Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010
Andre Geim, Konstantin Novoselov

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, nearly 2 500 greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2010 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 2241
"Graphene! dramatic!"
/Xiayun Huang

"Hi! Congratulations! I am a 14 year old girl and my favorite suject is physics. What you twu have done is realle amazing."
/Lejla, Sweden

"Sir many many congratulations to both of you on receiving 2010 nobel prize in physics."
/Gulshan k Rawat

"Very Inspiring Physics discovery on a shoestring! Congrats!!"
/OPaul Isikaku-Ironkwe

"Hearty congratulations!"
/Bhaskar Ganguly, India

"THNKS TO U BOTH TO.................................AND CONGRATS U FOR THUS AWARD"

"Congratulations !!!"
/Vladimir Morgun

"Its great to celebrate beautiful minds. Congratulations!!"

/Library of Institute of Physics / University of São Paulo(USP)

"what a great job!!! You deserve it."

"Great work!"
/a hong kong man

"Congratulation both of you. I guess you are going to change the world of technology and definitely that will be far better."
/Mustakim Masum

"Hope Graphene brings prosperity and peace to humanity-- Congratulations, It was a great moment for all. Accomplish greater hights."
/K.C.Sharma, Shimla (India)

"This is an awesome thing guyz!! Congratz!!"


/Masud Rana Rashel

/Dinadayalane, USA

"Congratulations.......... nice work....."
/danish usman

"Well done"
/Eduardo Amado

"this is a great achievement, congrats, hope to see more break through in physics"
/R.Balakarthik, K.V.I.I.T madras


"Congratulations - a great acheivement & one with many practical applications. Dont let all the suits that follow you make all the $ from it."
/Steven Christie

"congratulations on your great achievement"
/balasuryankdm and npadmavathikdl razole

"Congratulations! U are inspiration for many people like me interested in physics and math..."

"Congratulations for Nobel Prize and good continuation in nanotechnology"
/Mohamed Yacine Debili


"Congratulations to both of you!!"

"congratulations .....i wish some day to be like you two"
/George soliman

"congratulations.....we are looking forward to get more . AALL TTHHEE BBEESSTT"
/Fardin Farhan, Bangladesh

"You've made a great contribution in this area , Kudos"
/olawale Ajayi from nigeria

"Congratulations! :)"

"I think that the material is brillant Congratulations"
/Paola Gonzalez/Colombia

/Fardin Farhan, Bangladesh

"Congratulation… This breakthrough will bring unlimited new innovations for the healthcare technologies."
/Aijaz Ahmed - USA

"Material physics is the way!"
/Charl Jafta

"Godd job guyz!! Keep goin High -Sameeh"

"work well done."
/justus kem

"Congratulations from all of us! Bright minds like you guys will safe our world!"

"We people of the earth thanx both of you from the depth of the heart to make our lives more easy."
/Awais Ali Khan from Pakistan

"Lucky noobs."


"congrats ! I will it one day as well ... see you soon in the list , comng there in the list sooner :p"
/Yogesh , Nepal

"Congratulations! wow what an achievement, a true encouragement to an young scientist........"
/Usha, London

"Congratulations, what an achievement, a true encouragement to young scientists"

/Rasmi Ranjan

"Its really nice to know that one can have nobel@the age of 36. Real genius ! Congrates to Konstantin Novoselov"

"We have make our touch in the world... and give it a new shape!! awesome"
/José Miguel Lopes de Almeida Teixeira e Melo Portugal

"Thats great achievement. Super Conductive Congratulations"
/Dr. Emma U. Mbah


""Congratulations!" from Nalchik"

"Congratulations! Many thanks to you!"
/Silva&Fredi, Alb

"Congatulations!!I am impreesed. I am studying physics and your work changes my feelings about physics."

"Congratulations!Maybe one day your contribution will benifit me !"


"I like it ! really very nice work. Good to see the winner. Mai aane waale dino mein iss kaam ke mahatva kee sameeksha karana chahoonga."
/Maheshwar Pathak


"Congratulations to MM. Geim and M. Novoselov. We cannot wait for the many solutions to come out of their graphene !"


"Congratulations guys, you guys are a true inspiration"
/Siyanda Nazo

" men made it.hope for future better work"

"congradulations to both of you.........."

"Achievement in physics is Really a GREAT THING. Respectful Greeting to The Nobel Laureates Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov"
/Thomas.M, SJCET, Tanzania


/islam fattouh

"My Congratulations to your guys and to those ones that directly or indirectly contruited to this big achievement ."
/Valton Puna

"Поздравляю с признанием ваших заслуг! Удачи и успехов!!!"

"kudos for your research and encouragement this field i am a fan,from Africa i pray i maybe able to contribute imensely to this field"
/Check Wallah



"Congratulations Comrades..."

"Congrats on this fantastic achievement to Andre Geim, Konstantin Novoselov in graphene....Let my son achieve his research work in Nano tech"
/naraynan sethurao

"Congratulations !! hoping for a revolutionized research on graphene"
/Vara Prasad ,Andhra Pradesh, India

"Congratulations !! and very happy to be a physicist !!"

"Congratulations i am lookin forward to the day i will win this prize in physics"
/Kari Abouhiga

"congratulation on your great success"
/Ravi kumar

"Great Job well done, I realy envy you two.."
/sherif Hanna

"Congatulations! May this breakthrough inspire my two kids in their nano research"
/Dennis T. Philippines

"Konstantin Novoselov sir rocks..................... Congratulations to both of you .........."
/Ishrat Shamiem Ananta

/pavan kumar kota

"thank you very much""
/msg send fm China~

"Congratulation Andre and Novoselov....Your discovery of grphene will certainly open a door for the physicist...Keep it up.."
/J.K.BORA, Mumbai

"It's a breathtaking achievement! Special congratulations to Konstantin - spectacular success for such a young age! Way to go, Russians!"

"congratulation for all"
/ola hassouneh

"Hope Graphene brings prosperity and peace to world unlike Silicon -- Congratulations and keep on doing great things"

"I would like to express my deep greetings to both of you, great achievement, keep going,"
/M. Alshakran. Forschungszentrum Jülich

"Andre & Konstantin, my heartiest congratulations! Konstantin, you're so young. :)"
/Siddartha S Verma

"Congratulations!! Greetings from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh!"
/Shamima Choudhury<>

/Z. Pan

"continue ur achievements till the last minute of ur life....all the best"

"Congratulations! A great achievement."
/Farrukh Rehan Khan

"Well done guys. You made us all proud being alumni of the University of Manchester."

"CONGRATULATION for both Andrej and Konstantin. THank you for this quantum leap in the new material. Greetings from Hamburg, Germany."
/Muller Manalu, Transcend Germany

"many many congrats on making impossible to posibble."
/shafi,asstant proffessor of physics pakistan.

"great job guys!"
/Twinkle/ India

"Congrats Sir"
/Clarence J M Tauro

"congratulations for ur discover which will use for whole earth so my best wishes one more time"

"really happy abt the work...let u reach great heights..........."

"Congratulations for the Nobel Price. You've done an excellent work."
/Maria Krikeli

"Congratulatiopns for such a wonderful achievement!!"
/Snehal Shekatkar

"Congratulations for the Nobel Price. You've done an excellent work."
/Maria Krikeli

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