Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 2013
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize, greetings to the new Nobel Peace Prize Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

Number of greetings: 225
"Congratulations for the Nobel Peace Prize and Thank you for your work, comitment and efforts to eliminate chemical weapons. The world Will be indebted with you. From México."
/Esteban Cortés Faz

"Congratulation to Peter Higgs & François Englert for their achievement in Physics you truly deserved it....."
/Ganesh Rai

"Yo deserve the respect of all people (to those who really make good things and spread the word of peace) !"

"Hi! I am an 11 year old girl who is moved by your contributions to this world. I mean you can have no electricity or a deadly disease going around but war only makes it worse. If everyone sticks together we can overcome any obstacle. But sadly peace is so hard to make. That is why it's great to have organizations like yours help the world."

"I <3 Peace!!!"
/Charlotte smith

"great work guys..........keep going pls do efficient work, save the world from chemical weapons!!! which is a threat to mankind :-)"
/M.Ganesh Ram

"Thanks for making peacefull conditions"

"because people need to remember the people who tried to make peace to the world."

"Congratulations OPCW! I'm From Indonesia, and really proud OPCW can win, i hope OPCW will always pay attention to all country in the world about Chemical Weapons, Keep Objective, Good Job and Good Luck !"
/M. Habib

"i appreciate the OPCW for a great role in saving human lives which i call them as ''saviour of world ''."

"Accept my heartiest Congratulations on your efforts for peace."
/Yasir Rasool

"Congrats! Best luck for your future endeavours OPCW :)"
/Abhijit Thorat

"I love peace"
/Thoiba Yumnam

"Heartiest Congratulations!!!"
/Noama Khan, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! "
/From Hajira Khan, Indian School Salalah, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN.

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! "
/From Sameen Ahmed KHAN, Salalah College of Technology, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN.

"I felt so happy when I heard about the Nobel Peace Prize; you are amazing people doing an amazing change"
/Mynor Fernando García Avila

"As an activist and community educator I am so thankful for all the work you have done and for giving me stories of hope to share in my communities"
/Carrie Sinkowski. Canada

"Congratulations! May this award help transform your cause into a crusade to eliminate chemical weapons!"
/Edwin Nembo Forlemu

"Congrats guys"

"Best of luck and wishes to OPCW!"
/Kaylyn Elizabeth

"Congrats and stay safe"
/Mohammed Hashim

"Sir, As a resident of a small place in India i know the importance of fresh air we breath and hence your work underlines its importance. Namskar"
/Dr.Nitin Oke

"Keep up with the good work. For a world free of chemical weapons! And war, if possible."

"congratulations from the core of my heart ........ Please try to take US and Russia in your control. Best of luck :)"
/Md Jamal

"Congratulation to OPCW for awarding this prestigious Prize, and good it is really a fantastic choice showed the indedpendency and competency of Nobel Peace Prize Committee."

"congratulations on getting noble prize. but this isn't it...make this world free of weapons and best wishes and prayers for your organization"
/Sidra Rana

"i salute the OPCW. it is well a deserved prize for an organization that is least recognised. this prize no doubt will bring into consciousnes once more to rid the world of deadly chemical weapons. kudos"
/osaze Omoragbon

"Greetings unto you."
/Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

"Wishes for the remarkable work. We look forward to you."
/Gaurav Solanki

"Kudos to the Organization."
/Bhavika Gupta

"salute to you..."

"Congratulations to Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical weapons. It is really a overwhelming for all the world."

/wawan kuswandi


"there could have not being a more deserving entity for this award. congratulations"
/Maria Facio-Lince

"I congratulate the Nobel Committee upon awarding the work of the OPCW. May it achieve complete elimination of these weapons for the sake of humanity."
/Rebecca Weldon

/Lic. Pierre Millet

/Eileen Aronson Ireland

"congratulations from china , nice job you have done"


"Hearty and very well-deserved congratulations to the OPCW! This is an award that is entirely fitting to the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize, and as a common civilian, I want to thank you for your crucial service to the global community in disarming chemical weapons. God bless you, and again, congratulations!"
/Dr Mary Katherine Hom

"For heaven's or afterlife's previous lives' sake. Peace on Earth. Thank you for all of your hard work and congratulations."

/Nobel Museum in Karlskoga

"thanks for saving the uncertain world."
/girija sankar mallick

"Congratulations! Peace for Syria and the whole world! No more chemical weapons!"
/Luis Quinones-Ramirez

"Thank you very much for your work for peace. "
/Gaylen McGee


"The first smile of newly born baby is peace - Great Job to protect the world"

"congrats to opcw"
/aravind gandrati, india

"Congratulations OPCW! Your continued efforts to make this world a better place for all its inhabitants are much appreciated!"
/Rasheed Ahmed

"May the Lord shine upon your efforts to make this world better."
/Rev.Lt.Gregory Jones

"Congradulation on the most noble prize."
/Jamal Alshahri


"May Peace be with you and God bless!"

"gud decision...! and congratulations to OPCW"

"good work"
/muhammad faheemuddin

"DENIS MUKWEGE, Kongo and Canada are proud of you. Keep your good work. You inspire a lot of people including myself. Thank you,"
/Maryse Ndilu Kiese

"You are much needed in these times!!!"

"Congratulations to a great organisation working towards good for mankind. Winning it in a year when there were real great contenders for the prestigious awards it shows the good work you have done and are taking it ahead. If ever I can have the privilege to give anything for the organisation would be a pleasure."
/Akshay Misra

"Hearty congratulations on being honoured with Nobel peace prize 2013. Hope this award would boost your initiative to make this earth free from chemical weapons."
/Niraj Kumar Agrawal

"Congratulations on wonderful work and this well-deserved recognition."
/staff of Management Centre Europe

"A very very congratulation to you. Your work is to good in elimination of chemical weapons used in Syria"
/Kartick Verma (India)

"Congratulations to the OPCW in support of disarmament of chemical weapons. The Nobel committee this year really was loyal to Nobel's Will ."
/Francisco Valenzuela Viveros

"The true Prize for peace of the world this year awarded to the OPCW"

"Good Job"
/Narendra Kushwaha & Madhu

"We hope organization will continue doing , great work of spreading the peace."
/Academic wall

"Congratulations OPCW. May you keep up the good work"
/khanya in South Africa

"Congratulations OPCW, you're working in a war zone. Mr. Ãzümcü, thank you and your organization."
/DoÄan Åengül

"Peace on Earth... a noble aspiration... many congratulations from your friends in USA!"
/Joan, Florida

"I would like to congratulate you for your achievement in destroying secured chemical weapons in Syria. This advances the state of peace, a preferable alternative to unnecessary war."
/Donald Fraser Miles

"excellent work keep working for peace"

"great job at last peace is important, usa may have chemical weapons"
/rajendra yeolekar, pune

"Congratulations to OPCW"
/Jithesh K India

"congrats to opcw, who is working against chemical weapons, i think his work will be against for all countries chemical weapons, that we live happily."
/c.m. dahal, Nepal

"Congratulations OPCW! Keep on your great work!"
/Karolina and Ula

"Great Job to protect the world"
/shiva kumar

"Nice joke, guys. You've trolled the whole world"

"happy nobel peace but i really think it was malala's......"
/Wajahat Abbasi


"Congratulations to a Turkish, an Ambassador & General Director, Ahmet Üzümcü for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013 to his team at Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons."
/Rakhshan Jaffer

"Congratulations to OPCW!"

"Congrates OPCW to have a nobel peace prize, may you will continue your work for peace."
/Nigah form pakistan


"better this be a start to the peace keeping ion our world"

"Congratulations to OPCW. Its good decision as this will lead to peace in the world."
/Saurabh Arya



"excellent work for people"
/Jyotsna R. Antani

"Please, help the poor sections of the society to grow."


"it's great selection.i ma really happy aabout the your selection.i have visit the nobel peace center in oslo few years a wishes for all of staff of and my family from italy.(priyantha abeysinghe,nisansala,hivin and sihath minthaka abeysinghe)"
/abeysinghe mudiyanselage priyantha abeysinghe

"OPCW deserves the recognition at the time governments spending mindlessly on weapons against humanity."
/Pooja,Shrijaa INDIA



"what about nuclear weapons?Anyway congrats to OPCW.."

"This is a worthy choice, although, as often the case in this category, rather pedestrian. It is Bill Clinton's CGI conferences and foundation that, on many peace fronts across the globe, has all but eclipsed annual Nobel Peace Prizes. The CGI engagement of all parties, however diverse, on behalf of multiple noble missions is the future; the Nobel Peace committee is now all but irrelevant alongside it."
/Larry James Gianakos

"Good luck all the nominee"
/Ravinder Kumar

"Congratulations OPCW and all my fellow colleagues for the wonderful work you have done and will do in achieving "A world free of chemical weapons""
/Kartik Krishnan, OPCW

"just excellent and timely.congratulations to OPCW from RMSA,TN,INDIA"

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