Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 2013
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, greetings to the new Nobel Peace Prize Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

Number of greetings: 225
"when I grow up I want to win a noble prize"
/Galilea cruz

"Hi! :D"

"Thank You for changing our world..."
/Brett Cortright

"We the humanitarian people we hav the right live with peace,tranquility,dignity....I m proud to be one of the normal person safe guarded by the international peace ogranisations"

"Congratulation on your good work !!!"
/Yudhister Singh

"Good job you made the world a better place"


"your group have done a wonderful work in syria you really deserve this"
/Athul krishnan


"express my immense gratitude for the extaordinay perfomance to keep the world alive (little boy&fatman)"
/stephin joseph kd

"Your work is great inspiration for others."
/Robin Singh Rathore

"congratulations!!! the efforts this organization is making is really outstanding and hope its activities will certainly give us a nwe world"
/Amarjit das, barpeta, Assam,India

"nobel peace prize isn"t very shows how good a man is.CONGRATULATIONS"

"congratulations winners for peace.peace only wins."

"another milestone in saving humanity....congrats.....continue with the good wishes from the whole mankind"

"congratulations .....and good luck and peace ahead"
/kavya singh

"my hearty congratulations to u"
/ravi from india

"fuuuuuuuuuuck It ass"
/s atdg

"que lindo"
/quezo rits

"good job"


"You showed that an Idea is really shaping the real world.Thank you."

"You are great because you uphold the greatest things and inspire everybody to be great. Thank you very much on behalf of people of Bangladesh."
/Mohammad Saiful Hoque

/sheik babu india

"Thank you for your contribution to humanity. A world without peace is a world with no future."

"Your unputdownable contribution for a better tomorrow, for a more peaceful world for our progenies do deserve an ovation.....and nothing can be better than this recognition...."
/Joystu Dutta

/dr simon

/Love Olivia Eafano

"Congratulations for your noble efforts. Peace to all!"
/Goederoen De Caluwe

"its good to have peace and quiet"

"I appreciate nobel org for giving peace prize to opcw for globai peace"
/vijay kumar mali


"truly enspiring actions you have taken to attempt to make the world a better placee. We salute you"
/Kenny Kobayashi Grade 9

"hearty congrats for the feat. Hope will continue the good work in furute resisting western self intrest and pressure."

"You rock!"

"im sorry for my last post but im just so happy for you winning this prize and now you can create more peace ppppppplllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz answer"
/etron baxbot

"Dear OPCW: Congratulations for winning this important world prize! Your efforts against chemical weapons in the world has been sucessful!"

"thank you for changing our world in magical ways"
/rebecca adams

"I want peace"

"finally its got the real field"

"Its a good decision that taken by the committee to give a nobel or a greeting to a organisation which is working for prohibiting and advicing the society to avoid chemical weapons"

"welll done"

"it is a great award in nobel prize.... it motivate us to establish peace in the world....when peace establish in the world...... our earth become a heaven........thanks"
/holkar nilesh

"Very well done"

"great work did by was hoping get by malala yousofjoi.. but i think you both are deserving... congreats"


"swiss cheese *-*"
/probert dazzle zaouses

"thank you so much for this, but i am not the one who deserves this prize. i was only doing what i thought was right, not for a prize. in fact i give this Nobel peace prize for the children in Africa."

"Your work is admirable. You are the individuals that make me want to contribute to the world in which we live"

"Well Done! You have changed the world massively and deserve a hard earned applause. I am inspired by your courage and determination to overcome the cruelty in the world and I give you a pat on the back. Once again, congratulations and a very well done from me!"

"congrats you have done a great job so i wish u all the best in future as well"
/sujit dhas

"congrats to OPCW"

"Thank you OPCW for all your efforts to keep the world safe. You deserve the Noble Laureate for peace. Congrats"

"peace is like really good"
/Katie Leadbetter

"wonderfull work , congrats"

"i am doing research"

"Congrats on winning the Nobel Prize!! Thank you so much for all the work you have done to make the world more peaceful, and safe."

"Congratulations. I'm a second grade teacher in the United States and my students are learning about the ripple effects of the crisis in Syria. They will be so excited when I share the news about your organization."
/Leila Stackleather

"congrats from mean my teams fighting and defeating bioweapons for many years in many developing countries"
/dr t. prvulovic, tropical dis spec

"I was doing similarly dangerous job in 50 countries during 25 bears. As a professor of tropical diseases I was fighting with equally dangerous biological weapons including the top 3: smallpox, ebola and plague. Being cought in 7 wars I was shot at 15 times. Later I was lecturing uoung health professionals on bioterrorism since 2000. I realy know what these brave men are going trough risking their lives while doing their job professionally for the entire humane race. My sincere congratulations to all of them and the Committee for the very righ choice"
/Prof Tomislav Prvulovic MD, MPH DrPH

"Congratulations....good decision by the nobel commitee.....thanks for ur support to save the Earth....."

"Peace can be family,Peace can be local are,peace can be A country & peace can be world.I hope in futre Nobel peace price get any one for family peace then I think Nobel authority will consideration."
/Saddamhussain Gazi

"congratsvto my colleages whonrisk their blife for the benefit to all of us. you relly desewrve it"
/prof.tomislav prvulovic md, mph drph

"congrats on your victory for making the world more beautiful.."
/Ruchira Gupta

"He was a hero for what he did"
/Tony Conn

/Bob Tompson

"congrats ......i am very happy as your awarded for the nobel prize sir"

"We need peace in this country. NOTHING BUT PEACE !"


"lets stop the hatred"
/america moreno hernandez

"i would choose all of them because they are all important to our humanity and especially this one"


"im happy everyone has peace"
/cake :)

"we need peace and not hatred because thats what causes for everybodys peace not to come!"

"peace is something that we all need!!!!!!!!"
/miracle d. brown

"Being member of Indian delegation in 74th Executive Council meeting it was our pleasure to personally congratulate to the Director- General Mr. Ahmet Ãúzümcü , further we India as a responsible State Party have all the Best wishes for the Director- General and all the people working for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons including all States Parties."
/O P Sharma Jiont Industrial Adviser Govt of India

"Congratulations for your extraordinary peaceful work . One day people live happily and without fear in the Earth."
/Kh. L. Rahman

"i m congratulate to u for great effort for humanity ."



"A very wise and humble choice... specially to a US based organisation, ran by people with military and law enforcement history. Thank you Nobel Prize for your Attention."
/Miguel D. Virgilio


"A lot of Congratulations from the bottom of my heart on behalf of Bangladesh."
/Md Rahmat Ullah


"hecddtc tfcvgybvuhnh"
/ben g


"Thanks for making our world WMD free. Passoret, Ndjaména, Chad"
/Moudinet Passoret

"Martin Luther King Jr."
/Theresa G.

"Good Job"
/Antwan Blaine

"You won the prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Really a wisdom organization, its a great achievement with a principle of 'live and let live'"
/Kido Ado

"well done bill nye"

"Congratulations. I am thrilled that you won, however, There should be some sort of recognition of Sir Nicholas Winton, who saved the lives of countless jewish children in the holocaust."

"This organization deserves the Nobel Peace Prize in a world where chemical weapons ought to be and are controlled. Their work is great."
/Aaron John Sabu

"congratulations.. lets the peace journey be continued.."
/Gopikrishnan K C

"Good work!!!"

"Congratulations ! Félicitations ! I'm very happy !! Working together for a world free of chemical weapons..."
/Sandra L-H

"I would like to congratulate and OPCW for the prize and I feel that they deserved it."
/ravi kapoor

"Peace is a magical thing, thanks so much."

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