nobel Prize is also awarded to such entity. It makes me wonder if ASEAN, or d like, has ever won Nobel Prize."
/Hendra, Amsterdam, in process of being an EU citizen

"Faite l’Europe pas la guerre ..."
/Jamal (FR)

"Congrates for getting Nobel prize your excellent work"
/Prof. Shantilal Oswal Span Diag. Ltd. Surat

"Congratulations! from Chin Land, Myanmar(Burma)"
/Hau Kho Thawn

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