Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Peace Prize 2015
National Dialogue Quartet

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize, greetings to the new Nobel Peace Prize Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Number of greetings: 183
"Congratulations for the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, for the prize."
/Prof.Dr.Ranganathan.J, Chennai, India

"Inspiration from politics is very unespected,but you did it..."
/Cees Slob

"Always be happy"

"Congratulations, many lessons for neighboring country like Libya. Need for dialogue - not guns-..persuasion not coercion"
/Prashant Bhatt

"Congratulations my tunisia. Its a World peace with jasmin falvour. We are proud of this title."
/alya romdhane

"Congratulations to Tunisia and to the Quartet - and especially to the UGTT, a most exceptional trade union."
/Val Moghadam


"You are an inspiration."


"Great work!. Congrats"
/Chandrashekhar Pomu Chavan

"Hearty Congradulation, Keep it up good going."
/Ravishankar Chanal,

"Fecilitations, more power to your elbow"
/Simeon Abraham Kayode/ Kogi State nigeria

"in dis world ther is a grt need of organisationz whch r not jst made but made 4 change all d bst n kp gng"
/swathy raman

"Congratulations... Keep up the great work!!!"
/Gargi Nigam

"Heartfelt congratulations for restoring DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT IN TUNISIA."

"Congratulations to Tunisian quartet! Would you support campaign to release Tunisian student imprisoned for homosexuality--<>"
/Allan Christensen

"Congratulations to all noble laureates. ......really you people did well and great work. hope we will shall ever remain great full to all of you."
/pranur rahman .india

"congratulations sir you did the best work according to tha all people and god as well"
/Mohd. shabaz

"Congratulations all Nobel Laureates 2015."
/Mr. Motawalla, BSc (Open).

"big congratulations"
/durga prasad

"Congrats NDQ! Let's all build PEACE to every corner of the world."
/Rezaul Mustafa, Buthidaung

"My compliments for this year's choice. Congratulations National Dialogue Quartet."
/Jos, Canada

"well done NDQ. fully deserve it."
/vikash chauhan

"Congrats Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet."

/Dr. Toshinobu Obata

"Hearty Congratulations !"

"congratulations for all of the nobel prizes winners and thank you for your great contribution in and for thos world...."
/DINE Faiçal

"For peace must have no end, only by continuously educating our people, we will reach our constant state of happiness. Thank you NDQ."
/Pablo Ospina

"really this is a excellent decisions for humanistic society . it will continue the mediation from top to bottom for cordial relations."
/t.vedanta sury , hyderabad. telangana india

"congratulations...let us all make this world a better place to live in!!!!!!!"
/Christudas GEorge

"TNDQ is showing us that "The Ray of Hope" is still alive to built Democracy, Equality and Peace for all over the World. Congratulations!"
/Pallab.C, India

"A great reward to Tunisian democracy movement, and a stimulus to democracy movement around the world, mostly in Vietnam"
/Doan Viet Hoat, Vietnam

"Mabruk to the Quartet!"
/Renee Wolters

"Food, Shelter, Health, Education, and Job Opportunities for All."
/Salah de Mesopotamia

"Heartfelt congratulations from Germany."
/Stefan Geier

"My congratulations!"
/Timo Koivula

"Ce Prix est une reconnaissance et un encouragement pour continuer à construire une Tunisie libre où chaque citoyen trouvera sa place."
/Ben Sassi 71

"Congratulations Tunisia... my country, my sweet home..."
/Abdeljaoued Ouertani

"Congrats! I know you are so happy.I congrats you to achieve more achievements. I'm so happy for being part of this movement"

"It's nice when we begin to realize that we complement each other in a society, instead of each others competitor . The cross-pollination is the most interesting what can happen in a society.."
/Cees Slob

"Congratulations. The world have to learn from you. BANGLADESH"

"Hats off to the Tunisian National Quartet for their tremendous effort, their contribution had converted the situation of Tunisia from nothing to something."
/Smith Limbu

"Hats off to the Tunisian National Quartet for their tremendous effort, their contribution had converted the situation of Tunisia from nothing to something."
/Smith Limbu

""Heartiest Congratulations for the National Quartet and for my beloved country ! Let's continue in the good direction for all the Tunisians." From Suresh Chandra Shukla, editor of Speil, a multi cultural magazine from Oslo."
/Suresh Chandra Shukla

"Congratulations, Tunisia's National Dialogue Quartet for winning the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize."
/Suresh Chandra Shukla

"I feel very thankful for the peace prize laureates. They achieved something which is almost a wonder in our time of wars and conflicts! Thanks!"

"Astounding achievement of people in Tunisia, indeed! I thought that years ago already. Nobel has chosen wisely."
/Max Murdoch

"Congratulations! To all Nobel Laureates for receiving the greatest honour. Your work and discoveries has helped mankind in numerous ways."
/Chetan Chaudhary

"May Peace prevail in this world until the end of time. It's the responsibility of all of us."
/Salah de Mesopotamia

"Congratulations! ¡Mucho trabajo por delante!"
/Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress

"Congratulations for the Nobel Peace Prize! Thank you for your great work & achievements. All the best to you"
/Friederike Mussgnug, Berlin. Germany

"Congratulations for Tunisia !"

"je suis tunisien et je suis fière de l'être. vive la Tunisie et félicitation."
/Bechir Ghourabi

"Congratualations Tunisia for winning the nobel price for peace as a tunisian i'm very proud of my country"
/Mohammed Amine Haddaji

"congrats and hats off for your unique contribution to the democratic thinking and love in peace building.."
/Rintu Antony

"Heartiest congratulations on your selection for promoting national reconciliation, an example worthy of emulation worldwide!"
/Shantanu Basu

"It is great moment to the world.... :)"


"Congratulations to TUNISIA my country. Tunisians men and women you are great ! Im proud to be a part of this small country , big by its values."
/Sonya Bouricha

"I hope that the Prize will strengthen the peace process in the entire Region. Thank you for your commitment and congratulations!"
/Roberto Cociancich, Italy

"Congratulations for setting examples and ways for constructing peace amist great challlenges and difficulties"
/Enrique Posada - Medellín - Colombia

"congratulations National Dialogue Quartet TUNISIA from inhabitants of kashmir valley on their Nobel feat, thanks for your collective peace keeping and tranquility"

"Utmost Congratulations to the National Dialogue Quartet for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for championing pluralism, national reconciliation and social peace in Tunisia. This really crowns Tunisian transition with abiding achievements after four years under the aegis of all living political forces and sensibilities who took part in this major change. No doubt BCE reincarnates this new hope and appeal of Tunisia. Bouzekri Chakroune"
/Bouzekri Chakroune

"congrats to all nobel laureates."
/Harshani Vurrakula

"Congratulations to all Tunisians . This is highly encouraging to moce forward for demoratic transition ."

"congrats to all nobel laureates."
/Harshani Vurrakula

"Proud to be tunisian"

"Congrats to the peaceful and warm Tunisian people!"

"congratulations!! Grettings from Chile"
/Elda Turra

"congrats and hats off for your unique contribution to the democratic thinking and love in peace building.."
/Rintu Antony

"Big encouragement also for other peacebuilders in Middle East to enhance space for civil society and further democracy"
/PAX The Netherlands

"Congratulations to d 2015 Laureates nd d association"
/niraj kumar

"congratulation Tunisia"
/eusebio manuel vestias

"Congrats! Peace prevails with foresight and hard work."
/Katherine Parks, USA.

"Congratulations to our good friend, Houcine Abassi, and all of the Tunisian Quartet working tirelessly to make peace possible!"
/Global Fairness Initiative

"Congratulations to our good friend, Houcine Abassi, and all of the Tunisian Quartet working tirelessly to make peace possible!"
/Global Fairness Initiative

"Congratulations. I'm so happy and proud of my country. Ta7ya Tounes <3"
/Hamdi J.

"Congratulations all nobel winners"
/Mosin shaikh

"Best choice! The winners should be a worldwide inspiration about how to institute democratic rights in a society which is craving for power! All established countries could learn from you!!"
/Stefan Stock

"2015 Nobel Peace Prize to Tunisia ! What a great day ! Proud of being Tunisian ! Congrats to all Tunisians all around the world."
/Houssem Besbes


"Congratulations!!! Proud of my country !"

"The Nobel Peace Prize for 2015 is to be awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet "for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011." Congratulations A Lot to This Organisation for its role as a mediator and driving force to advance peaceful democratic development in Tunisia with great moral authority."

"Proud by Tunisian way of Democaraty ;"

"Congratulations to everyone concerned."
/Mike Wheeler

"my lovely country tunisia . you make so proud. #proud to be tunisian"

"My congratulations to the Quartet and Tunisian people. Best wishes to those who promote peace and democracy!"
/Nguyen, VN.

"Sincere congratulations for National Dialogue Quartet in TUNISIA TRAPSA Tunisia"

"My congratulations to the Quartet, to the Tunisian people and to those who are wholeheartedly devote themselves to making peace and building democracy."
/Nguyen, VN.

"Congratulations and thank you for what you've achieved - in the name of all peacefull people in the world!"
/Dr. Walter Scheuerl

"Proud of my Tunisia"

"When the heart meets with intelligence!"
/Annette Jacquet

/Klaus Renoldner

"Congrats to all my Tunisian Brothers. Laghreb united is proud of you"
/Mohammed Khelfaoui

"Congratulations to the National Dialogue Quartet of Tunisia. Hope your amazing work will inspire everyone else in the world."
/Dian Anggraini

"Proud moment! Congrats! An ignition and hope for the people who strive to make it happen in rest of the world."
/Suresh kumar R

"Congratulations! I want to highlight the term "decisive" because it's the most important. It was decisive. Tunisia on the board of total collapse, until the Quartet. This is a quite tutorial from the Quartet on "How to avoid a civil war ?". Congratulations."
/Jaafar Lamine

"A heartfelt congratulations! Much deserved. Respect and appreciation from me to you- USA"
/L. Tagami

"Congratulations to my beautiful country and many thanks to the Nobel committee and all the friends all over the word for their support"

"A very wise decision by the committee - encouraging peaceful democracy while defying violence!"
/C. Hoff


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