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Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 2012
European Union (EU)

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, greetings to the new Nobel Peace Prize Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Number of greetings: 637
"Congratulations, you deserve it. This is an excellent news"
/Thérèse from belgium

"Big deal..! In India, we have been living as one big country with dozens of religions and hundreds of languages for decades..!!!!"
/Anupkumar, India

"Congratulations from the #DSEU Digital Sunrise Europe teams. Proud and motivated to continue our contribution"
/MaritaR #Digital Sunrise Europe

"Congratulation to EU from Afghanistan but it could be a well deserved prize if would been awarded to Mrs. Sima Samar."

"congratulations to EU from Taiwan R.O.C."
/visitor @ Nobel Peace Musem from Taiwan

"Congratulations and make sure that EU continues as a peace project"

"European Union! one of the most formidable achievements in our history, in our world! thank you for reminding us the essential!"
/Irini Pari

"Congratulation EU ! Be all EU countries the better."
/Angelina Mi Su (Myanmar)

"Let's hope that the member States' and the ones leading them read this award the way it is intended. Congratulations to all the Europeans!"

"Congratulation, European Union. I spent 2mths in Germany recently & I love being in the Europe."

"Proud to be an European Citizen"
/from bloody UK

"Good going to EU. We Algerians, North Africa"
/Dr.Hassina Hemamid,Algeria

"Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser aussergewöhnlichen Leistung zum europäischen Frieden!"
/K. Bruker, EU

"A proud day to be a citizen of the Union!"

"Congratulations and make sure that EU continues as a peace project"

"me alegro pero no lo mereciamos"

"congratulation EU."

"Congratulations! This kind of recognition was long overdue!"

"Congratulations EU!!!!!"

"Congratulations! Great prize and excellent choice for peace,human rights and aids"

"European Union composed of 27 sovereign member states,h seven institution budget 864.3 billion for the period 20072013;who receive prize"
/ProfessorPranab Kumar Bhattacharya MD(cal) FIC Path(ind) 7/51 Purbapalli Sodepur Kolkata-110; West Bengal India

"Congratulations to EU from South China Agricultural University,which is founded in 1909 in Guangzhou China."

"Compliments to Nobel Committee for making the Right Choice EU for Nobel Peace Prize 2012. Wise decision."
/Dr. Leo Rebello

"There would be a great human historical error if the old general of Myanmar got this prize. Congratulationssssssssssss EU."
/Aungthu Htun

"Congratulations Europe!!"
/Rosa Mora

", from Duesseldorf, Germany: proud to be a European citizen!"

"Well deserved Prize. Hope #EU will look after #Maldives to achive their Democracy again."

"Congratulations! EU is not only a union, but a new way of living together peacefully"
/ulli, Berlin

"I think we in EU will deserve it when we stop exporting weapons to wars and dictatorships and when we stop invading other countries."
/Martin Smedjeback, Sweden

"Well, i am surprised!"

"One of the most deserved Nobel Prizes! Long life to the EU!"

"so proud. european passport is one of the best things that I have ever got in my life!!"
/Martina Pastier

"Dear EU leaders. The prize made many people proud to be European. Don't ruin it."
/Ales Chmelar

"I'm proud and grateful to be European."

"I do love Europe now more."

"Maybe this prize could have been better on 1990. But now, amidst a great institutional crisis, I think it isn't so good. We need more EU."

"Glad to be a small part of this community"
/Mauro, Italy

"Cong to the EU! One of the greatest miracle in human history !! Don't let your people down!"
/Ting Gong

"Thank you, as a member of EU I'm honored by this Prize. This is my first Nobel Prize. Looking for more to come. Best."

"Proud to be European. Diversity is the greatest asset of the EU."
/P. Nowak

"This award arrives just at the right time to strengthen the spirit of union!"
/Benjamin Baronnat


"Praise the Lord; Halleluah"
/Bernard Halder; Bangladesh

/Rachid ELAÏDI

"Congratulation, struggle for An Appeal to One Civilization to One World.From clash of civilizations to dialogue of Civilizations to AOC.UN."
/Dr Amrani,Batna university, Algeria

"It is a great recognition of the political role of the EU and its representatives!"
/Colombe WARIN

/Nagani (Myanmar)

"Selamat untuk European Union... Lindungilah dunia dari kejahatan..."
/Jauza Akbar Krito

"congrats to EU.......great achievement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/shiva......a student....volunteer-AOL india

/Mary from Italy

"Amplement mérité! Long live the EU!"
/Laurent Pech

"Congratulationas also from Slovakia"
/Jozef D.

"Well Done! after year of obstacles and challenges this nobel prize consitue one of the most outstanding award of the job undertaken!"
/Antonio Mele, Rome


"Congratulations to the EU, well deserved award, and a brilliant move by the Nobel committee - I hope this is a positive message to the world"
/Ewan Fisher

"Thank you! I'm so proud!"
/Sylva, Belgium

"I care for EU, the people of EU are to be congratulated...."
/Filipe Mayer

"Excellent and beautiful!!"
/Manoj Pandiyan

"Congratulations to propaganda, the true winner of this prize!"

"Excellent and beautiful!!"


"Proud to live on EU !"

"Congratulations! The prize reminds us, that european idea is way bigger than money, finance or debts. Great!"
/Wolff von Rechenberg, European

"Ich habs immer gesagt - eines tages krieg ich den nobällpreiz"

"Congratulation EU!"
/Pyaih Sone Aung

"Long live EU!"
/Proudly European

"I am absolutely happy! This is a dream becoming true!!!"
/Rosanna D'Amario

"That's a great decision!"
/Holger Brink

"Congratulations EU! Go on, despite the bad times! I am so proud of you!"
/Jean Monnet

"Congratulations ! Proud to be european. Go on struggling for human rights !"

"This is a wonderful recognition of almost 60 years of hard work. Now we must look ahead to all that remains to be done. Thanks Norway ;)"
/Zoe, EU citizen

"Wonderful! Working together is better than fighting against each vorher"
/Margrit Zauner, Austrian living in Germany

"Congratulations European Union!"
/Xiaoyin Liu

"congratulation ,european union for nobel peace prize . happy to hear that."

"Nice! good work EU!"
/Joe Lindquist jr.

"Congratulations to the price of peace. I am proud to be European (Denmark)."
/Alice Als Pedersen from Denmark

"It's an honour every individual and nation can connect with. Congratulations!"
/'Dumebi Onwordi-Okonji, Lagos, Nigeria.

"The award came just as the union is plagued with the crisis. Hopefully, what has been achieved past yrs will be continued."
/Achara Deboonme

"I still do deeply believe in YOU, no crisis will ever make me change my mind"

"Greetings citizens of the world. You will now have peace."


"Congrats, well deserved"
/hassan mosa


"My beloved Europe! Congratulations to you, prosper in all your diversity!"

"In Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Italy we are in peace but we are poor and some are starve to death.... Congrats to EU !!!!"

"congrats EU"

"Well.... kind of... almost... See: "Cyprus"."

"Long live the EU!"

"I am very pleased to see that the work of the European Union to strive towards peace, democracy and human rights has been recognised!"
/Rosanna Lewis

"Congratulations!!! I'm proud that I'm European!"

"Congratulation @ EU"

"very happy to hear that good news for european union."

"Congratulations to the European Union! They Certainly deserve it!"
/Juan C. Arcila Naranjo

"Amazing. Congratulations. So well deserved!"
/Dr Ben-Jacob Couch-Diewitz

"Well deserved for the timely decisions they made. Congratulations."
/Vidhya K

"Congratulation to European Parliament ..."

"Thank you all! I hadn't seen it coming."
/Dennis from the European Union.

"Congratulation EU !"
/Nay Linn Htun

"Congratulations, European Union! Despite crisis, you truly push for solidarity and peace!"
/Anamaria from Sweden

"Congratulations! Althoufh I'm not European."
/Huang Jinghai

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